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  1. It was such a great shot......I don't know if he dwelled on it in the playoff...but I still do!
  2. My guess is that if tiger won the PGA and Brooks and Bryson were giving each other wedgies in the paper the PGA would make them cut it out imho
  3. Maybe...but Phil should have been THE storyline for awhile and now it seems like its about two children fighting.
  4. Time for the PGA to step in behind the scenes. It started out funny, but now it's bad press. Just cut it out already.
  5. I'm curious about the xt...I think that head shape is more to my liking. Since all heads are the same loft, it should be a great comparison.
  6. Does anyone else think that's BK's interview with Amanda was a cleaned up version? I can see BK going all Max Headroom with four letter f bombs when asked about his putting....
  7. I believe it's one or the other depending on turf conditions....otherwise it would be that b grind that is really a low bounce m grind. But I'm just guessing ...
  8. Thanks! I worked really hard grinding and getting the old epoxy out. Told the Mrs that this was it's last chance lol. The groove was the hardest part....
  9. Took your advice...giving it a go...new paint job before epoxy
  10. My flex 440 came apart 3 times before I gave up on it...I loved that driver...it's still in my car trunk...in two pieces
  11. I would say that the i59 launch higher then the I210s...don't forget he got the ping WRX bounce grind to get more height and spin for his 210s. My guess these launch higher across the set and the iblades do launch lower in the longer irons because , like you said, those are hollow and the short irons are solid.
  12. If they are somehow a one piece forging...i could see them being more expensive then the blueprints ...
  13. And there they are.....just like the first picture that came out...looking good
  14. Its Johnny...and its really not close.
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