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  1. TS3 to Sim, have a Tensei pro white but want to put a tm adaptor on it. It’s 44.75 in the titleist so wondering if it would be similar?
  2. If I have a shaft playing 45 inches with a Titleist Adaptor, if I remove this and put a TM Adaptor on will the club still play 45 inches or less or more? Advice please...
  3. thank you! So I’m guessing I need to fit the shaft in line with the -.75 for it to line up and the grip to line up.
  4. If I get a sim 15 degree and close it down to 14.25, will this open the face? Also will this change the angle of the shaft as I like logo facing down? Always used titleist so this doesn’t affect the shaft angle changing loft.
  5. What do you mean what am I talking about. You may fit some choppers I don’t know. I was asking people what combo they are enjoying. You don’t have to be a plus handicap to hit it far. Fitters in UK are poor. Need something like TXG
  6. There’s no where to go for a day and try high end shafts with different heads etc. That’s the point I’m making. When you swing at a certain speed you need the proper gear not what is stocked in shops
  7. Just makes the ball feel a little hard. Had an XT70 TX before that felt better but a bit spinny. Would love to try an XTS
  8. Your best combo. I know there isn’t an official best one
  9. Don’t really have access to proper equipment in the UK to test multiple brands and shafts so want some new ideas for 2020
  10. What’s the best shaft you high swing speed people have used. I’m currently Tensei Pro White 70TX tipped 2 inches. In a TS3. What’s the best combo?
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