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  1. OP and all the haters are M.I.A!? Lmao What’s the next troll prediction?
  2. Up for sale is a 2018 Scotty Cameron Select Newport Putter that has only been used on the practice putting green. Extended to 35.25” (originally 34”), Fatso Grip, and comes with the Scotty headcover (still wrapped in plastic). Traded to another forum member. Thanks for looking.
  3. Beautiful irons. Played the 680s the day the came out. Stunning at address and so soft off the face. Interested to see what the market is for this set.
  4. Saw Payne at the Memorial in the 90s during a practice round. He was an absolute class act.
  5. Hall of Fame career. Looking forward to seeing him dominate the Champions Tour and making a couple runs at the Masters in his 50s.
  6. Potentially better than most gimmicks sold on tv.
  7. JT is a streaky player. Some weeks he has it, others not so much.
  8. Hogan's are a 1/3 of the price on the used market. Why not give them a shot?
  9. It’s amazing what a simple lesson on fundamentals can do for you. Just ask Jack Nicklaus
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