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  1. Would you get this in black or chrome for the T100S?
  2. I am going to order mine Black T100s tomorrow! Bye bye 620 CB, its been fun! I am just curious how you guys played your wedges since the PW is 44 and GW 48? could I get away with my current set up of SM8 46 50 54 58? or just stick with the stock PW and GW? But I am excited to get more forgiveness compared to what I have been playing haha
  3. what would make any of you guys pick the T100s? I currently play 620 CBs and I am pretty close to pulling the trigger on those Black or Chrome T100s haha. I contemplated doing a combo set with T100 for 4-6 iron. I am just curious how the WRX fam would approach my idea of either regular T100 or just go T100s all the way haha
  4. What do you think about this gapping for the 100s? I am going 1 degree weak throughout. U500 4 23 T100S 5 26 T100S 6 29 T100S 7 33 T100S 8 37 T100S 9 41 T100S P 45 SM8 50 SM8 55 SM8 60 Thanks!
  5. I currently play the DG Tour Issue S400 shafts! But man, by 13 or 14, I am dead tired haha. That 132g shaft is no joke. Great feeling shaft but it might be a tad bit too heavy for me. Couple that with playing a full set of 620 CB's, mishits are in the spotlight haha. When I hit the 5.5 and 6.0 Project X LZ earlier, they both felt great! Just having trouble deciding if they 115g or 120g shaft is best for me. Even though the 5.5 is Regular+ and 6.0 is stiff, they feel pretty similar! With that said, I feel like its going to be a coin toss haha. I figure I'd get the GolfWRX fam opinion before I p
  6. Here’s the latest testing done with Project X LZ 5.5 and 6.0 with T100S 7 iron. I used Srixon Z-Star 6 for the test. Thanks for all the input!
  7. These are T100 7 iron numbers. I think I will go back to the sim today and do one more test and ill give you an update. Thanks for your input!
  8. Thanks for the reply! Here are some numbers I took earlier in the week between the LZ 5.5 and 6.0. I wanted to get your input on it. Thanks!
  9. I know this is an old thread but I am just curious why you recommend the 5.5 or 6.0 in the LZ? I am currently debating which shaft I should go with for my irons. From my point of view, they feel very similar to each with one just weight 5g less. Am I oversimplifying too much on my opinion? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  10. I am strongly considering pulling the trigger on this set! It might be time to bid farewell to the 620 CBs haha. It might be good to move away from a traditionally lofted set. How do you like them so far!?!?!
  11. I did one final round of testing between the two shafts and I agree with Mizuno I feel like I can play either one. I also noticed when I switched over to the regular Project X from the LZ, it felt way heavier for some reason when I was swinging even though I know they are the same weight at 115 grams. At this point, might just have to flip a coin haha thanks for all the feedback everyone!
  12. For sure thanks for the tip! Since ill be moving the P shaft to the 9 and so on, what shaft will need to be put on the PW? would that be the same PW shaft that was put on the 9?
  13. Just curious how come? The idea of hard/soft stepping is still very new to me haha sorry
  14. In your guys opinion, what are the swing speeds that fall inline with the PX/PX LZ 5.5 and 6.0? Having tried both out, I feel like it could go either one but I just want to be sure before placing the order haha! Thanks!
  15. I am actually in the same boat right now. I currently play a 4-P 620 CB with dynamic gold tour issue s400 and I’ve decided to swap the 4-6 out with a u500 4 and t100 5 and 6(one degree weak). My idea is putting the 5 and 6 iron with a project x 5.5 and keeping the lower end of the set with my current shaft. Would it be wise to instead replace the DG TI s400 all in all and go project x 6.0 on the scoring irons and project x 5.5 on the 5 and 6 or go all 5.5 or 6.0? I’m open to any suggestions! Thanks MGS Fam!
  16. I definitely get where your coming from man! I hit the project x 6.0 and 5.5 in a T100 7 iron head and I couldn't for the life of me make solid contact in the 6.0. Switched over to 5.5 and it was like everything clicked! Ive been playing with the Tour Issue shafts for awhile now and I have gotten used to how heavy and stiff they are but they are just punishing up around the longer irons especially for the CBs haha. Its looking like ill have to either have two different shafts, or trade out my DG TI for Project X 5.5. What do you think about the Nippon Modus NS Pro 120 S? I used to play that on
  17. Another thing I am planning on doing is change up my shaft in the 5 and 6 iron T100. Im thinking maybe 7-P CB Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 and 5-6 T100 Project X 5.5 to make it easier to get the ball in the air. Its still a work in progress though haha I have never played two different types of steel shaft and flexes in my bag at the same time so not really sure if I should just get S300 on the long irons or change everything to Project X and make it 6.0 on the scoring irons and 5.5 on the long. We'll just have to see!
  18. I wanted to get some feedback on my proposed idea. I currently play 4-9 in the 620 CBs. What I am thinking of doing is go U500 4 iron, T100 5 and 6 (1 degree weak for 6 iron to match the CBs), and 7-9 in CBs. I was able to get out in the simulator with a buddy's T100 5 and 6 and here's the data. Aside from the 3H and 3W essentially overlapping, are there any glaring flaws in my plan? Thanks very much in advance!!
  19. Thanks for the input haha! I know for sure the 2 7 irons in the bag would trigger my OCD haha. I guess i can just keep the 6 in CB and just go 4 and 5 iron in T100. If it were you, would you strengthen or weaken the t100 to make it work for the combo? Thanks!
  20. Hey everyone! I am curious how would you go about blending the t100s and CBs? I have 4-9 in the 620 CBs but im getting punished with the 4-6 irons. Probably out of 10 shots itll be 2-3 mishits. I looked at the gapping between the T100 6 vs the CB 7 and its a difference of 5 degrees. I was thinking bout strengthening 1 degree the loft of my 7-9 CBs. If there are other alternatives I am open to suggestions! Thank you in advance!!
  21. Hey everyone! I currently game the 2020 BB8W limited run but I recently tried out the Studio Stock 28 slotback center shaft model and was rather impressed by it. Before making any changes, I wanted to get some input for the community about these two putters. Performance wise, they both feel great. Are there any advantages to center shafted putter vs a plumbers neck? Anybody played these particular models? Thanks very much!
  22. I ended up getting the 50 8F, 56 10S, and 60 10S in tour chrome. I was just curious for the 60 10S since I live in the desert and our courses and traps are slight to moderately firm was that a good choice of grind and bounce for my 60? I originally was going to go 60 8M but I was recommended to go 10S. I still have the ability to exchange it if necessary but I just wanted to get your guys opinion on the matter. Thanks very much!
  23. Hey everyone! I currently game the 2020 BB8W but I recently tried out the Studio Stock 28 slotback center shaft model and was rather impressed by it. Before making any changes, I wanted to get some input for the community about these two putters. Performance wise, they both feel great. Are there any advantages to center shafted putter vs a plumbers neck? Anybody played these particular models? Thanks very much! Hope everyone is keeping safe!
  24. in your opinion what holds up longer over time? Or should I go with what the other guy did with the jet black? Hard to decide and it’s just a color haha
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