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  1. I would consider Branson Hills instead of a replay on one of the Big Cedar courses. I've only played ON in the morning and I didn't think the wind was ever too bad. I prefer ON to BR, but I think the other three on my trip down there preferred BR. Downtown Branson is mostly just families like the rest of the town. There are like two bars down there open past 10pm, probably not worth the trip.
  2. You can fly to Branson from Denver on Frontier, that is the only option. It's an hour from the Springfield airport to Big Cedar on a four lane state highway. Rental car is just like any other small airport you've ever been to. Joplin, MO and Northwest Arkansas airport are about two hours away if that gives you any better flight options.
  3. There’s another big cedar thread on here somewhere, but it won’t be any cooler there in July than it is in Florida. Airport is basically next to the courses though.
  4. The replay rates are not necessarily half price, just a reduced rate that happens to be half price or close to it. Replay in the offseason is $55, and there is no replay rate for Preserve, just $50 whenever. So it was $50.
  5. Re: third round on preserve, just did it Saturday, no charge. Although the second round was also preserve so not sure if that was a factor.
  6. Anyone have experience with the Great Life changes to their membership plans? They mixed up their plans and generally increased costs so I'm wondering how it affected their membership numbers.
  7. Not really a hack, but the answer is money. The good news is it doesn't necessarily need to be your money, you just need to know the guy with the money. I have paid up to play some nicer private courses that are local to me, but all the best courses I have played (think Dallas National since that is local to you) have come from business connections. I'm not exactly executive level either - my "hack" is anytime I meet with a supplier at work, I take my Masters tumbler into the meeting or wear a shirt from some high end course. If they are golfers they will definitely comment and you would be
  8. Not a local but go every year. If you are staying south, Poipu Bay has some lesson packages, and also offers some other play options like 14 holes or 9. I'm sure it's on their website but too lazy to look. Course is always in great shape. If you are north, Makai is your best bet. Drive by the Prince course and try to find out if they are ever going to open again.
  9. Playing it for the first time the week after the tournament. Playing Bay course too, anyone know if it's beat up because of more people playing over there?
  10. I had a $50 off code linksoul sent me so bought one of these. I’ll be back to trade with my fellow size larges after they send me 3 shirts I already have.
  11. I can give you some feedback on Flint Hills. If you don't already know, national membership is $15k plus $2k annually, and it is for member only (no family). Not sure if you have wife or kids, but I'm sure they would accommodate for $$$. The cabins are nice and the food is good. The course itself has kind of grown on me, I was pretty indifferent the first time I played it. Conditions are excellent as long as the tornadoes stay away. It is Fazio through and through so if you don't like his courses you won't like Flint. Personally I prefer Dallas National to Flint, but I think Dallas is
  12. I have time for two rounds in Nashville last week of October. I am a clubcorp member but not sure if the courses there are worth it, or even open since one round would be a Monday afternoon. So where to play? I am staying downtown, could probably drive up to an hour Monday round. Wednesday morning I need something closer to the airport.
  13. Played TPC on Tuesday 9/24, so yes it's open. Cart path only, little bit of sand on the greens but very playable. Paid $90 and shot 85 so not complaining. TPC Summerlin is closed until after the upcoming PGA event so seemed like some of their members were playing Vegas instead.
  14. > @tgard227 said: > Creekmoor This is your answer. Tiffany Greens I feel like was a lot better condition five years ago. Admittedly haven't played there in a couple years but worth a trip if you're in the area.
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