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  1. I think what people are trying to say is the shaft itself changes very little. The shaft may dramatically change what the player feels and how they swing the club. But feel is subjective so its hard to say. Generally speaking, I'd say any of the Mitsubishi "Blue" shafts for this speed range but it depends on a lot of other things. I lightweight D+ could also work fine or a wet noodle depending on the player. Or just try a lighter/softer Evenflow.
  2. We commend you for keeping track of the results
  3. The person keeping the books is in first place 31.78 + 86.78 + 19.81 = 170.15?
  4. 77 and 80 this week. I didn't pay much attention to her last year, especially how playing in ROK. The USWO score was decent and I kind of ignored the rest of the season. She was always very fit but in some photos it looks like she has slimmed down in recent times (swing timing off a fraction of a second?). I'm not a huge fan but I do think her swing and ballflight is very nice to watch. The swing is quite controlled but there is a bit more zip on the shots compared to many of the players I like to watch (albeit many of these players are very average by today's standards).
  5. I think the guy is back. He's playing tough courses well. We cannot look at all his bad shots and ignore all his good shots (this is the opposite of what most people do in life). There is good and bad for everyone in every round, and when you add up the totals he's playing extremely well on all types of courses. Previously, he could show some flashes at the WMO type tracks and would get eaten up at Riviera/Bay Hill. Not now. Driver is still a liability more so than the 2015-2017 period, and I'm not sure what this will mean (relative to the past). If you follow the
  6. Or, they don't want a club sponsorship? Play the clubs you want, and make money with the lowest score/various other endorsements. Not saying they are the richest duo in the world but at the same time I doubt their debit cards are in danger of being turned off.
  7. You mean like all of your "Surprise, already a thread on it posts?"
  8. Why don't you play him straight up and broadcast it on YouTube or something? Start challenging him on Twitter, you can be famous soon Should be a walk in the park for a 2 hcp.
  9. I've also found that it's nice to have a 49 degree club that is labeled "Pitching Wedge." Now, the club actually pitches whereas other 49 degree clubs will gap (long or short) from time to time. But it is a bummer when a greenside pitch catches a hot spot and ends up in the back bunker.
  10. I have a set of 680s. I was not good enough to play them when I started but through deep concentration/focus, better distance control, superior turf interaction, and the ability to control ball flight (right-to-left, left-to-right, high, medium, and low) I am now good enough to play them. GIR has gone from ~7 to 18.
  11. If you were to rank all 6 players #1-#6, I think each family would have a total of 7 if sum up the ranks!
  12. To me, it's either the Sorenstams or the Kordas. Moriya has had 2-3 years that were better than Charlotta Sorenstam's best years. But they both have one win, and Annika has a bit of a lead on Ariya. So if want to equal weight the two players = Kordas. 1 win (minimum to play) + best player = Sorenstams.
  13. I think 1B and pitcher only though? Some prefer to bat left-handed because most pitchers throw right-hand if that's what you mean.
  14. Growth mindset vs. Fixed mindset. It can't be done until it can. Some people, even exceptionally skilled people like DJ, may not succeed (as for now, he appears to have hit his limit). But they are at least thinking about it. 1,000x more than what players thought about it 5-10 years ago. And maybe with more practice many will be playing longer in the future. But don't tell that to those that drive looking in the rear-view mirror.
  15. Yes, I'm joking. There's a lot of quibbling about pga driver lengths. Then adjust that, adjust this, adjust something else. A simple regression would imply what I wrote but anyone with the lights turned on would realize X is not truly driving Y.
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