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  1. Nice report. Hope to see pictures soon if you took any. 2 questions: What did you like about Bandon Trails? Did those 2 people from your group who did not know much about the course still like the whole overall Bandon experience and would they come back? I enjoyed the course so much. Every hole was very interesting and fun to play. The scale of the trees and the forest around the course was awe-inspiring. I think they would go back. I think their idea of a golf vacation would be Arizona or something. I warned them that we could get weather. I loved the idea of going to a resort center
  2. I just completed my first Bandon trip last Thursday. We golfed Sunday afternoon through Wednesday, so I thought I would add some of my thoughts while they are still fresh: We got moved from the Preserve to Old Mac on Sunday for our first round since the Preserve is closed this month. What a wonderful stroke of luck. As a northern golfer who hasn't been able to get out and play for 3-4 months, this is the perfect course to get your first swings on. It's wide open. It's fun. The views are amazing. Bandon Trails is the shiznit. My god I love that course. We used a group caddie for 4 of our 5 roun
  3. I couldn't agree more, I would have been lost without those gloves on my trip a week ago.
  4. Thats awesome. We got on Old Mac for our replacement round. Bandon just treats their guests right. I love that place. **Trails is an absolute banger of a track. I love the course sooo much!**
  5. We were just there last week and had Bob Janus. He was fantastic. We used him as a group caddie. We golfed Bandon Dunes in just terrible weather and his attitude was amazing and helped us all stay positive.
  6. I head out to Bandon in about 10 days. Just got a call last night from the resort, I guess Bandon Preserve is closed for all of February 2019. Apparently, they need to let the poa annua grass completely take over from the fescue grass that was originally planted on the greens. I'm disappointed not to be able to golf the Preserve but we will play Old Mac instead, so I will be fine.
  7. Hi All, I head out to Bandon Dunes for the first time in about 17 days. We are playing the Preserve on Sunday and then 2 rounds every day for the next 3 days. I've never used a caddie before but I'm wondering everyone's opinion on this, should I get a caddie for all, some, or none of my rounds? I was thinking at least using a caddie once each day except for the Preserve day. I'm not rolling in money, so of course, that is a consideration. Thanks!
  8. To each there own, obviously, but i bet the Sandbox is not going to be your run of the mill short course. Im headed out to Bandon in 6 weeks and I’m very excited to play the Preserve out there. That being said, the chance to play a Ross course would be enough for me to choose French Lick. The pics of it on the website look pretty great.
  9. I've heard a lot about the driers in the room for your gear and/or shoes, what are these things? I've seen people just rave about them!
  10. White Eagle and Troy Burne are awesome, so I'm gonna say no.
  11. I was thinking "what 3 - 5 public courses would I bring an out of towner to on a visit to the Twin Cities area?" We have a ton of good course, I think. Here are my 3, I'm interested in other opinions: 1. Troy Burne (not metro but only 30 minutes away from my house) 2. Rush Creek 3. Chaska Town Course (I haven't had the chance to play this yet, which is why it's on my list)
  12. Question for people with Bandon experience: should I have made reservations for dinner? I really want to have the famous meatloaf. Anything else you guys recommend?
  13. I'm hoping Feb 10 - 13, 2019 has none of that weather!!!
  14. Great write-up! I can't wait to read the rest. I'm heading out with 3 buddies that I've known for 95% of my life in February. Fingers crossed we get a day with decent weather.
  15. Lefty - dont be a fool. Spend some time at the Punch Bowl you wont regret it. The most fun putt putt course on planet earth. Yep, thats on the docket for Sunday after the Preserve.
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