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  1. Thanks for the info regarding the S-3 and the current Biom 3. I was hoping the S-3 (my first choice) would be going on sale for BF but it doesn't look like it would based on past examples so I got the Biom3 hybrid w/ their BF sale. Maybe the S-3 next year.
  2. Was just going to post this. Got the non boa version. What a steal.
  3. Thanks all! I appreciate all of the responses. I'm trying to correct this issue right now. I've moved onto more premium socks and anticipate getting some Ecco's but waiting on BF to see what deals are available. I was initially dead set on True's but some advice against True's for people w/ foot issues. I did try some Ecco's recently in a store and thought they felt good. If that doesn't work, I anticipate something like superfeet.
  4. I agree. I'm eyeing the S-3 and hope they have some deals on that on BF.
  5. Does anyone know/remember the deals from Ecco? Looking for shoes but holding out for BF to see what is available.
  6. Ive never been to 2nd swing in MD just seen pictures but the used section likely cannot compare. That said the section was full with about 2 racks of drivers another 2 for fairway woods and hybrids and about 15 racks of full iron sets. I didn't see much putters about 15 to 20 perhaps. For them designated section for pre-owned, it was full. One thing that stood out, they have tons of bags on display. Really a dream if you are in that market.
  7. Not sure where to put this but wanted fellow golfers in the area to know that the new combined Dicks/Golf Galaxy is pretty cool. It's your typical GG but bigger and brighter with more stuff. Most importantly, it has 5 trackman bays. 4 for club testing and 1 for instruction. Each bay that I saw had ProV's w/ the magnetic dot on them. Although there were notices to get help before using bay, as always, none were available so I just jumped in. It also has a huge putter section, more products, huge green and even premium products like Scotty's were not behind a plexi cage for testing. Overall a go
  8. Thanks. Interesting, none of those are the one's I'm looking at as I've heard issues here and there about them. Perhaps the correlation with the casualness, flexibility of them. I'm looking at either the OG, Major or Lux Pro (Lux Knit being the a last option). All things equal, I'm looking at max cushion, thicker insole as the drivers.
  9. Thank you. This is interesting to hear considering the positive reviews of Trues are so widespread. For me, I don't necessarily think Trues will cure anything but are just one of the steps into figuring out overall comfort for me. Do you happen to remember which 3 you've tried? I'm still planning on trying Trues, partly because I'm stubborn, as the next step into trying to solve my pains. I finally have premium socks and I've noticed a difference. But I didn't expect them to cure anything at all. I'm hoping that Trues will work out and if they don't, I am planning to look at insole
  10. In my opinion, a lot of us (me included) buy Garmin products for many other reasons including devices that are superior to their competitors. I agree that they likely have everything in place other than a software update. I expect options like that are coming as it is pretty normal for companies to roll out features gradually while laying the ground work early. In the meantime, the other stats are helpful.
  11. I have the 3 pack on putter and 2 wedges. Agree w/ the person above that, overall, it allows you to skip a step w/ the watch, but the better use is for the clubs you tend to not swing full on. Without the sensors, your watch is likely not going to pick up your pitch,chip and putt. I do find it useful. Is it perfect? No but it works for me and I'm happy.
  12. Question regarding True's Zero Drop vs Transitional Drop. I prefer to walk most of the time and am looking for shoes that will help alleviate heel pain. I've been getting what seems to be planar fasciitis-like symptoms on one of my feet after rounds. Admittedly I've been wearing cheaper version golf shoes. In doing research regarding True's, they have the zero and transitional drops. I've read that having a slight rise in the heel may be better for people with heel pain vs zero/thin soles. Has anyone had personal experience of these shoes helping w/ heel pain? I like the True's for
  13. I prefer to play cheaper, colored balls as I tend to play on courses w/ ton of trees. I can lose balls in the middle of a fairway that's packed w/ fallen leaves. I like the Top Flites but also do the cheaper Srixon Q-Stars, not too picky. Just happy to be out.
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