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  1. for me the carry seems to be ok its just the roll is concerning. I might just be blowing this out of proportion but i figured I would ask you guys what recommendations you guys would have. As it stands, I really have no use for a hybrid since they basically are goin the same distance.
  2. I got some data back on power spec i500 from the Foresight machine heres the gapping from my 50 vokey SM6 to 4i i500: Average Carry and Total respectively 50 GW- 103, 114 PW- 120, 132 9i- 135, 148 8i-166, 182 7i- 178, 195 6i- 188, 208 5i-193, 212 4i- 201, 224 Do I need to go retro spec or continue to replace some irons with i210s? Thanks everyone!
  3. I just got a set of i500 3-PW DG 105 x100 power spec black dot. They were not kidding with this power spec haha but it seems to have screwed all my gappings with my irons. I'm curious though if I were to get i210s to mix in my bag where should the composition of iron each iron set begin? Is it better to get 4-6 in i210 and keep 7-pw for i500 or vice versa? Another alternative is I send my irons back to Ping and get it retro spec and just keep the whole i500 set and replace the 3 with a hybrid. Just wanted to get your guys opinions on the matter! Thanks very much!
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