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  1. We play out of tpc prestancia and enjoy it. you should join a club here based on where you live. If you live near lwr join Lakewood ranch country club or the ritz. Laurel oak is very nice , has a lot of good play and good dining. Neighborhood is also fun. we like tpc because we live in the neighborhood. But it is busy. I would do my homework on mission valley. I would join close to where you live, traffic in season can be tough.
  2. My son played in it with some of his teammates / friends. This is like little league. Local league , then all stars move on to face other areas. This is not designed to compete with high level tours. This is a way for younger kids to enter golf and have fun in the process. Less intimidating for them than other golf tours. This is new a few years and growing rapidly. This is not “ travel golf”. If your kid is a ringer then this is probably beneath them. But It is fun, kids play against the same kids over a 6 game season. They get a lot of swag as well. Under Arm
  3. Correct. There is a difference between a sport and a performance .
  4. I’m not saying they’re not athletic , but I’ve seen the ballet , they’re athletic too. Not a sport
  5. The marching band enters competition s and travels too, is that a sport also ?
  6. How can they tell you that you cannot hold a golf outing for the golf team ? This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I wonder if the AD is getting some type of kickback from the other outing? Also is cheerleading even a sport ? Do they compete against other schools? Are there district, regional , state tournaments ? Something doesn’t sound right
  7. Your team played well. nobody on our team played to their capability and we finished 10th. A lot of good players there.
  8. Yeah that’s ridiculous. It’s amazing how badly the fhsaa handled this whole year. It should be easy to Figure out, but they made it hard. And it didn’t have to be.
  9. Moving on to state finals. Regional victory. 302 today. Florida class 3a region 3 good team effort
  10. If you type narcissist into google, PJ flecks picture should pop up.
  11. Hopefully we can all go to mission inn and have this conversation in person in a few weeks
  12. College / university is big business. Would be interesting to see a calculation of ROI on a degree these days. Career earnings vs tuition cost
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