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  1. I ordered a tsi2 driver back in late august and it shipped about a month later. Irons ordered the same day shipped just finally today.
  2. I got a hold of titleist and they didn't have an answer for why my clubs status updated to "not ordered" but they did still have my order on file and informed me it went into production and should ship within the next 7-10 days. Woke up to a surprise notification email that my clubs have shipped! Due to arrive early next week. t100s project X 6.0 1* upright, standard grips.
  3. Got an order status update today. T100s went from "in process" to "not ordered". For context I ordered 8/20 and have since received the driver that was a part of that order. When it shipped the status update said "shipped". I sure hope this is just some input error and not some accidental cancellation thats going to somehow set me to the back of the line..
  4. I got fit into the tsi2 when I fully expected to fit into the 3. I swing ~115 and was previously using a callaway rogue SZ. For me the consistency of the tsi2 just trumped the tsi3. Spin number were very similar for me between the two heads, although the tsi2 was a touch higher. I didn’t lose any distance when compared to the callaway and am hitting it so much straighter. As for workability I would agree with you that it is a touch more difficult to turn over, however this is also likely why it’s so much straighter. For me I prefer this as I am hitting so many more fairways.
  5. I went with T100s for a specific reason. I wanted to blend them with my AP3 long irons (in part to save money and in part because I really like 4-6 in the AP3). The lofts of s match better with what I have now. Now I have a different opinion than many here when it comes to the strong lofts argument. I played 690 CBs prior to the ap3. While loft wise my ap3 7 iron is essentially just the CB 6 iron, and both flew the same distance, I found I was noticeably more accurate with the ap3 7 iron at that distance. Maybe its because the ap3 7 iron is shorter than the CB 6 iron? Maybe its a placebo effect in my brain that a 7 iron is easier to hit more accurately? I'm not sure but I have seen this trend in my game ever since the switch (I have played the older irons for fun since and still feel less accurate at 185 with the CB 6 iron vs the ap3 7 iron). This is why the extra loft of the t100s doesn't worry me. As for wedge make-up. I plan to use go 44-50-56-60. Currently with ap3 I am using 43-50-56-60 which works fine for me. To each their own, but I do not think you can go wrong choosing t100 or t100s. Both will be fantastic.
  6. Can’t agree with this enough. Especially if you plan on using it off the tee. I picked up a SIM ti 3 wood with a LIN-Q purple shaft in perfect condition for just under 200 off the bay a couple months ago. It is a bomber and often flirts with my driver distance off the tee. Also is a great club off the turf if I happen to be feeling risky on a long par 5. This is the best choice in that price range in my opinion.
  7. Hawks view is a great play in my opinion. Very fun layout and usually good condition from my experience. I like it better than brown deer, which is also a nice course but a bit bland.
  8. Got fitted and hit the bullet on t100s they just felt too good to pass up. Also added a tsi2 driver for good measure. Hopefully the shaft I chose won’t be on back order in stiff flex!
  9. Can’t comment on the buffet but I have eaten on resort and the food has always been good. The restaurant for a more formal setting and then the outdoor options at craigs porch and by the sandbox have some great lunch food for very little money. An off resort recommendation would be to go over to Lake Arrowhead. Good food options up in the clubhouse and a nice atmosphere. I wouldn’t really recommend heading up into town unless you are there for a long time and get sick of food at the resort and at arrowhead.
  10. Lawsonia is a great add and is about 1.5 hour drive from SV (give or take). Other easy adds to a SV trip would be University Ridge, Sentry World (depending on if they open or not), and for cheaper add-ons are still great plays: Lake Arrowhead (right next door and a great couple of courses), Wild Rock (another great value course about 45 min south), and Northern Bay (about 30 min away but a fun play if you are into replica holes).
  11. While you certainly can play MD without a caddy and get around the course without any lurking trouble, you will likely miss out on some creative/less obvious ways to play shots you will likely encounter. Many of the holes have some funneling slopes that can be utilized to get the ball close to the hole without need for a perfect shot. They are not always obvious to a first time player of the course. If you play without a caddy you can play it like you see it from tee to green and be completely fine. You can certainly shoot a good score that way too. If you take a caddy theres a better than good chance they will point out an easier way to get near a pin that you wouldn't have noticed. Not necessary at all, but definitely an added bonus.
  12. I’m 6’2” and use a 32 inch putter. Love it and am putting the best I ever have with it.
  13. Sim ti has been the best three wood I’ve had. Rocket from the tee and a weapon from the fairway. Launch conditions are just perfect for me
  14. I have played both the orange and the tips at SV. Im not sure I can give an exact number but that course certainly plays shorter. Your tee shots run out atleast an extra 15 yards if not more, and you will almost always be clubbing down one club on every approach to allow for the hard first bounce and release. If I were to throw out a guess, 6500 (orange) felt like I was playing 6100-6200. The 6900 (tips) felt more like 6500-6600. I have nothing concrete to back that up other than I have played quite a few rounds out there. The only thing that the extra distance changes is a few of the spots where you might try to carry some of the bunkers. Another thing to note is they often move tees up out there. Not all the time, but its not uncommon to see the tips playing shorter than stated on the card. Either way you choose it will still be a fun round and if you just tell the random pairing you prefer to play back I'm sure they will have no issue with it. Walking makes playing different tees feel like a non issue.
  15. I picked up a sim ti a month or so ago to replace my xr-16 3 wood and have been very happy with it. Much better launch and spin for me and has quickly become my most consistent tee option. No issue off the turf either. Very happy with it even though I historically haven't gotten on with taylormades.
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