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  1. I placed an order for another set of i210's last Monday to replace my current set. I was told 8-10 weeks, so I guess we will see. Hopefully I luck out a little better than you did.
  2. Love the Rogue woods, still have mine in the bag and don't plan on changing anytime soon.
  3. I'll hold out hope forever that Ping will release a PLD line at some point! Please PING!!!
  4. I feel like I saw someone meme this on Instagram when the original SL Ten was released and now it's a real thing lol
  5. $219.99 for the steel shaft is a very reasonable price imo
  6. friggin' tour guys get all the cool stuff lol
  7. He signed it in 2016 and it was estimated to be $10m per year around $100m total so my guess would be around a 8-12 year deal so I think he would be with Nike for at least another 4 years
  8. Sorry if someone has already mentioned or asked this, but are the TCB Apex's the one's Rahm and Xander are gaming?
  9. If I remember correctly I think Day signed on with Nike when he was #1 in the world and at the time the deal was estimated to be around $10m total
  10. Anyone have an idea on price? My guess would be $249-$299, upcharge for the Stroke Lab Shaft I would assume.
  11. This is not a comparable situation to Sergio and Rose I don't think. Both of those guys were on the downward trajectory of their careers and Rahm is ascending. I think it is a no-brainer for Callaway, but if he somehow flames out with Callaway equipment (which I think is very unlikely) it would be a VERY bad look for Callaway.
  12. That 2-ball is going straight in the bag. Might have to swap out the shaft tho, not a fan of the red.
  13. 1000% agree, i am very confused. best guess is that the clubs xander is using are not coming to retail and we are just getting the x-forged version released to the public. but who the h*ll knows with callaway anymore.
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