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  1. If you have the swing speed for it, I would give maybe nine iron/pw length a try(add some lead tape). and then go VL on wedges
  2. I can finally breathe deeply again
  3. Just no matter what, I think forcibly pulling down on the handle is a recipe for disaster for someone that suggests their shoulders are already too involved in initiating path and tempo. When people say just rotate, you need to absolutely connect your hands to your hips. They need to rotate together, and then the downswing can only be initiated by the hips. If you can get those two feels, slow rotation of the hips back, as well as firing the hips to initiate the downswing, then you are in the realm of “just rotate”. Combine that with a stack, and you really don’t have to think about much else in my opinion
  4. Stacking means bumping hips out to the left so that your core is over your left leg, and working rotational. I’ll re-state that the head should not be stuck over the left leg, it should be returned to the ball position before starting the swing. Typically this will force your shoulder alignment more to the right,Making an inside swing path a bit more natural. Ball position should be forward of center typically, as it will promote the body reacting in a way that forces the path in to out towards the ball. It allows you to get away with “quick” to a certain extent, because the path is somewhat predetermined by the way your body is pre-positioned, Making it difficult to come severely over the top if done correctly, as far as I know. and because it would be very difficult to shift your weight severely to the right during the swing if done correctly, if you get quick, the chances of you hitting it very heavy/fat are slim. so that’s my advice for “feels”, Is to not get addicted to trying to find a feel for the hand path on the downswing. I find controlling the path with the hands and arms leads to exactly what you’re describing, quick, and hard to control all variables. I like to let hip rotation and proper set up determine my feels. Minimize what I have to think about, and create feels that lead to a nice path, for me. This is just one student, relating what one teacher has taught them, that exponentially increased their skill level in a short amount of time (seconds/minutes), after struggling with multiple other coaches for years. Your mileage may vary
  5. post video. Get a coach that says clear things u can research, and I recommend they must compareur two-angle video to pros or use squiggly lines if they are worth it. Without video I’d say focus on bumping hips to the left in preshot. (right handed player) and truely stacking. Then make sure head drops back towards the right/centered. Don’t leave the head bumped out there with the hips. It will promote great path and a nice move thru the ball with a nice bottom point control and anatomically governed path. I’m a stack guy, since my coach showed me how to do it correctly. It works if done correctly. ball position forward of center, will promote bottom of arch being more forward, what we want. Further back u go, more u want to reach back there for it, creating bottom-point issues. then just do a turn with the appropriate stack and tempo, then I just fire hips for downswing. viola. with those focal points, plus a good alignment pre shot, I have not had to get super caught up in hand path or pulling type vibes in a while
  6. u don’t want a new driver, u want a lesson for that slice. not to say you can’t build a driver that turns that slice into a nice repeatable fade, but getting a couple lessons for the slice will be more effective imo. Will probably save you money on clubs, golf balls, strokes, and most importantly time. No need to sacrifice distance with moon shots. I know a new club is what u want, do what u want, but just saying
  7. I like how people make genuine complaints, and then slip stupid ones in like dress code ones. Long rounds, loud people, fights, belligerent drunk. All those are problems. Him being so threatened by people dressing how they want that he can’t stop staring, well that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone but him
  8. I like spin/flight/ feel on the forged ones, but I dunno when they will release another version so minimizing the wear as much as possible.
  9. Forged One length for competitive golf, radspeeds when playing with friends. Both models are forgiving, obviously the radspeeds are more forgiving
  10. Yea I’d agree with wishon, however I think for lower speed players, the extra launch in 7-6-5 irons wouldn’t hurt.
  11. no doubt those are the courses within a 40 miles radius. As far as courses within 10-20 minutes, it’s broadmoor, grove,muni, reems,and the private ones. broadmoor is solid. grove is overpriced, a silly layout, and 6200 max. And not narrow/difficult enough to make it a fun test imo. muni is a layout I really like, and sometimes the greens are nicely rolling around 8 or 9. But the millions of ball-marks on the green, or the overall condition,make putting pretty useless. Lift clean and place most days for me, even if the fairway. Place gets a ton of traffic and very little repair, but price is ok. reems condition usually not great and staff a bit bristly but I have not really been back since I think new owners took over, or old ones started paying attention, or something like that. As far as the privates, I have experience with cca and Biltmore, and I’m not a fan. For golf, and non golf reasons. Never been to walnut, the layout looks fun tho.
  12. Broadmoor is the only adequate practice facility around asheville. Really it’s the only course I like also. Black mountain is nice but far, Reems creek is ok but kinda far. The rest are private or overpriced
  13. Oh, I see the problem here. Golf is actually 98% mental. Once you wrap your head around that, you’ll be hitting driver off the deck with ease
  14. Also to bubbas point,We should not celebrate people “having the lowest score in history”,It’s kind of useless when you try to compare arbitrary numbers like that with the changing conditions and equipment. Score against the field is the only thing that matters imo,because it’s the only thing that compares you to all the other people dealing with the same conditions. 400 yard Hole in ones please
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