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  1. Yea I’d agree with wishon, however I think for lower speed players, the extra launch in 7-6-5 irons wouldn’t hurt.
  2. no doubt those are the courses within a 40 miles radius. As far as courses within 10-20 minutes, it’s broadmoor, grove,muni, reems,and the private ones. broadmoor is solid. grove is overpriced, a silly layout, and 6200 max. And not narrow/difficult enough to make it a fun test imo. muni is a layout I really like, and sometimes the greens are nicely rolling around 8 or 9. But the millions of ball-marks on the green, or the overall condition,make putting pretty useless. Lift clean and place most days for me, even if the fairway. Place gets a ton of traffic and very l
  3. Broadmoor is the only adequate practice facility around asheville. Really it’s the only course I like also. Black mountain is nice but far, Reems creek is ok but kinda far. The rest are private or overpriced
  4. Oh, I see the problem here. Golf is actually 98% mental. Once you wrap your head around that, you’ll be hitting driver off the deck with ease
  5. Also to bubbas point,We should not celebrate people “having the lowest score in history”,It’s kind of useless when you try to compare arbitrary numbers like that with the changing conditions and equipment. Score against the field is the only thing that matters imo,because it’s the only thing that compares you to all the other people dealing with the same conditions. 400 yard Hole in ones please
  6. The people who redesigned the golf course every time someone puts it over their bunkers. I’m sure this has been replied to five times, sorry for being lazy. I blame the Internet
  7. I have nothing useful, but as far as useless input, I don’t like online fittings
  8. Hybrids are not nearly as fun as high lofted woods imo. That being said, I would focus more on the slice then the hybrids. You can hit a hybrid just fine once you get that sorted. Being a sweeper is not great imo. Gotta have some steep to your swing especially as a tall guy. Hands wide in the backswing, high at the top. get enough rotation in your hips and avoid moving them to close to the ball during the swing, u will not be coming to far over the top
  9. I may be one of the few pioneering this lol. I have clubs and info,pm me what’s ur swingspeed? If low speed, might not work great. Edit: actually it would, but would be short distances. Would prob need to have a lot of high lofted woods I’d agree, 7 iron is already hard enough to hit. A mishit, blade 5 iron-loft, 7 iron length, would prob not look great. Low speed, low loft, low expectations.
  10. Ok lol So u meant to say “lack of basic golf equipment knowledge, and lack of desire to validate and trust the requisite research about golf equipment, leads to basing approaches to equipment in faulty logic” instead of ........“workability.”
  11. The “many people” ....hybrids typically have longer shafts. So yes, if they do not take that easily quantifiable factor into account, I can see why one would think that. can u please link a video with two “coaches” stating contradictory theories on hybrid vs iron “workability.” I doubt they are referring to any factors apart from shaft length.
  12. This has been debunked in many YouTube videos.
  13. I’m pretty sure navistar is saying the same thing. There are many ways to make the ball fly farther, but a lot of my testing came down to “sgi” clubs launching higher and spinning less.
  14. I play with old guys and gals a lot. Cleveland launcher-type irons are pretty prevalent
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