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  1. For sale: Taylormade Spider Arc Red Putter, fantastic condition. No scratches, scrapes, dents, or otherwise. Still has factory labels on shaft and putter length sticker on grip. Comes with factory SuperStroke Gtr 1.0 grip. Only used to carpet putt. Comes with headcover. $95 shipped OBO to lower 48. Please let me know if you have questions or would like more photos.
  2. Last round I played with my dad...just a 9 hole beater course, but the hour and half we had playing was worth way more than $20.
  3. I bought some of the C-tapers they had for sale, and they did not come with the shaft bands.
  4. For Sale: Nike Origin B1-14 putter: This putter is 34 inches and does not have the standard line up line on the flange. Gives it a clean look. The hosel is a short slant / flow type so that the toe hang is about 5 o'clock. Comes with standard Origin headcover. This putter has only been used inside for about 4 days. SOLD Momentus Golf Inside Down the Line Putting Trainer: Used 1 time inside - comes with short and long track, as well as the DVD. Sold Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. I ordered a Cleveland Putter on 5/28 through MHG that had to be shipped from the factory. I didn't hear anything for a couple weeks, and when I checked with MHG they said it was in process to ship that day. Two days passed without any update and when I contacted Cleveland directly they told me it was still back ordered. I ended up canceling my order and going elsewhere. Not to say yours won't be shipped out, just sharing my experience with MHG.
  6. I got mine directly from TM and regripped it right away. There was no extension in mine for sure. Did you get yours used? I would think this is a hard club to fake given the shape and the slant hosel but I could be wrong. My guess would be someone chopped it down and changed their mind. Was it the original grip? I did buy this second hand, and I assume it was cut down as well. It came with a Superstroke 2.0.
  7. I was regripping my JD spider and there is about a 5.5 inch extension that goes into the black shaft. Are all these spiders the same? This putter is 35 inches so I find it hard to believe someone was playing this at 29.5 inches. Should I be concerned about authenticity? I've included a few pictures. Everything else on the putter looks right.
  8. For Sale: Evnroll ER2 33 inch putter, 385grams. Comes with new Superstroke 3.0 grip. Headcover included, but no ball marker. Please let me know if you have any questions. $285 shipped east of Mississippi, $290 shipped west of Mississippi Only trade I'm interested in is a Taylormade Spider Red or Black Slant Neck. Thanks!
  9. Just wanted to pass along that Global Golf is automatically applying the 21% off and I was able to stack code "TREAT" on top for another 15% off. I'm not sure how long it will last, but it worked as of this morning.
  10. I'm sure it will be, I don't remember an expiration date on the ad in Golf Digest, but you should be good to go.
  11. I might be wrong, but to get credit on the order you need to do the trade-in before you complete the order. If your order hasn't shipped, perhaps you can cancel it and start again?
  12. Saw an ad in the latest Golf Digest that using the code GolfDigest will net you an extra 40% in trade-in value.
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