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  1. Tiger always had the best driving range swing....would love it if he took THAT swing on the course at least one time.
  2. Just the 20...it spins great..I don't have the speed anymore for the 17...and the 14 I don't even look at..lol
  3. I still have the 14 deg, 17 deg and 20 deg tour issue heads ..
  4. Just to be fair...you said counterbalance the shaft and alter the integrity of the shaft not make the shaft heavier. Not true really. 2 grams in shaft weight make a 1/6 sw difference and no counterbalance effect. Integrity is the same. No skin in the game, just going by what you said
  5. Saw one today...first thing I noticed was how much they reminded me of the old Adams Speedline Classic hyb/fwy tour issue model that they only made up to 20 degrees. I think the lowest they made was a 14 deg and there was a 17 deg. The Callaway is a good looking club for sure.Hoping they are easier to hit then the old Adams!
  6. Didn't they aquire RZN from Nike or was that someone else?
  7. Sorry if this has been asked, but we're all the distances measured via a trackman device or did the physically measure the distance ?
  8. My store was suppose to get 2 sets today....date pushed to end of oct....
  9. This is so true.....we've all played with someone who didn't hit a bad shot when we played with them...ever...then stood over a two footer waiting for someone to give it to them
  10. I was thinking the same thing...kinda like a us open qualifier where people shoot 85 and above ...then a group below 80...then the possible contenders at par or better. I guess some guys could get lucky, but the field of possible winners is pretty limited..
  11. Not could I get one of their staff members to help me either.....
  12. Honey...there's a worldwide rubber shortage.....please leave ..
  13. So I got to hit the demo head again, but this time I tried it with the recoil graphite option. This combo felt the best from a "softness" perspective. They didn't clean up the head before they hooked it up and there were ballmarks all over the face including the hosel. I had them clean it up so I could track my strikes, and really hit the middle of the face consistently. That being said, it felt like I had to try harder then with my 210s. If they are the same moi, then the bigger head of the 210 makes a difference mentally. They felt great with graphite and I would say I would be leaning towards buying them now as opposed to when I first hit them with the dg120s.
  14. Okay..would like to have seen the 5 vs 5..but it looks like t100 a little longer and maybe I59 a little tighter dispersion?
  15. Sorry if I'm not reading it right..you hit 11 balls with the t100 and 4 with the i59?
  16. And I thought the 500 looked good in the back...
  17. Taking price out of the equation, the pros are looks ,traditional lofts, and tech. The cons are really just expectation of feel. To me my i210s "feel" softer. Not that they feel hard at all, but my expectation would have been a softer feel. Heck the gen 1 pxgs really felt softer then these to be honest
  18. I hit the demo with two different steel shafts.....it seemed to feel better with the 105 gram then the 120 gram...not sure if the fitting head has some added weight or something..but it just doesn't feel "soft" to me. I am going to try the graphite option to see if helps. I was expecting more with all the hype, and looks wise it is terrific. Just not the forged feeling that I would like. Maybe graphite will change that
  19. Well...joking aside...he had to write a thesis in his senior year and take 6 electives. With everything going on with him right now...do you think he would lie on his website? That would be the end of his endorsements and "brooksy "would seem like nothing... I haven't really thought about it since his dad told me he graduated. The people that don't believe him could call him out if they wanted....like I said ask him a question on his website..see if someone answers. Seems like a stupid thing to do when you are making millions.
  20. So ..his website does...I would say if I had to guess, his finished his underwater basket weaving class online and chose to get his diploma in the mail...you wouldn't be included in the commencement ...my son did this route ..
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