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  1. I just meant they are the smallest that the big companies make. My main point is all fairway woods can be manipulated to produce low flights if the player is good enough, so the only one “worth” the OP purchasing is the only one that pleases his “smallest” requirement if necessary, plus they can still be found easily on amazon and such. Going with the lower spinning head will just make it a little easier, along with low spin ball and shaft.
  2. If u are kidding (which you must be, considering swing weight is not a measure of stiffness or torque); lol that’s funny, my niece used d10 to get her transition honed in if you are not kidding; Current extra stiff masters are a. Pga or long drive major champions b. me, cause I had the name years before you. And cause I’m willing to have a launch monitor video battle if the numbers are right but seriously welcome to the site my son. Glad to have you!
  3. modern wood heads are not responsible for low bullets, technique (along with a bit of loft and shaft profile) is what u want that being said, f8+, f9 tour, speedback or zone tour. . . OP u were spot on, cobra is the only small one worth bying and it will knock a couple hundred rpm off with that front weight placement
  4. you forgot to copy my profile picture as well
  5. I Use the roller way more than the theragun these days cause so busy. Theragun is like lawn mowing with a weed whacker. i Just roll the whole body as a sort of “massage”. I had to YouTube some techniques, but it helps a ton. not sure what theragun we have I just know we spent too much. The cheapest version they have will work fine unless u are into hurting yourself. Honestly tho, once I started taking back workouts really serious (daily pull ups, push ups, sometime punching bag, core work, leg throws, etc), the “need” for any type of roller/gun went away. I very
  6. The moral is you painted a really gross visual. Very well-written. Lol at Bryson excitedly telling anyone around about his lip gains.
  7. I am. And will pay for any set of forged one length you can find lol
  8. Update: -irons are built to be 35.2 to 35.5 inches so on the shorter 7 iron side. Working really well -58 degree wedge is .4 inches shorter than set, and couple grams lead tape to even it up. -went with the trono 60tx instead of hzrdus smoke green. -slightly longer 6 and 5 iron working great, put x7 wedge shafts in there (extended), and really liking The feel. 3 wood-lw is completely set. Once I have the driver built I’ll post some videos
  9. I’m close I swear lol. just ordered hzrdus green 60 tx. Going with 45.75 build to start, cut it down as needed. my favorite players (dj cam Bryson tiger Tony) are using 65gram shafts, so I feel like part of the cool kids club now. then I am not touching the bag until I do a full gapping. Pretty sure it’s set until my body changes honestly.
  10. Update -regular length 62 degree is a success, better touch on hard pitch shots -taking driver to 45 inches. I like 45.5, but feels heAvy after ten or twenty swings. 45.5 build with 60x shaft in the works for sure, but build this 75g to 45. -regular length 6 and 5 iron are making the cut. Jacking lofts strong two degrees on those when I get the chance, but happy with them. No need for a 4 hybrid or 7 wood. -ditching the “4” wood. With the three additional irons, at 14 clubs. -bag is set with 14 tourney ready gap numbers. final
  11. After a bit more research “Note: There are two versions of the prototype shaft. One is called “Trono,” which DeChambeau uses in his fairway woods, and another called “MRDR 1,” which has the same design but is slightly stiffer and has lower torque, that he uses in his driver.” So Illprobably steer clear unless I can get my hands on the Mrdr 1
  12. -Tried the Callaway xr ld per your suggestion bhelts . Great every few swings, but much more consistent results taking the Cameron/dj approach ( low tee, normal ball position, squeeze ball strait). So sticking with downswing with higher loft for now. No, not gonna have many 350+ bombs with that approach, but my Mishits with that Callaway was costing me a lot of expensive golf balls lol. I’m happy with the driver setup. Definitely gonna try a 60 gram shaft in the next build. -pretty cool la golf releasing rebar soon. Will be getting a set if not super expensive. -are you
  13. Update -The forged 5 iron is shaky. Not enough clubspeed when I have a bad swing (often). Gonna ditch it. -regular length p770 4-6 iron will be in bag. 6 iron serves as 5 iron. 5 and 4 iron (basically 4 and 3 iron distances) will be for windy day replacements to 5 and 7 wood/hybrid. -constantly choking down on the 62 degree one length.I will be bending it to 57 or 58, and then adding a regular wedge length 62 degree club. -Will be bending 56 degree to 53, in order to make space for 62 going to 57 -driver at 45.5 is nice in 70gram. But I may move that to 45 inc
  14. Wow. People really find it that hilarious that I’m just learning that dip is popular on tour. sorry for offending. let’s all get back to talking about... oh right, you and golf are even more boring than Bryson’s dip habit... soo, I guess I’ll c u on this thread when you come up with your next really clever keyboard warrior moment.
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