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  1. Hi Y'all! I've had a look around the retail stores in Sweden, and Callaways Apex line is either on sale or out of stock at the moment. I also heard on TXG live that they didn't have any Apex head in when somebody asked for a comparison between that and JPX Forged. In January thev've been out for two years, could it be that Callaway is changing the release schedule?
  2. Can you eloborate on this? As a person who also is shallow, I thought the V-sole would be very forgiving when you might hit it a bit fat. In my experience it has been easier to use irons with some pre-worn leading edge.
  3. I hate to be that guy, but that does look like they shoved a sex toy inside that club, and with that slogan.. Oh my!
  4. What irons do you play instead? Best regards, diggerdude3000.
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