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  1. Thanks guys, a matching set of MP20s would be ideal but is unfortunately not in the budget, I will definitely try the 18s and I think I can find a 30 6 iron so will figure something out based on these.
  2. I’d like to get a set of relatively inexpensive older mizuno irons that are somewhat similar to my MP 20 MBs. If anything slightly less forgiving but similar weight in the head. For what it’s worth I have only been able to try a couple of older mizuno’s one of which was MP 67s which would probably be fine but curious if there are any other suggestions? Thanks.
  3. We are trying to arrange a visit now. My wife and I are pretty easy going, I’m originally from Scotland and I just don’t have the energy to deal with the daft nonsense that goes on at the more “exclusive” clubs. The club I played at in Scotland was a pretty good example of what not to do. Don’t think they admitted ladies until 1990s. Thanks again for all the advice it has been very helpful and Has already saved us a lot of time.
  4. That’s a very kind offer and I may well take you up on it when I’m there in July. I’m around 10 at the moment but looking to play a lot more often.
  5. Sincerely guys thanks again for all of your comments, even the wife is impressed
  6. For the winter I'm talking about the clubhouse staying open & stuff for the my wife/kids etc. Our old club had a pretty decent social calendar not my thing but, Santa Clause, Xmas parties, watch nights, bingo, cooking classes, yada yada yada. So if there was a club that did all that in winter I'd probably have to start there.
  7. Guys these comments are really very helpful. I played Sunriver/Woodlands last fall with my future boss and thought it was wonderful so I will keep all these comments in mind. Not sure why but I did get the sense that most/many of the players on the Woodlands course were snowbirds too. Is that typical of the other courses out of town? One thing I promised the wife is that the club would have something going on in the winter which worries me a little for some of the resort courses if the entire membership is in Palm Springs in December. Do you think that is a particular issue anywhere? An
  8. Thanks to the virus my transfer to Bend OR is on hold until probably next year. I had planned to visit some of the private clubs over the next few months when I was there which is not going to happen. In the meantime I would like to get a couple of recommendations on places to start, I've looked all over on-line but the descriptions I have found are not real helpful. Obviously I'm looking for good golf but also a relaxed family friendly place, not interested in having to wear a tie and jacket in the bar if you get my drift. Would like a place that has some winter stuff going on at the club.
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