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  1. I hope they make this new set in black hahaha gotta keep the blacked out theme alive!
  2. I was originally gaming the same set up you had just a 60 instead of the 58. I switched back to the stock PW and GW since i felt it was time i took the plastic off those and actually tried it. I knew it would be hotter but not this hot hahaha
  3. Here’s the number from the monitor today! I did my normal set up first then got numbers for the SM8 48 and 50. Tell me what you guys think! Thanks!
  4. Ill try to get on a monitor tomorrow and test it out! Should it be 9 iron to 60 or just the 4 wedges?
  5. Hey everyone! My current wedge set up is 44 and 48 T100s with a 54 and 60 SM8. I have noticed that the face of the 48 T100s is a bit hot when it comes to bump and run shots. I am contemplating swapping that out for a SM8. My question is should I just go 48 to match the set or would it be better to go 50? I did the Vokey Wedge Selector Tool and it picked 50 54 60 based off my 44 PW loft. I was also thinking of getting a 48 and bending it to 49 to maintain a 5 degree gap with my wedges. There are so many variables in play just wanted to get some guidance from the WRX Fam! Thank you to everyone in advance for your input!
  6. Thanks for the replies fam! I was originally fitted for a TSi3 but I was just shocked by how easy it was to hit hahah! I am gonna hit the simulator later and do a head to head haha. Ill report back with the results!
  7. Hey everyone! I currently play TSi3 but I hit the TSi2 earlier and was rather impressed. Just curious what would be the tipping point favoring one over the other? Thanks in advance!
  8. I saw this on their custom site and everything lines up with what you guys have been saying! I ended up ordering the 2021 QB6 blackout! I am excited to get it so I can swap the stability shaft off my 28 and sell it hahaha! Aggressive putting is not good for my game haha
  9. Glad to hear Im not the only one who feels the Studio stock line is mad soft with a really dull sound upon impact. I just ordered the blackout qb6 and I can't wait for it to arrive!!!
  10. I know were coming up on year on this thread but I am curious how the black finish of the face is holding up on your qb6? I am planning on buying the 2021 qb6 blackout since my 2021 ss28 blackout the finish is coming off. I have a 2019 qb8 mid slant and told myself Ill get a studio stock this time around but the Queen keeps calling me back hahaha
  11. Thanks for the replies! Just curious what do you mean by aggressive putters?
  12. Hey everyone! I wanted to get some input on deciding between the SS28 and QB6. They are both similar in design and their difference in toe hang is by 3 degrees. If it were you since both head shapes are very similar, what would be the deciding factor to push you towards either putter? Thanks very much!
  13. I played today and my set up of 44-48-54-60 works just fine!! Thank you to everyone who gave some advice! All I need to do now is bend them 1 degree upright to match the rest of my irons and I’ll be good to go! Hahah
  14. Good call on the matching shafts! I have Project X LZ 6.0 throughout my set. I ended up getting another 54 and reverting back to the stock pw and gw and kept my 60. I am playing tomorrow so Ill see if I need to adjust anything with the lofts hopefully it'll be good to go tomorrow!
  15. Another idea i had is going 44, 48 bent 1 degree weaker to 49, 54, and 60 bent 1 degree strong to 59. Whatcha guys think?
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