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  1. If this initiative was from the players, then it would be comparable to the European Super League fiasco that just occurred - the want for guaranteed money. But this is an outside entity trying to set up a rival league to the PGA Tour and that I don't get. The money in golf is mainly from the American market - globally, it doesn't stand a chance against football (soccer), basketball, cricket. I don't even think in the US market the money is even close to what is generated in the NFL or MLB. This would have made much more sense if it was money being poured into the European Tour to
  2. All the irons I regret selling are because of the shaft - loved the heads. Cleveland TA7 Gunmetal - used these to get started again about 9 years ago. Uniflex shafts weren't working for me once I got my swing back. Nike Vapor Pro Combo's (the last ones they came out with) - broke my left arm and elbow, and so couldn't swing a stiff steel shaft anymore. Just recently - Mizuno 919 HMP's - again, tried to see if I could swing a softer steel shaft, but the elbow wasn't having any of it, so had to quickly flip these. But the one I really regret selling was my old C
  3. F7 Driver, F6 Fairway, F7 2/3 and 2/4 Hybrids in the bag at the moment. Had 2016 ForgedTec irons in the bag until this season - am waiting to hit the MIM's when they have a demo day here to see if I want those or the new Forged Tec's. Am testing a new shaft this year to see if I like it or not as then I can order it into the heads.
  4. You can't buy a golf game, it's the indian not the arrow, etc. etc. AND - expensive putters are a total waste of money. This one pretty much makes it hard to argue otherwise. Probably the most unpopular video on this forum at the moment . It's worth a watch just to see how good the tour pro is.
  5. Totally agree on this sentiment - The new Forged Tec's and King Tours can hang with any of them, and even the Radspeed would work on the long irons. 10 hcp here and for me it's the shafts that dictate how much I like a club. Played a set of 2016 ForgedTecs with Recoil F3 shafts for the past 3 seasons starting at around 18hcp. My left arm is a mash of screws and a prosthetic elbow, and this combo has been brilliant in getting better. As my arm strength has returned,the front back dispersion was increasing on these clubs - as much as 15 yds - difference between a pure shot and a slight mishit.
  6. I had a post comparing some stats in the Lotte tournament thread and there is no way a 4 hcp is beating her (let alone the 100th ranked player). For reference, Lydia's stats from this year so far (5 events played) - 261.48, 69.29%, 75%, 1.70, 28.5, 73.68%, 68.85.
  7. OK - Here's what I found from the lpga site, and I took, as you say, the last ranked player from the 2019 season since 2020 was shortened and the 2021 is pretty young. I've also indicated the 100th placed and 1st place data as well. Driving Distance - 239 yds (255 yds, 283) Driving Accuracy - 52.2% (70.3%, 84.1%) GIR - 56.5% (67.5%, 79.6%) Putts per GIR - 1.91 (1.82, 1.72) Putting average - 31.8 (30.2, 27.5) Sand Saves - 19.5% (40.8%, 62.5%) Scoring Avg - 75.2 (72, 69.0) Overall results from the Race to CME - bit hard to get players with goo
  8. Sneakers and soft spikes so I can drive from my front door to the course. I only walk, so my shoes are similar to my other athletic shoes. Nikes and Adidas are my preferred brands. These are my current ones Jordan ADG 2 - looks a bit naff, but it's soooo comfortable.
  9. Stats according to the LPGA for Lydia's second round (63) were 15/18 GIR and 24(!!!!) putts? Yuka (64) had 16/18 (!!!) and 27 putts! I can't even begin to comprehend just how good that is! My best scoring round last season (+5) was 50% GIR and 31 putts, and I was just over the moon, and then to read this stat line, I'm just speechless.
  10. Congrats to Hideki - he just about hung on to it. It never ceases to amaze me just how much pressure playing at Augusta has on the pro's - don't think there's a tournament that messes with players heads more than this one. I mean, his approach on 18 was just 134 yds, and he managed to miss right into the bunker on what is a very generous green. And Zalatoris - couldn't buy a putt when the pressure is on, and then goes and sinks a long one on 18 when deep down he knew he had lost it and basically went for broke. Nothing needs to be said about Xander on 16.. That being said, don't yo
  11. For someone who is that good, he can’t seem to get out of his own head now. As has been mentioned previously, he might say that it’s all good, there are bigger issues out there, but I think he wants it so bad, that he puts way too much pressure on himself - I mean, I don’t know the numbers, but it seems that he fades badly on sundays when he’s in contention. It’s also astounding just how poor he is on his approaches now compared to the rest of the field. Even when he does hit a good drive and is a short iron in, he doesn’t give himself that many birdie opportunities. Mi
  12. Just an update for those that are interested. She went with the T300s with the AMT Red shafts, 5-P. The rest of the set is as follows (all regular shafts). Everything but the T300s were bought used. TM MiniDriver Cobra F7 2/3 Hybrid T300 5-P Cleveland CBX at 52 Cleveland Smart Sole at 56 Ping Tess Sigma G (she used a Odyssey 9 before, and likes the shape) I’m happy with it and the price I paid for it all. Pity I’m not a lefty, as I could easily game these myself. I’m trying the quality clubs for beginner approach so that she stays interest
  13. I so want to modify my fatbike to carry my clubs. I think that’s the perfect solution. Ride a bike play golf and the fat tyres won’t damage the turf.
  14. Thanks for the replies - she wants to go with the T300s, but is keen on a graphite shaft, so we'll see if there are others that might suit her (possibly the Recoil 95 F3 or similar in weight). I might try to see if I can get her into a set of Radspeeds as my shop is working on a deal for me.
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