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  1. Improved search capabilities, especially for classifieds Ability to filter out archived listings Notifications for emails
  2. @llewol007 agree, I find eating a sandwich to be too distracting during a round ... best to eat a meal before the round and go with bite size snacks on the course
  3. @jasonTeI3 I occasionally have a beer walking down 18 on a hot summer day, but started discussion seeking thoughts on what powers people through a round.
  4. Push cart for 90% of my rounds (advantageous for carrying my soft sided cooler of snacks & drinks) Carry a Jones Players Series for other 10% of rounds where I play with half set (1W, 2H, 5i, 7i, 9i, SW, Putter) I find carrying a half set easier than using a push cart, and only ride when playing in an event where carts are expected
  5. I usually bring 2 of the following 3 items: Smoothie (protein powder + almond milk + frozen banana + frozen spinach)EPIC sriracha chicken protein bar (chopped) Trail mix Plus 16 oz of ice water, and 16 oz cold-brewed green tea
  6. what do you eat and drink during a round to keep your energy, stamina, focus going strong? p.s. not looking for inputs on beer, cocktails, etc.
  7. Garmin S20 GPS Watch is SOLD; listing and file attachment updated accordingly
  8. had anyone tried Columbia Sportswear’s Omni-Freeze zero arm sleeves? They’re advertised to reduce temperature like the Omni-Freeze neck gaiter ?
  9. Locker Sale Listing v3.pdf Please see attachment for photos and details on: MINT Callaway headcovers MINT Adidas pants and shorts, and Ping Sensorwarm jacket Adidas Adipower Boost 3 spikeless shoes Putting kitGarmin S20 GPS watch SOLDRequests to bundle items are welcome, please make an offer Add $5 for items shipping East of Mississippi River Thanks for looking
  10. I was a teen caddying for a wealthy banker (17 hdcp) at private Donald Ross course in Rhode Island ... this guy’s backswing involved bouncing the shaft off the middle of his back ... we are at #5, 160 yards out ... I hand him his usual go to club, a 5 wood ... he winds up, does the shaft bounce off his back, hits it fat, barely makes it over a bunker, lands it in rough which slowed the ball up just enough for it to trickle onto the green and into the hole which was cut < 10 feet from front edge. He paid me the minimum ($12 for 18). I remember feeling like giving his $12 back to him. The ot
  11. 47 yr old hoofer ... walk 18 about 2-3 times per week in Oregon from April to October. I stock a 15-can soft sided RTIC cooler with 2 ice packs, 32oz cold brew iced green tea (gives an even energy boost & no sugar headache like I get with Gatorade), a cold smoothie (soy milk + banana + spinach + protein powder + 2 Tylenol), 32oz ice water, bite size snacks (it's tricky to eat a sandwich while walking), and a frozen face cloth (got the idea from a golf club in Hawaii; very refreshing and energizing even on mild days). My go to on course snacks are: EPIC Provisions' chicken sriracha nutriti
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