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  1. How was lac la belle? I’m looking at playing there next weekend. Conditions? You’re own little review if you don’t mind? That picture looks fantastic
  2. I love lawsonia and try to make a point to play it every year. It’s a great course and one people should attempt to play if they are in the area. Now that being said I find it very hard to justify such a high ranking. The only way I could see it is if you are trying to use a “bang for your buck” type of rating. For the money it’s one of the best plays out there. But a pound for pound comparison to the best courses in the country? No it doesn’t stack up.
  3. So I think I see what you are saying about me rotating my left wrist counterclockwise early in the take away. I would assume this also opens the face more than it should? So I suppose my question is how should I “feel” in my hands during the take away to correct this? More like my left hand is maintaining the “handshake” position? Or is that completely off? Looks as though I am going to go to the range again today. I’m currently in a situation where I won’t be playing for about two to three weeks and am trying to log a lot of range time.
  4. I played the bull two weeks ago and was very impressed with the conditions. The greens were in fantastic shape, as were the fairways. Rough was a bit thin but that was just a time of year thing I believe. There are no signs of neglect from the sale period as far as I noticed.
  5. I wasn't able to get the best video here as I was a one man crew using my golfbag as a tripod, but I do think it shows my takeaway looks better today. Hard to tell on the shoulder alignment but I believe it was at least less open as I was trying to make a conscious effort to do so the entire session. golf swing 2.mov
  6. Well I went to the range over lunch and worked on the shoulder alignment (closing it to match my feet/hips) and the take away. I'll be honest I was very impressed with the results. Very crisp irons and when I switched to the driver I had a lot of success. Only blocked one out of like 40 driver shots. Did turn a few over that missed right of target but not by as much as the block would have missed left. Overall I enjoyed this adjustment quite a bit. Thank you!
  7. Sorry if I’m getting this wrong, but are you saying the issues stems from a misaligned set up and my initial take away? As in this would be the place to start? Thank you for the reply
  8. By slide I assume you mean my hips translating forward during the swing? And I think I see what you mean by dropping the back shoulder. I may head to the range later and see if I can feel either of these during the swing and try to adjust. Thank you for the reply
  9. My hands never got above my shoulders on the way back before.
  10. Hi all, First time posting a video of my swing so please be kind. I am currently making a pretty dramatic change to my swing. I used to swing very very flat and am working to fix that. I feel I have made some progress but things are not coming together results wise as I would like. My big miss with the driver is a high block with the face wide open. When I am hitting it well I generally draw the ball with my irons and hit a very gentle fade with the driver. When I'm not I block the ball off the face of the earth. Any thoughts are appreciated. golf swing.mov
  11. I am currently in the process of transitioning from a very flat swing to something better and feel I have made a lot of ground. How I did it was first video where I was at. Then I started looking at my backswing in a mirror (behind me) to try and feel what I needed to do to take the club back on a better plane. For me the feel was two main things. Reaching higher with my hands on the way back and pointing my front shoulder directly at the ball when I got to the top. Whether either of those things were correct or what I was really doing, it helped me create a swing that looked much
  12. I play 43, 50, 56, 60 now and used to play 47, 52, 56, 60. I found the switch made me really good at playing two shots with each wedge. A “stock” swing and a “3/4” swing. I honestly think now my gaps are covered better than they were before simply because I wasn’t as good at taking some off of a wedge as I am now. It works well for me.
  13. I switched to a driving iron this year for the same reasons you’re stating about the hybrid. I would say we are very similar statistically speaking with our ball flights and speed. I added an 18 degree srixon u85 and it does everything I need it to. I find it very easy to hit both off the tee and the fairway. It’s become a solid 230 club for me. I still launch it fairly high on a normal swing, but it is still lower than my old 18 degree hybrid. If I want to flight it low into the wind I can make it happen the same way I would my 4 iron which is something I couldn’t do with the hybrid. It’s be
  14. Oh I don’t know about this one. I don’t see anything wrong with certain phrases after a missed putt. “Wow that moves left?” Or “huh that putt doesn’t move?” Or even “Did you see that hop?” Those kind of comments don’t bother me and to be honest sometimes I’ll vocalize a misread if it surprised me. Now what I don’t like is if somebody is constantly ripping on the greens condition. Or somebody who just has an excuse for every miss and nothing is their fault. If they have accountability for most of their misses, then I don’t mind if they want to toss out an excuse once in a while. I certainly pre
  15. > @Chanceman said: > Anyone played Sand Valley? How is it coping with the wet? Erin Hills? I played mammoth dunes a few days ago and wet spots were non existent. The ground was just as hard and dry as it normally is. I played sand valley maybe 3 weeks ago and experienced the same thing.
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