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  1. Monthly is not terrible. I think around $600. They also have several restaurants , clubhouses , pools etc that you have access to “behind the gates”. The food there is also very good and was a lot less expensive that we thought it would be.
  2. Lake oconee is spectacular. My wife and I have begun looking at second homes there. in order to be a member you must own a lot or property within the Reynolds community. silver membership is $30k and platinum is $60k
  3. There are usually a few memberships for sale at any given time. You would be purchasing someone else’s equity. my guess is currently looking at 6 figures or close. You will need to be invited in.
  4. No not quite, out of respect for the course you need to be done in less than 4 hours. The course is also a par 70.
  5. But you have no chance of joining there , or playing there.
  6. Come on down. We are filling up quickly. best decision we ever made was to move here.
  7. The 2 examples I have were for golf, and both have resulted in D1 scholarships at good schools. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I only know of 2 junior golfers who did that , and it worked out for both.
  8. A few years ago I was against homeschooling. With what I have seen and learned over the last year or 2, if I had a younger child I would consider it. we had 2 local girls who were homeschooled for their entire high school years. 1 is now a freshman at a high level D1 program, they other is a senior who has offers from every major program and can play wherever she wants. Not saying it’s the right move , but have seen 2 examples where it worked out.
  9. If its close to where you live you will meet many similar people and develop new relationships. We have made numerous friends over the last few years that we play golf with, travel with, do business with etc, all from our CC. The only better practice facilities in your area are Concession and the Ritz.
  10. Think of this, where else could you join? Most of the other private courses are now full. People are moving to this area by the thousands every month. They can’t build houses fast enough. Ask them to go play there and then make a decision. You’re going to get left out and regret it. The place is an A+ Country club that’s in excellent condition.
  11. All 3 courses play differently. I’m a member at prestancia which about 20-30 mins south of there, so I’ve only played Lwrcc a few times. Very nice every time. I would join ASAP. There are not many choices still available down here. Everything has filled up in the last year. Some private courses near there have waiting lists of over 100 people. For junior golf , the Lakewood ranch high school team is pretty good this year. They have been down for awhile , but have had a nice influx of players and are good this year.
  12. Lakewood ranch cc is excellent, but I believe they are full? There is a great mix of younger families and older retirees. It’s the best choice overall in that area for a full service country club. Lakewood national has 2 very nice courses but I believe is still semi private, and when they become fully private will have too many members and might be limited to the neighborhood.
  13. HS golf is a fall sport for all of florida. Yes the rain is frustrating, for matches, as well as practice.
  14. Place has nice / unique courses. No argument there. Was there a few weeks ago for a tournament. Hotel and food awful. I work with several high end hotels so I am somewhat familiar with how they run and how the service is handled. This place was built to be a nice facility but is not run that way. Got done Saturday night golf at 8, dinner reservations 8:30. Seated 8:39 ordered 8:50 didn’t not have food by 10:20 place was half full. Waitress explained that it was like that bwfore covid and that people show up in waves, but that they do not plan, or staff for that. went back to hotel, front desk guy asked if everything was ok. I told him no and explained what happened, that we didn’t not get food for 1.5 hours. he laughed. next day ran into other people at hotel who same thing happened to at different restaurants there. nice courses, good setup , not run like it could be. Attitude there seems to be that the place is for guys trips , golf / drinking etc and therefore the service can be slack. If that’s the plan for the place , then fine , but then don’t market as something different.
  15. Call ask to take part in their summer trial membership. Good way to test things out and see if you’re a good fit there.
  16. Attempted to test vs trackman yesterday. Rained out. Late afternoon storms. Pxg rep will be around tomorrow , so will try then. So far though my son and his teammates cannot get enough of this thing. Makes them want to Practice
  17. Seemed to match what was on the actual rangefinder screen. I’ll check further tomorrow. We’re going to play in the morning. We only used the app for the last 25 percent of my sons range session. However , it made is easier because I had his phone and could change clubs and see ball-flight and stats on it, vs walking around to look at the screen. It also downloaded all his shots into app and calculated averages for each club. I only have trackman to compare This too ( don’t have one , but my sons instructor does ) and this thing seems great. I’m going to compare the distances side by side with trackman. If they’re close I think this thing is excellent. I’ll try to give a full review. Any specific questions please let me know. Like most tech things my son had it going in 2 minutes. It’s really turn on and go.
  18. Will do. Seems legit thus far. My son just got a set this week of pxg gen 3 irons 0311p. His numbers today on the sc300i were similar to his numbers on the trackman from his fitting a few weeks ago
  19. Purchased one, it arrived today. My son used it on the range for about an hour. Easy to use. Easy to setup. Remote control allows you to change clubs quickly and easily. App on phone allows control for that as well. App also stores swing data and has video option as well. Distances are fairly accurate. We lasered several of the flags and it seemed spot on. the pxg rep is at our club every Thursday. Next Thursday we are going to put it side by side with his trackman and see how close the sc300i is. so far this thing is awesome
  20. Moved to sarasota Fl when I was 38. Haven’t regretted it for one day. 15 mins to the best beach in the world ( siesta key). Live on a golf course ( actually play less since we moved to the course ). Lots of great food within 20-30 mins Sunny everyday. What else is there?
  21. We play out of tpc prestancia and enjoy it. you should join a club here based on where you live. If you live near lwr join Lakewood ranch country club or the ritz. Laurel oak is very nice , has a lot of good play and good dining. Neighborhood is also fun. we like tpc because we live in the neighborhood. But it is busy. I would do my homework on mission valley. I would join close to where you live, traffic in season can be tough.
  22. My son played in it with some of his teammates / friends. This is like little league. Local league , then all stars move on to face other areas. This is not designed to compete with high level tours. This is a way for younger kids to enter golf and have fun in the process. Less intimidating for them than other golf tours. This is new a few years and growing rapidly. This is not “ travel golf”. If your kid is a ringer then this is probably beneath them. But It is fun, kids play against the same kids over a 6 game season. They get a lot of swag as well. Under Armour. Would recommend for younger kids still finding their place in the junior golf world.
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