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  1. 3rd round is the final round. Although I'm glad Castren won as she would be a great asset to European Solheim Cup team but I was rooting for Diksha Dagar, a hearing impaired golfer that has done nicely.
  2. Pinon Hills is a great place. In fact, I'm going there next Thursday. My former club pro is GM there. It is a must play for whomever is close to that area.
  3. My pro told me couple days ago that 7/26 is when they can be preordered.
  4. About a month ago when I found out that TM put DG 120 shafts for P770 back up, I was going to order it in S300 but my friend who is TM fitter told me about November delivery date but he said X100 are available immediately so I ordered it softstepped twice. Ordered on June 18 and it came in on July 3. He receives a list from TM that he knows what are available or not. It depends on component's availability but OEM's are getting caught up.
  5. I know a member here qualified for it. I'm rooting that he does well and enjoy his moment. A very good player.
  6. Most of my scratch friends usually plays reasonably nicely. Not too slow. BUT I had a friend that is hellva player but anytime he is within 100 yards from the hole, he always walks up to the hole to take a peek then walk back. Very maddingly slow and his group is always 2-4 holes behind on the back 9. He did win couple Missouri titles when I was in his group though. He moved to California about 5 years ago so at least his California guys has to put up with him. LOL
  7. Understood but the problem with TM clubs is that DG 120 S300 isn't available until November as DG 120 X100 is available immediately so I had to decide toward DG 120 X100 softstepped twice. I guess I'll find out how it goes tomorrow when it arrives. Ha
  8. Any reasonable offers? I'm flexible as I want to see them go to someone that will use them.
  9. I like the colors of them. They are colors of my local university that I went to. Of course, any Vikings fan would like them too.
  10. Closing this to throw all this stuff over to Ebay. All prices quoted includes the Paypal fees and USPS Priority Mail charges to US addresses. No trades please. My references can be checked out on Ebay as I’ve been a member there for 23 years with no negatives. Any questions, please PM me. I do listen to reasonable offers. The following Titleist clubs were ordered for me during April’s Titleist fitting days, took too long to get here and I have moved on to what I have in my bag. -Titleist TSi3 10.0* driver, HZROUS RDX Smoke 6.0 70gr shaft, unhit
  11. Me too. SIM2 Max 9* with GD XC-6. Straightest driver I've had and I love playing from short grass. I'm starting to forget what it's like playing from the rough.
  12. I'm 60 and still play with younger guys, mostly in their 30's, they often outdrive me by 50 yards or so while I hit about 250-260 yards with roll. I play from back tees once a while which is around 6950 yds long. It's bit long for me but it gives my longer clubs a good workout. They know I can beat them often but we always have fun anyway. The younger kids are around scratch, play often with a guy that qualified for USGA Mid-Am few years ago. Most of the time, I play from 6300 yards long tees which is just right for me.
  13. Wondering what are your thoughts about DG 120 X100 softstepped twice as compared to DG 120 S300 hard stepped once? I'm in the camp that I like to use stiffest shaft that I can control for the distance instead of hitting nuclear shots.
  14. Thanks TonyK50 for reviving this. I placed an order for P770 with DG120 X100 softstepped twice couple days ago. Went with X100 because DG120 S300 won't be available until November 1, wow!!! I was going to hardstep S300 once. I have two sets of P760 with DG 120 S300 and Modus 120, DG120 won out as Modus 120 seems too lively for my liking.
  15. Although I'm not a local but I stayed in Austin for 8 nights, rented a house in UTGC. They let me practice and play on Speith 40 course. it was lot of fun. A friend from Austin who works at Twin Creeks, I was going to play there with him but they closed for aeration couple weeks ago. We went to River Place, it's nice but I would not want to be a regular there. Lot of elevation changes and got tired quickly with carts on paths (due to their recent rains) My friend said that UTGC do get lot of play from members, conditions are excellent. I can't comment on other courses so I'll leave
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