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  1. just did this drive last month, an hour. longer if you get stuck at a lot of lights/traffic getting out of la quinta. its all country highway from there through the desert
  2. good to hear, i got a pair a few months back and havent worn them a ton yet and the heel tightness has been my biggest worry. its kind of ridiculous how short the laces are on them
  3. pretty sure its the same as all releases, 830 PST
  4. check out function18 if youre looking to buy from europre. ive purchased a few non-us releases from them and shipping is comparable to buying from a lot of places in the US (free if you buy over $200). everything ive bought has arrived in less than a week which has been nice too
  5. pretty sure its just a secondary strap designed for staff bags that vessel makes https://vesselbags.com/collections/golf-accessories/products/tour-strap
  6. id think that stability should be fine, baseball turf shoes are primarily used for taking batting practice or hitting in cages where you're standing on a rubber mat or piece of turf. the shoe might not last quite as long as a gold specific shoe but still be way better than a running shoe. agree with you and everyone else that waterproofing is the main issue. i think they d be a great dry day summer shoe
  7. front, both sides, top and one (or all) with clubs in it would be awesome. looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it when youre able to take it out
  8. oh wow thats interesting, all of the titleist sunday bag iterations i have seen or owned have had a spine. look forward to hearing your thoughts. if youre able to post some pics too that would be awesome ( one of my biggest gripes with titleist is the relative lack of pictures on products
  9. biggest difference between mine and this one is mine only had two club compartments, no nubs, no top handle, the apparel pocket wasnt full length and the water bottle pocket was different. i had no issues with it with fitting clubs or with tangle (at least not any worse than my normal bag - ping hoofer), i used it with a full set. all of the problems i had were purely my personal preference and i ultimately still used the bag for a season before found a great deal on my current bag. i wasnt a fan of the pocket setup (particularly water bottle pocket), lack of nubs and 2 strap syste
  10. ive owned the model form a few years ago and it was eh but this years model really really intrigues me a lot. hoping to hear from someone thats picked one up already
  11. you will definitely have club tangle. Im a titleist hoe but hate titleist bags with a passion, can never get them to balance on my back nearly as well as a hoofer. If you are a walker i would stick with a hoofer and just deal with the tangle
  12. not sure about domestic flights but wouldnt be surprised with how much fertilizers courses use. This is definitely true for certain international travel. Pre-covid i would go to australia twice a year for work an they are pretty big sticklers about dirt and organic material being brought in
  13. a couple iron sets and wedges ive had built the stickers were put at the end of the build so that everything was in the "right direction" etc. sounds like they just forgot to slap them on yours
  14. not sure if youve done it yet or not but its probably a good idea to check with the course that you can bring it before you pull the trigger. more and more courses are steering clear of allowing personal carts in general because of liability exposure and ive heard from a few buddies that clubs that do allow personal carts wont allow the bikes
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