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  1. I'm not sure how far down the list sponsors kick in some money to help cover weekly opex. I recall that SYR said her sponsors helped cover opex, and she was "relieved" (or something like that). Given that she had made ~$10 MM on the course, the comment seemed a little out of place but I guess burning $150K is still burning $150K. If I had to guess, the 50th-75th+ players aren't getting much, in which case the numbers are what you mention. If you think about all of the commentary, its kind of funny. People want equality (or at least more equal treatment) in sports. Yet I'd bet
  2. The thing is, it's not about GOLFING SKILL = $$$. This is the first mistake people make in this comparison. For what drives prize money, they are not golfers. They are entertainers that happen to walk around on a golf course with 14 golf clubs.
  3. Two things that stand out to me; a) Inbee is back in as of now. I wasn't sure she would make it, even after her win early in the season. Of course, it's impossible to know how she would have fared in full field events with all of the Koreans playing. Could be the same or not so hot. b) Ai Suzuki and Shibuno need to play (and win/finish very well) on JLPGA for both of them to qualify (in addition to Nasa Hataoka). As of now, JPN only send two to the games in Tokyo. Have been hoping all three can represent their country on native turf... Regardless, thes
  4. The way I see it, if you are OK with Lydia/Brooke/Nelly/etc making millions per year, Lebron/Tiger making $100 MM+ per year (or whatever it is), then you must believe in meritocracy, free markets, etc. A natural and unavoidable by product of this is that some others will have a less comfortable financial path in the profession. But it simply cannot be both. Ask whether you think the top players should donate all or a substantial portion of the earnings to the "field?" Or if the NFL should donate money to the NHL, etc. I'm all for people being treated fairly. But wha
  5. Personally, I think I would shoot the same scores over 100 rounds with 14 clubs or 7 clubs. Maybe 14 clubs would be at most 1 shot better. I acknowledge that more clubs gives you more options. 7 clubs and no 60 degree? Ok, can't get up and down a few times that you might otherwise do. But the vast majority of the difference in my scores is determined by the ~36 full swings per round that I make. When your contact is crappy or there is a face/path issue whether I pulled 7 iron or 8 iron only matters so much. Said another way, I don't think my scores wou
  6. The footnote says the bounce will change. More evidence that the heads are just bent weak/strong... Club bounce angles will vary slightly if ordered with non-standard loft specs.
  7. Pretty sure PINGs PowerSpec and RetroSpec are just bent strong/weak from the normal head. They have a lot of fancy language but at the end of the day it was "bent strong or weak." At least for the G Series. I haven't confirmed on the i500 but highly doubt the clubhead is different.
  8. It is amazing where SYK stacks up vs. the other Koreans. A lot less love and press coverage but the numbers are what they are. I've never been a big fan of hers, but glad she could win. I'd slow the presses on 27 HOF points though. Will be interest to see if she or one of the others can become the clear cut #3 among ROK players. SYK has the total wins, just needs a couple more big ones (or some of the others with two majors need another major win or two).
  9. I respect all of these players, what they've gone through, what they've accomplished, etc. But I think some of Lindsey Weaver's comments are just wrong. Welcome to being an entrepreneur. Tons of people are out of pocket every day until revenue comes in. Same with all of the young grads that take a job in NYC, London, HK, etc. They have tons of costs with the hope that tomorrow will be better. And is today a tough year for LPGA players? Of course. But it's a tough year for millions of people around the world. Whether the LPGA / PGA splits are right or wrong is a d
  10. I've recently re-labeled my GW as a "4-iron." So I don't have to use a Sharpie, PING told me they are working on a Retro-Retro and a Neanderthal Spec loft option for the next group of iron releases.
  11. One difference - the BeCus still look good as the years go by. Sometimes the old girlfriend not so much...
  12. I'm surprised they didn't play this week. The USWO is different, but not that different. Maybe the layoff (don't want to twiddle thumbs in USA for better part of two months) was enough to swing the balance. Good to see that they will be back though
  13. To apologize to @Nard_S. Comment was not meant directly. I just don't get why #7 can or can't fly whatever distance.
  14. Another moron that's fixated on "#7." Just find irons that fit the lofts and gaps that are appropriate for you. For me, that's ~25 degrees to 50 degrees. 4-PW, 5-GW, 6-GW2. Eventually it will be GW-GW6. Who cares? I'm all for a consistent makeup of clubs. I don't dislike hybrids but I prefer either all fairways or all hybrids. And people since the beginning of time have had a "different wedge" (defined as anything over 50 degrees). Not surprising, Chairman Emeritus of the Loft Police @NRJyzrhas liked your post. Let's talk about club labels that were
  15. Is it legal to get down on both knees and putt with say a 20 inch putter?
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