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  1. Lie angle at impact much more important than lie angle at address. The guy who will do our juniors clubs as they move forward says "I check my lie angles 3 times a year and I don't play anymore"
  2. The girls 8 Local yardage to worlds yardage is an enormous leap. Playing 1200-1350 at locals to 1800 at worlds is HUGE!!
  3. Scores will be the same to what they always are. We won’t let long layoffs be a built in excuse. Some of the most recent tournaments I’ve seen from friends we have met, have been very good.
  4. Curious now that most of the country getting back into the swing of things for golf, how many hours a week does your child or someone you know play/practice? What is low end number of hours put in? Average? High end? I’m sure boys and girls will numbers will be different so specify. I would say we do 4-6hours a week, play 2-3 times practice once....almost 8 year old girl. We met some people at worlds and other regionals who claim 2-3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week! If you don’t want to share your kids practice throw out what you think averages are!
  5. We are signed up to play, we will be attending. My wife had the virus and we the rest of us never displayed symptoms! Hoping new normal begins soon for most people and I would imagine international participation will be significantly down, not parade, and no pool party as mentioned before.
  6. We all know cheating goes on at all levels, but it ultimately comes down to players in the group. Your kid did everything right and reported it/evidence whatever, but if the player denies it nothing is done. Also as a parent it doesn’t matter if you see it or not, just look at Peter Kostis, watched PReed cheat and can’t say anything because it doesn’t matter!
  7. Maybe they have a golf ball that isn't perfectly round...for left to right wind the ball curves more to left to counterbalance the wind and similar for Right to left winds....of course I'm kidding
  8. A lot of really good stuff in the podcast, the comment that made me feel guilty was walking ahead after a bad hole or bad shot. I do my best but man, how you can turn a 4 into a 7 on the card in a heartbeat is hard to watch at times!
  9. I think what he’s trying to say is everyone’s recipe to improvement can be different, that’s great your daughter found one way that works for her, but keep in mind in a month or 6 months, may need to switch it up!
  10. Has anyone tested the Ping Prodi G vs any other popular OEM combinations or the US KIDS TOUR SERIES? I have a Tour Series 51 vs XR 16 testing going on currently, but daughter says the XR 16 recoil setup is still a little heavy! (its also February in Indiana)
  11. Will you please send me your inferior golf balls or the ones that fail the test? I can NET par people to death!
  12. No Epic or Mavrik in the bag, he doesn't play anymore.
  13. Still using Chrome Soft per coach recommendation, but going to explore when the weather gets better!
  14. Looking to play here or Rock Hollow
  15. Any reviews, hear it is awesome!
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