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  1. Good choice on that shaft. I'm still stuck with my XC-6 shaft. Ha
  2. Tim_Gavrick is correct. I played Mountain Top for 1st time in last summer's Missouri Par 3 Team tournament and really enjoyed that course. It's walking only but they have plenty of push carts available. I actually prefer it over Top of Rock course which is still a beautiful course but pricy. If your group still want to play a 18 hole course, I'd look into Branson Hills but I haven't played there since 2013(Missouri Sr 4-Ball tourney). It can be a difficult course. I never cared for Pointe Royale.
  3. I felt bad for him for missing that short putt, even though I was rooting for Finau but I do like Homa. I thought he pulled off very impressive shot to have a decent birdie chance on first playoff hole.
  4. Ugh, I'll bet you hated to sell those putters. Hope your move goes well and nice seeing you here.
  5. Wow, a Scotty Cameron copper putter set! Nice collection. I don't think I'll be moving anytime soon as I might find some old goodies too, deep inside my garage and attic. Ha!
  6. I wish I still had mine's. My parents bought a set of Haig Ultras for my 15th birthday back in 1976 and I played them throughout my high school. That is my very first set, about a thousand sets ago. Ha
  7. Ha, you're not getting any second looks from me. A good buddy of mine's has lot of tats and he's a hellva player, a +3 or +4. I've had many people who do not know who I am previously whenever I play somewhere away from home as I'm known as a local legend, then they will judge me before the round due to my certain physical condition. But it goes away once they get to know me. I'm not worried because it's perfectly understandable for them to doubt me whenever they meet me.
  8. I"m not worried as I don't think pace of play will change unless they decide to laser their putts on the greens.
  9. I guess you can try to have your club pro order some for you. I did last year and I still have 3 dozens left.
  10. I think MC seems to be thinner than MB's but I hit it just fine. 5 iron is MC and 6 iron is MB.
  11. Not bad so far. Only problem is that it hasn't been over 50-55 degrees whenever I get to play. I'm still learning the distances but I have noticed the distances are close to my old P760 but with better feel and ball spin. I need an access to a LM though. Sole of MB 6 iron seems bit wider than MC 5 iron. It might be my imagination. I do like the added weight toward the toe end. I just got the MC 5 iron and I seem to hit it pretty nicely.
  12. Yesterday at my pro's club, I checked on current P7MC's ordering status, it's now March 30th. I thought about P7MC 6-PW as I really like my 5 iron.
  13. Even though I don't care for Captain Douchebag but he is very entertaining to watch. Hellva player too. Whatever he did on Saturday's 10th hole, he got a free pass to Go by that rule official and that is it.
  14. True. I never felt secure only with my GHIN number and name because anyone can look up my GHIN number at my home club. Then anyone could enter 20 scores of 100 or worse in my profile, thus making me an instant sandbagger. Missouri Golf Association has my email address for years and I get their newsletter with GHIN updates twice monthly. I prefer the new changes.
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