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  1. golf discount also had some stock earlier, I was able to get an order in for the Roshe. Right after I placed my order, they went out of stock, so hopefully my order ships.
  2. Looks like NDC has the black Air Sport bag in stock https://www.nike.com/t/air-sport-golf-bag-SHdW9f/N1000586-072 Really been wanting the black Air Hybrid bag, but seems to be sold out everywhere, or being sold for a ridiculous premium on Ebay.
  3. For sure. It's definitely worth the wait, I'd suggest buying the titanium bracelet as well, super comfortable. Played 18 on Sunday with the watch on the bracelet and it was super comfortable the entire round. Also, to hold you over, here are two quick pictures I just took. Will try and take some better ones, with the other straps as well.
  4. I have the Garmin MARQ Golfer, and it came with 3 CT10 sensors, I used them on two of my wedges this past weekend, I haven't been able to add it to my putter yet because I have a Flatcat Solution putter grip and there's no hole at the top (thinking of drilling one and installing the sensor). That being said, when I used my wedges, the sensor would automatically connect to my watch and detect when I've hit a shot. From my understanding, the sensors are mostly used for the auto-shot tracking feature, but instead of having to select what club you hit, since the sensor is connected to the watch, t
  5. I don't think the pricing is similar. I believe the Tag Golf watch is around $2,500, while the Marq Golfer is $1,850.
  6. Yeah pretty sure it only lasts that long as well, most likely due to the high resolution of the screen. I still think the Marq Golfer along with the titanium bracelet is a better overall purchase, but completely understand why someone would want the Tag over the Garmin,
  7. Dam, sorry to hear about the mishap, I've bought a couple watches (Ball, Seiko) from them before and only had one minor mishap. I guess the bright side is you still got the extra 15%, will just have to wait slightly longer for it. To give you some hope, when I bought a Ball watch from them early this year, the picture and description that had written on their site for the watch stated it came with a metal bracelet and rubber strap in the box. However, when I received the watch it only came on the metal bracelet. I contacted them, and they were apologetic, and ordered a rubber strap direct from
  8. Like yourself, I am also a watch geek and have always stuck with automatic/manual wind watches. I finally bought my first digital/smartwatch which was the MARQ Golfer. I haven't used the Tag Golf watch, but I did do a bit of research into both before buying. While the screen on the Tag has a much higher resolution and better screen, that's probably the only advantage it has. I believe, as you mentioned, the Tag is a more manual effort, as you have to manually enter each shot you take after you hit. With the Garmin, it detects when you hit a shot, and prompts you to select what club you used (u
  9. I say go for it. Shouldn't be too difficult to cancel the Garmin order since it hasn't shipped yet. I would have returned mine to Garmin and purchased from River Edge as well, but I've already worn mine lol. Will also try and post up some pictures tomorrow.
  10. If anyone is looking for a deal on this watch, River Edge Jewelers has a 35% off sitewide until tomorrow. The code, RIVER35, works on the Marq Golfer. Brings the price down to $1,202.50 before tax/shipping. This is the lowest price I've seen anywhere for the watch. https://shop.riveredgejewelers.com/collections/garmin/products/garmin-010-02394-00-marq-golfer-modern-tool-smart-watch I have bought a few other watches from them in the past, and they have great customer service.
  11. Will try and take some pictures in the morning. Yeah when I was initially about to purchase it also said 3-5 weeks, and then a couple days later it changed to 1-3 business days, so I placed an order. Shipped the next day with free 2-day shipping. Interesting, didn't know about the miles app, I'll check it out for future use.
  12. I have one, been using it as my daily wear watch for the past few weeks, also ended up buying the titanium bracelet for it as well. Used it on the course for the first time last weekend, and it worked great. I did have one small issue where the auto club tracking wasn't working (the watch wouldn't ask me what club I used after every shot), but found out one of the settings was turned off for this functionality (which isn't really the watch's fault, was my own user error, should have read the manual more thoroughly). Otherwise it's a great daily watch. I get about 7-8 days of battery, I'm sure
  13. apologies for the late reply. They do fit pretty snug, but after wearing for a while, they stretch out. You could also wear them with some thicker socks if they end up being a bit loose (although I don't think they will be)
  14. -Up for sale are a few pairs of Nike and Adidas shoes that I recently bought, but never ended up wearing (ended up buying some other pairs that I decided to keep instead of these) -All of them are new and never worn out on the course or driving range, except for one pair. All of them are size 10.5. -Link to Pictures --> https://imgur.com/a/6RwCsXP -Nike Lunar Command 2 Boa --> Red/Gray, sz 10.5, new with tag, no box --> SOLD -Nike Vapor Pro Boa --> White/Gray/Green, sz 10.5, new in box --> SOLD -Nike Flyknit Elite --&g
  15. They've had this promotion running for quite a while (since May). I had a driver fitting done in June. They are good, but they generally try and fit you into a shaft that's only available through them, for a pretty high premium. I was fit for a Mavrik Driver that had a $350 shaft. Needless to say, I definitely didn't buy it, Came out to more than $1000 for a driver.
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