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  1. Round 2 Saturday morning, 18th tee audio coverage was good.
  2. Definitely possible; I'm not in a position to "know."
  3. I have silently wondered this. Rewind a handful of years and it seemed like she was on the way out. The 2016 Gold was quite an accomplishment for her considering people were calling for her to give up the spot (and had limped over the finish line for HOF qualifying). I just wasn't sure what winning it twice was going to prove (more than what the first one proved). I do commend her for staying competitive with a limited schedule. Hope she will find happiness with whatever life and golf brings her (seems content with the golf game; if can compete and perhaps win every now and then that is good).
  4. It will be interested to see if she dials it back dramatically. She has played well recently; hard to know how much of this was an effort to qualify for and defend the gold? Personally, I am a bit surprised it (gold) seems to have meant so much to her. While certainly possible, I don't think she will catch Si Re Pak's LPGA win total. She could grab another major (or maybe two) and/or pass Pak's win total, but I don't think it will change the narrative much. She's the most accomplished ROK golfer but will never be the most influential.
  5. I can get hot, humid, and rain where I am. I prefer the winter months for large change in temp and the early-Spring (warming up but a bit drier). But overall it is one of my favorite cities...
  6. This is most likely the heat index. 90-95 F would be a very hot today there but it will feel worse with the humidity. Quite frankly, now through Oct is the worst time of the year to be there...
  7. Did you really mean at the end of regulation: a) First and Second play for gold. Loser gets nothing b) Third and Forth play for Silver. Loser gets nothing c) Fifth and Sixth play for Bronze. Loser gets nothing Technically there could be a playoff for each medal if three people finish T1. Maybe that is what you meant? I think a playoff for the three medals would be better though?
  8. Category10 - Non-Member Top 40 (doesn't apply this year but will apply in 2022). I'm not sure on the sponsor invite, no cut = no CME points but assume you are right. This would mirror the prior policy with money. 2021lpga-priority-listupdate042621.pdf
  9. JZ (Regular & Stiff): Weight: 109.8g ®, 115.1g (S) Torque: 1.9 ® 1.7 (S) Description: A mid weight steel shaft that plays a little softer than the Z-Z65 and ZZ-Lite. A very common shaft in Zing, Zing 2, and ISI irons. Ball Flight: Due to the mid flex point of this shaft it is designed to hit the ball between the CS-Lite and the Z-Z65. (NOT available for new orders) Microtaper (Stiff): Weight: 115g Torque: 1.9 Description: A mid-weight shaft with a high flex point and stiff tip section. This shaft is very similar to the KT Shaft. Most commonly found in the K series, Eye, and Eye 2 irons. Ball Flight: Mid, similar to ZZ-Lite (NOT available for new orders)
  10. I would say skip the G400s, as not much is different. The G410s or G425s are supposedly a noticeable change from many people that said G25 - G400 not much different. I went back to my set of G25s, which are pretty similar to the G30s.
  11. 983E or 905S. But quite frankly I wouldn't play either of them anymore. They were great and still are great if you hit it perfect, but neither is a good trade-off vs. newer stuff over the course of 500+ swings.
  12. What I also mean is that we have no way to conclude any particular player hits the fairway more or less on the measured holes than they do on all holes (i.e. season average). When you look at any individual player, sometime you see a 230 number for the round (2 holes) and sometimes a 280 number (all from players in the mid-250s to low-260s season average). The other thing you can do as an extreme is assume a player hits 70% of fairways / misses 30% and then assume the 30% is all carry of X yards and the 70% is X yards + whatever average roll you want to assume. Change the fairways up/down 10%-15%, which is a huge variation at this level, and you will see the less accurate driver probably isn't being punished much on the average driving distance due to shots in the rough. I will say I think the average roll is more than 10-15 yards. Some weeks it is huge, some weeks it is < 5 yards. But there seem to be a lot more of the former than the later. I.e. I don't think these mid-90s ss players averaging around 260 can carry it ~245+ on average.
  13. Personally, I think it is hard to say any player is under or outperforming their full average based on the measured holes. Quite frankly, I'd be surprised if the measured average is more than a few yards difference from the "true average." And by true average I mean including all the shots. I will conceded that the less accurate players may be losing a few yards due to shots landing in the rough/no roll. However, if you do some quick math I think this is unlikely to be more than about 5 yards. I.e. we can't just look at the holes were Lydia stripes one and is probably down there 20-30 yards from before (i.e. only consider her good shots compared to the prior average of all shots). Also, no proof but just from an eye test I don't think her stats are that far off. I think she has about the same zip on the ball as Minjee, Lee6, etc. They are all low 140s ball speed off the tee. Further, while not entirely comparable watch what they hit off of par 3s, and I also think it's hard to conclude Lydia is much longer than what her stats say.
  14. @NRJyzrif you guys can't agree on mini drivers maybe you can try talking iron lofts and club numbers
  15. Not sure I follow your first part. a) TP5 and TP5; how much more does your 6-iron release than your 8-iron? b) If you then use a supersoft and your 8-iron is spinning like a 6-iron/TP5 combo but has a steeper descent angle, shouldn't it stop even quicker? I don't see 25 feet difference in a) regardless of which ball type I use. Definitely use what you like...
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