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  1. Stop asking questions. If we take the hyphen away... well that’s just unpatriotic. We must label with relevant backgrounds so others with irrelevant backgrounds will not be confused.
  2. I would do it to simplify things even if didn’t need to add a club. That’s just a bonus. In my opinion no need for a specialty gap wedge club in general (2 or 3 out of the last four tour winners pulled a tiger and didn’t use any gap wedge, at all). They fact that u basically have two gap wedges, and one doesn’t really get used on full shots, def seems redundant.
  3. Ten yard gaps are small. Also If you have a gap wedge there little reason for three more Wedges
  4. I’d use a putter from the local putt putt course with a slice of vegan provolone as a grip if I could sink a putt
  5. Nice, you can clearly see a bulge and a less than 5 inch gap so I can see why that one is illegal for sure.
  6. It’s a great idea, but I think they would rule it illegal because it is contoured, and the flat side orientation is not consistent.I’ll read the rules again and see what I think.
  7. Never mind, just reading more on the USGA site, I think mine technically could be legal with a bit of modification, but there are so many stipulations that I think if I found success with it, they would target it and rule at nonconforming anyways. thanks For the quick responses
  8. I hear what you’re saying about becoming dependent on it, but I’m gonna ride it until the dudes with nothing else to do decide to change the rules some more. But yeah, you’re probably right.they are very very bored it seems. so considering that it says a putter may have two grips, does that change your opinion on it having to be “the same for full length of grip”(since it’s actually two grips)
  9. nice! I looked it up and I’m more confused “A putter may have two grips provided each is circular in cross-section, the axis of each coincides with the axis of the shaft, and they are separated by at least 1.5 inches (38.1 mm).” So sounds like mine is illegal because the grips are not separated by at least an inch and a half, but otherwise legal? There is also something in there about the grip may not be molded, so maybe the fact that mines cut down in a custom way also could violate that aspect
  10. I recently messed around with using a super stroke flat grip against my arm, and then cut the grip that originally came with my arm lock putter and then slid it down so my hand could grip that. Works really well for my really long arms. But my golf coach suggested that I should find out if it is legal or not before I play a tournament at the end of the month. so here are some pictures, and I would appreciate any advice on whether this will be a issue or not. Based on what happen with Harris English having a little bit of a flapper, and them deeming it a “damaged, unplayable grip,” makes me think the safest bet is to just switch for a normal, singular grip.But I’m still curious what others think. The pictures probably show it, but the flat side of the super stroke grip faces a diff direction than the flat side of the cut cobra grip.
  11. I can see that happening in the long irons with swing speeds that are not really high. I was more speaking to the short irons being harder to hit… I think taking those down a little bit should make them just as easy as any other short iron to hit. I can tell you’ve pretty much given up already, but you sound like a candidate for Radspeed in your six iron and seven iron, and then a more forged blady model in 8 9 and pw. then maybe hybrids from five iron up. I think if you play with a mixed set, you could probably find gapping that worked for you with launch that worked. Ymmv
  12. significantly tighter dispersion with one length, and even more so when I went down to Pitching wedge length. so easy to find center of face in my opinion, nine iron length radspeed (because I assume it has the fastest ball speeds, but any one length club with fastball speed would work) with shaft flex that fits, 6 iron to sw, is a perfect set for any low-to-average speed player. pw length for long hitters. If I were a long hitter that was less than 6 foot tall, I’d go sand wedge length with irons. 5 iron up to driver could be fairway woods for a shorter hitter. I would leave wedges at standard length because swingweight, but if I were a lower speed player that was obsessed with the perfect set, I would find one length wedges and add weight, or drill some weight out of a standard wedge, so that I could get them to nine iron Length. the little extra speed and consistency couldn’t hurt them, and could always grip down half inch more on chips no problem. I will state that lie angle adjustments are not really possible on the non-forged cobras I assume, so that may have an effect. I have not tested extensively
  13. I May create a league that allows players to come out dressed up like Tekken characters, And I will incentivize them getting absolutely shredded. there will be testing of course
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