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  1. Thanks T-Mac, the Adams CB line are definitely underrated. All 3 iron sets feel buttery but the coppers are like melted butter on hot toast!
  2. Hello fellow WRX gearheads, hope you had a great holiday season. I have decided to unload some nice sticks and items will ship from Niagara Falls, NY or Toronto depending on the buyer’s location. All prices are listed in US dollars and include shipping to continental USA and Canada. PM me with any questions, offers and for my paypal address. I have sold a number of items here and on the Bay with 100% positive feedback. The only trades I would be interested in are Mizuno St-z 3/5 fairway woods. Thanks for checking out my listing. 1) Very rare and gorgeous set of Miura CB202 Straight Neck 4-Pw (includes 3 iron head which has not been hit since the refinish) which were refinished in copper by a local plating shop that has 30 years of experience. They have seen only 10-15 rounds of play with very minimum range time. Bag chatter is virtually non-existent as I use an Ogio Silencer bag which locks the clubs in place. Shafts are Nippon 1150 GH Tour taper tip in stiff flex and I can include a shaft for the 3 iron head but it is parallel tip so the head would need to be reamed to .370. The grips are Golf Pride standard size MCC red/black and are in very good shape. These play standard length (37 inch 7 iron) and lies and lofts are also standard as per Miura specs (47 degree Pw). Swing weights all match at D2. These irons feel fantastic and now have now formed a beautiful patina. All waiting for your custom paint fill or go naked like they are now. $990 Now $940 Now $old 2) Miura 51 degree gap copper wedge with Nippon Modus 125 stiff flex. Plays 35.5 inches long, D3 swing weight with Golf Pride MCC Teams grip in very good shape. This wedge would match the set above perfectly and has had limited play. Great patina on this one also and the feel is magnificent. SOLD 3) Miura CB202 Straight Neck 4-Pw in original satin nickel finish. I purchased the heads used and installed a brand new set of Matrix Program F15 120 gram stiff flex shafts (these shafts originally retailed for over $700 a set). Standard steel lengths (37 inch 7 iron), standard lofts/lies as per Miura specs and swing weights are D2 with no tip weights added. Grips are MCC teams standard size in very good shape and match the custom ferrules very nicely. The shafts play very much like Dynamic Gold S300 in terms of flight but the vibration dampening properties are great especially if you battle any sort of injuries like I do. Shafts and grips are logo at the back. Heads do have chatter as I bought them used and there is a rock ding on the sole of the 7 iron. Grooves are still very good and spin the ball well. This would be a great set for someone looking for the buttery feel of a Miura forging but wants the vibration dampening of a high quality standard weight graphite shaft. $590 Now $540 Now $old 4) Adams DHY 21 degree 3iron DHY 24 degree 4 iron along with CB1 Black 5-Gw (I will include the matching 4 iron head and ferrule). The DHY’s have Matrix White Tie 80 gram stiff shafts and Golf Pride MCC red/black grips. The 5-Gw have Matrix F15 85 gram stiff flex shafts and Golf Pride Tour 25 grips which allowed me to make these standard length (37 inch 7 iron) while still achieving D3 swing weights (DHY’s are D2 swing weight). I purchased the shafts and grips brand new. The heads were purchase used and then I had my local plating shop sand blast all the faces and toplines so they frame the ball very nicely. These feel very smooth and launch a bit higher than the satin CB202’s but the shafts are play pretty tight for 85 grams. Great set if want to try a light weight iron shaft without sacrificing any accuracy. Logos of the shafts and grips at the back on the 5-Gw and ferrules need to be turned down a bit but I may be able to get that done prior to shipping when my clubmaker opens after the holiday break. $490 Now $440 Now $400 Here is a link to the specs: https://www.2ndswing.com/adams/golf-irons-and-iron-sets/idea-pro-black-cb1/ 5) Cleveland Classic XL Custom adjustable 10.5 driver with Miyazaki B Asha 4S stiff flex shaft which plays 47 inches long. I bought it to try a longer playing driver but did not remove the grip so I am not sure if it has an extension (seller on ebay said it didn’t but I can’t verify). Head and shaft are in very good shape and it has hardly been hit. I don’t have the matching cover but will include a yellow/black RBZ driver cover. If you want to try a longer shafted driver or cut it down to standard this driver has penetrating low spin flight and still gets plenty of distance. It also looks very cool with a blend of retro and modern. $90 Now $80 Now $75 Here is a link with a review: https://www.independentgolfreviews.com/cleveland-classic-xl-custom-driver/ pin 1/8 pin 1/16
  3. Up for sale are two very rare Miura copper wedges 55 & 60 degree. These were purchased brand new from a well known Miura dealer and came in raw finish with extra weight meant for custom grinding. The 60 has C grind and the 55 did not have any grinding done. They were both copper plated by a local shop that has 30 years plus experience. Shafts are True Temper AMT Black S200 (I was told shafts were tour issue but can't confirm). Grips are MCC+4 in good playable shape. Due to the slightly heavier heads (not sure of the exact weight anymore) and slightly heavier shafts (around 130 grams) these have some lead tape wrapped under the grip in order to counterbalance and swing weight around D3/D4. Perfect if you prefer heavier wedges that you can feel throughout the swing or if you play heavier grips. They both play 35.25" and have formed a really nice patina. I am not interested in any trades at the moment and prefer to sell as a set. $400 Now $375 for both beauties which includes shipping to ConUS and Canada (shipping will be from Niagara Falls NY or Toronto depending on the buyer's location). Thanks for looking!
  4. Hello all, I know it may not seem like it but the season is around the corner and I need to purge some gear. Item will ship from either Niagara Falls, NY or Toronto depending on the buyer's location. All prices include shipping (add $5 for West of the Mississippi). I am not looking for trades at this time. Now on to the goods. 1) Dynamic Gold 105 Black Onyx S300 3-Pw plus a bonus S400 Tour Issue Black Onyx. The 105's played standard length (38 inch 5 iron) and the S400 played 35 inches in a lob wedge. All the shafts have a 4 gram black aluminum ferrule that helped bring up the swing weight and .355 taper tips. Black finish on the 105's are in really good condition with no issue, the S400 has a few paint chips and some were sharpied. SOLD 2) Dynamic Gold S300 4-Pw. Standard length (38 inch 5 iron) no shaft bands and .355 taper tip. $65 55 3) Tour Issue M2 HL head only. This is the same model Koepka uses and the specs are: Loft 17.1, Lie 58.7, CT 230, Weight 216 grams. This head was only hit a few times but does have a paint chip near the logo on the topline that has been touched up but is not noticeable from address. SOLD 4) M2 15 degree 3 wood (was told it was tour issue when purchased but can't verify). It sits flatter and a bit open so leads me to believe it is indeed tour issue. Topline is great, wear to the black paint of on the face. Comes with a Fujikura Pro 74 Tour Spec Stiff Flex and has a brand new Golf Pride Align Plus 4 grip. Plays 43 inches and D3 swing weight. SOLD 5) Scotty Cameron Center Shaft Mallet Cover in very good shape (never used on the course). $35 30 6) Project X 6.0 3 wood shaft .335 & Evenflow 3 hybrid shaft .370, both in very good shape. Both for $45 40 Thanks for looking, PM any questions and for paypal address. First to pay gets the goods.
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