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  1. This is a good observation. I myself use a strong arc, large toe hang putter and have experimented with the face balance mallet putters to no avail. I am not sure if it is a feel thing or just engrained in my stroke, but you are correct with the trend toward mallets on tour and I wonder if people are actually putting better with them then their blade style putter
  2. Back in the 70's...Tom Weiskopf said that Augusta was a easy 67 everyday except during the Masters ...mostly because of the pressure and the crowds.
  3. When I saw the video i was thinking the same thing...but he was trying to argue a lost ball in casual water is the same as a lost ball in ground under repair....dont need to find it.....the rules official stated that they did not really know where the ball landed. Im not sure what the ruling would have been if it plugged in a marked casual water area.
  4. Really depends on the weight. Higher launching in the lower weights....but low to mid launch in the heavier weights.
  5. Not really true....taylormade bought adams for 70 million in 2012...quite alot actually..but they refused to do anything with the brand...the patents went to the taylormade golf side and adams was third wheel so to speak
  6. Tough to relaunch a brand that everyone knows..maybe should have called it adam and eve tight lies
  7. It feels like taylormade just waited for people to forget that adams was a tour quality name with great products for the better golfer. I think they want to establish it as a game improvement line, but i am not senile enough to forget how good they were and how out of place as a game improvement line it appears to be.
  8. Time to put the old adams tour bag away...too bad...people use to compliment me on it...
  9. Nice pic of the top of his swing at the range...
  10. I have the 902's and 210's...playing the 210's now in retro loft and really like them. THE 902'S are softer and look better to my eye, but i cant seem to find the right shaft. Smaller then the 210's and not as forgiving. The 210 long irons are money
  11. Looks like instead of weights in the toe area, they beefed up the metal to add weight. A little "blade on blade "design.
  12. I always thought he was a good putter...but his stats the last three years are like 75th, 45th, and 73rd in SG putting..so,to your point, that is crazy good
  13. Interesting...a 0211 with weights ....hmm
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