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  1. I'm curious about the xt...I think that head shape is more to my liking. Since all heads are the same loft, it should be a great comparison.
  2. Does anyone else think that's BK's interview with Amanda was a cleaned up version? I can see BK going all Max Headroom with four letter f bombs when asked about his putting....
  3. I believe it's one or the other depending on turf conditions....otherwise it would be that b grind that is really a low bounce m grind. But I'm just guessing ...
  4. Thanks! I worked really hard grinding and getting the old epoxy out. Told the Mrs that this was it's last chance lol. The groove was the hardest part....
  5. Took your advice...giving it a go...new paint job before epoxy
  6. My flex 440 came apart 3 times before I gave up on it...I loved that driver...it's still in my car trunk...in two pieces
  7. I would say that the i59 launch higher then the I210s...don't forget he got the ping WRX bounce grind to get more height and spin for his 210s. My guess these launch higher across the set and the iblades do launch lower in the longer irons because , like you said, those are hollow and the short irons are solid.
  8. If they are somehow a one piece forging...i could see them being more expensive then the blueprints ...
  9. And there they are.....just like the first picture that came out...looking good
  10. Its Johnny...and its really not close.
  11. Yea. .not sure about irons, but the wedges probably. I know a staff member that said that he couldnt get the glide forged anymore.
  12. Do these have have pricing listed somewhere or are people ordering with special pricing from a callaway account?
  13. TXG is hard to figure out. When they were testing the ventus shafts Matt hit 181 ball speed with the black at standard lengh...and hated it. The auto flex was slso low 180s ...at 46 inches. He said he does not hit 180, 181 that often, but he did before the auto flex. At those speeds, if you are within a couple mphs, i would call it a wash and just play which one you feel more comfortable with. At my ball speeds it probably not worth the price, but who knows.
  14. About normal for a 65...5 birdies between 12 and 18 feet...2 2 putt birdies..1 close one...i think a couple saves for par...1 was 8 ft or so. Solid round really
  15. Ferg..i agree..i was commenting about the fact the poster said that he was old and didnt have the nerves to go for it and the divot bailed him out of a tough choice...i dont beleive that...great divot shot and if could have made any putts he would have won
  16. I cannot believe that Lee would have sat in a interview and say he is 47 and is not the player he once was , so he wouldn't have gone for it. You lost me after you thought Lee handled it well....but picked me up again with his new bride being delighted with 1 million dollars
  17. Worst rule in golf...they played preferred lies sat with no rain but played it down sunday...
  18. To be honest...there was nobody left for him to finish off except westwood....
  19. Im afraid shot making will be a lost art....bomb and gouge will take its place and the first guy to hit it 350 with some touch will win a bunch till others catch up.
  20. Again..new tiger ...not next...Bryson stats this week are crazy good..top 5 in driving..strokes gained driving..scrambling..2nd in gir...worst stat is putting. He is the new tiger in taking the game to another level compared to other tour pros ...or at least might take it to another level. He will be betting favorite at the masters is my guess. His last two wins are on us open type set ups...so if he wins another tourney probably the favorite there as well. Thats tiger like. No one would compare his game to prime tiger, but my statement is he drives it better and if he doesnt miss a putt when it matters for ten years like tiger, then we might be comparing careers. He is the only player right now that seems to win without really seeing his a game.
  21. I read my original post..Bryson is the new Tiger..not the next Tiger...just making sure...fire away
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