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  1. Have a good friend that moved out there this past winter. He joined Blythefield country club on a jr membership this year. i think his initiation fee was somewhere in the range of ~$2,000 and his monthly dues are ~$250-350. Unbelievable how cheap. I have played with him there on a few weekend trips from chicago and it is an awesome course, Hosts a LPGA event. For reference we both are from north san diego county originally so we are very familiar with golf in southern california. IMO i would take a shortened season out here over year round in southern california. Price, availability, conditions are all so much better. add in that in peak summer you will have light past 9 in GR. Good luck!
  2. yeah i bought (what i thought was and was advertised as) a different titleist bag from them, and received one instead.
  3. courses that order titleist for the rental/demo clubs come with those bags. I think that re-sellers are able to buy "new" ones (ie ones that never made their way to accounts) in bulk on the cheap hence why they sell less than normal.
  4. someone has a custom all navy no logos on ebay right now. pricey at 300 plus shipping but looks fantastic
  5. Everyone has a different opinion, ultimately if you have the money to spend and its something you want go for it, but in my opinion: Monday no, they are just stock offerings with some degree of customization. Wednesday possibly. to me getting a stock offering that is "for tour use only" i would say no. i dont think its worth 5x just because its stamped circle t. However, for something very unique/proto/customized aspect like a different neck, etc absolutely.
  6. ive heard a similar saying used for different things but have found it applies to golf and major/larger cities: reasonably priced, close proximity, & good amenities (practice facilities, conditions, etc). Pick 2 because you will almost never find a course public or private that is all 3.
  7. your arguments make no sense. Just about everyone who has posted is in agreement that it is perfectly reasonable to make a request to not play with other people and most golf courses will oblige at slower times when the course isn't busy which is perfectly illustrated by your example of tee sheets being wide open on a wednesday afternoon. Just about everyone in this thread is not in agreement that its reasonable to expect a course to honor your request during peak time. A large part of your argument has centered around the fact that you can typically only play during peak golfing times (weekend mornings) and how you would like if courses would allow less than foursomes during the times you golf. you would be hard pressed to find a public course in the country that isnt in the middle of nowhere that isnt booked solid on a weekend from 7am until mid afternoon.
  8. are you relatively new to playing and just dont understand the norms? i enjoy playing by myself from time to time to but it is never a given. someone on here said something similar but what you want is the equivalent of going to a baseball/basketball/football game and thinking you are entitled to nobody sitting in your immediate area. could it happen? sure, but you are not entitled to that unless you pay to buy all the seats around you.
  9. so name them. name 1 of "the many" that do this. They do not
  10. ive only had a club glove so cant speak to quality in other brands but ive had mine for close to 8 years, travel with it maybe 10 times a year and it shows very very little wear at all. its been well worth the price imo
  11. if you have some flexibility on days/times royal queensland isnt all that hard to get on
  12. the price point can be intimidating but unless you trash it, a circle t is going to hold its value. Something to keep in mind. Ive been wanting to get a phantom 11 slant neck but have missed out the few times they have had one up
  13. Biggest giveaway is stitching with the wording, you can see where the stitching connects between every letter. Never seen a legit SC that has that. Add that to it also being a colorway that hasnt existed (unless it was a complete one off) and id say pretty safe to say its a fake. tag doesnt really mean much. its a dead giveaway its a fake if it doesnt have it but it would be pretty easy for someone with the necessary equipment to make those tags the cover itself looks to be angled a lot, every scotty cover ive seen is much more squared off
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