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  1. What a terrible feeling - hope you get back on track soon! The thing that seems to help me is going to the range and trying to create the extreme opposite ball flight (big slice in this case). I try to start with half swings and work my way up to full swings. That usually helps me find a playable middle ground. Best of luck.
  2. I chipped in for birdie on back to back holes a few weeks ago. That seems like a statistical anomaly.
  3. Pictures of aqua & pink polo, looks like the the tag says medium. The ad says small. Which one is correct?
  4. Got fitted recently and hit everything. TS3 was the best for me.
  5. This is awesome! Keep going, it sounds like a round in the 70s is right around the corner.
  6. They closed all the Dallas muni's as of last night, and it's been raining so much, I haven't been able to play anyways. We will see if the surrounding cities follow suit.
  7. I seem to carry my 4i and 5i about the same, just with different ball flights. Eventually I plan to replace my 4i with a hybrid to increase that gap.
  8. It's an... interesting track. Some of the smallest greens I've played on. They have had some erosion issues with the river bank, it's impacting several holes making them feel "cramped" imo. I played a couple of weeks ago, and for $20 with a cart, it's not a bad deal.
  9. When I get into a slump, it usually revolves around score and expectations. Funnily enough, the last time I took a break, it was because I was playing too well and felt like my scores could only start getting worse. To reset, I try to go out and forget the score card, only focusing on the shot in front of me and not consumed by the results. But like others have mentioned, if you aren't enjoying playing golf there are plenty of other ways to spend your time and money.
  10. Anyone have more info on why Sterling and Wishon are ending their SL partnership?
  11. Texas Rangers is my favorite course in the area. It's a fun track, with a good mix of scoring holes and tough holes, interesting green complexes without being over the top, and lots of slopes around the property to promote creativity. Worth the money over Texas Star, in my opinion. Texas Star is also a nice course and is always one of the top courses in the area. I find it to be very challenging - if your not striking the ball well, it's easy to get beat up out there (Waterchase can be the same way). If you are looking for a budget course similar to Texas Rangers, check out Stevens Park ab
  12. The first thing I focused on was making "par" a bogey - aka bogey golf. For every double I made, I would try to offset with a par. Outside of bogey golf, I focused on eliminating wasted shots: shanks, chunks, penalties, and missed short putts. When you are deciding what shot or club to hit, play the shot or club that you are most confident you can advance the ball forward and keep out of trouble. Last tip - reflect on your rounds after they are done. What were your big mistakes? Did you try to play a hero shot that got you in more trouble? Did you need to hit driver on that hole? Use
  13. Yes - the crossings course. Wasn't able to play the other one. I thought it was a tough track.
  14. The ERIK33 code no longer works, sadly. Stopped working a couple months back.
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