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  1. I’ll post Gcquad and video of anyone wants it, just put 5 wood radspeed/hzrdus green 90 together, it’s amazing and looks cool. I’ll post pic in a bit
  2. Are you trolling bubba for him sharing his severe depression? Real cool
  3. Not as much functional purpose as a sun shirt with a hoody. How many golfers walking around with popped collars at the club lol they are hotter than linen and spandex and other stuff. It should be up to the discretion of the wearer whether it is “too hot.”
  4. I don’t think the 6 gram weight difference feels “significant”
  5. He is not even hitting driver this week LOL. If he creates his NASA approved rocket ship driver, yeah he may just be thinking hole-in-one on every tee
  6. They are all the same, if you can swing a wedge well. Look for ones with a shaft option u like. I play hi toe cause I like the color, they have raw face, and only 130 right now
  7. If you’re asking questions like that, you should be getting a putter fitting. You will enjoy it
  8. Bryson and his videos with Kyle show that he’s really has not dove to deep into the idea that you can generate more clubhead speed with a longer, slower swing and loading feeling, he might be going slower swing once he builds a driver he likes. who knows, But approach with caution
  9. Brother we just want you to be comfortable. Let it all hang we accept you
  10. Ibtl. Pro athletes should choose how they dress, and bubba in pregnancy pants and a hoody 2023
  11. I think we have/had enough examples of pro golfers that did not win the “genetic lottery.” Actually, more to my original point, I have no idea if they won the genetic lottery or not, because not everyone was/is working with top-notch medical teams and coaching staffs, and grinding like crazy on their physical fitness. Even tigers team probably should have tried a bit harder to cut down on the military boot jogging routine Physically capable means not impaired in a way that makes repeating the golf swing more difficult, in my opinion.
  12. I was just messing with you. but I still doubt there is evidence that a physically able person could not become a professional athlete with the worlds best physical and mental training regiment, coupled with hundreds of thousands of dollars in top notch medical attention. Any quotes from respected scientists on the human limits that show this would not be possible? it’s a hypothetical, and my money is on most humans have almost infinite potential, but accessing this potential probably takes self-actualizing mastery, environmental support, and luck I guess.
  13. What lol? Ok... the majority started when they were young. So makes my point even further! Started earlier, has more nurture to go with. Was easier. they were in the grind for years. again. Nurture would be my choice. well we disagree again.. giving concrete anecdotes and thinking it justifies general blanket statements is not “better” than presenting points without using anecdotal evidence. better is a vague term though
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