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  1. He was fitted to a C6 black 70 R. I don’t disagree that it was an attempt at an upsell. Since he’s a high handicapper I told him to ask to only use no up charge shafts, which he did. But obv they still tried to fit him into some other stuff. Regardless he really like that combo, it was his favorite out of everything he hit. So while the preference it to take his business elsewhere, he’d still like that combo.
  2. Hey guys I’m looking for a builder for a friend. He got fitted into a Cleveland Launcher XL with a Mitsubishi C6 shaft. It’s not a combo you can get straight from Cleveland so looking for recommendations for a builder. He’s in the Los Angeles area but obv he could order and have it shipped. thanks.
  3. Started playing golf 20 years ago and then took about 15 years off. Switched to SL when I started playing again last year. I'm a terrible player (don't usually break 95 unless I'm really trying). Being able to groove a single swing with SL really appealed to me. Previous to SL I was terribly inconsistent and knew that I wasn't even lining up consistently with all of my irons. Only get out for 5-10 rounds a year right now so there's a lot of clubs I rarely hit so I didn't have confidence swinging them. With SL I have much more confidence; I feel this has improved my consistency but don't have an apples-to-apples comparison. Mentally though, it has definitely helped. I have F9's. Struggle at the top of the bag (80mph-ish 7i speed) but hitting a SL 5i that only goes 5 yards past my 6 is better than shanking a VL 5i into the trees. I've got the SL Cobra hybrids too, but can't hit them to save my life. They're crazy hook machines for me; I just really struggle to make good contact with them. In my brain I know that I should at least be able to make similar contact as the irons but I just never do. I dumped them both for SL driving irons which I make much better contact with. I can't really get the driving irons in the air, but on the public So Cal courses I play the fairways are hard in the summer so they usually run out enough to go further than the irons. At some point I will go back and work on the SL hybrids and see if I can figure them out. I also dumped my 3W and only carry a 5W. Considering trying something like a Cally Super Hybrid; see if I can hit it better than my 5W. I also carry a VL 60 deg wedge (Cally PM). Initially I just didn't feel comfortable making partial swings for pitch/flop shots with the SL wedges. After a year I'm starting to feel that maybe I could game a SL 60. If I start improving enough, I could see switching back to VL if I can't sort out the top of my bag, but that's a big if.
  4. Does anyone know if there will be new Cobra utility irons soon? I think it’s been about a year and a half since they were last refreshed; not sure of their release cycle. I play one length, In the market for a new utility but can wait if something is coming soon. Thanks
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