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  1. Yer makes perfect sense. I would expect almost a structural support that runs from the back of the driver, over the crown and into the face then along the sole to the back again to keep it rigid enough to stop the crazy flexing which obviously causes the smashed face. Be interesting to see if he puts it in play!
  2. But would that be a prototype? Wouldn't that just be classed as a melt filled RAD lol
  3. I might be wrong but I feel his point is that the FIRM ball (taylormade) is causing effects with his putting. I dont see mention of it being the ball construction just the firmness. A firm ball is hard to adjust with putting especially if you are someone who putts with feel. Go get a supersoft. Roll it 20 times and you will quickly come to realise it releases slowly off the putter with minimal launch. Get a rock hard ball and it will click off the face, usually with a higher launch condition which in fact affects the overall roll of the ball and definitely t
  4. Sorry if you thought I was against the topic. I actually agree it matters as per my comments about the chrome soft LS ball! I was just stating he doesn't use a TP5x
  5. Does his personal IG account only promoting the TP5 ball count? When he switched to TM ball he stated the fact the ball made him drop one iron it was so long and such great spin. He dropped the ball and went back to the tp5. Then changed out his irons and went back to the tp5x and since he has gone back to changing thing up he has again gone back to the TP5. TM isn't going to promote him changing the ball up as it looks terrible on them when the whole focus on taking one of titleist biggest ball players away was due to the tp5x being better. Oh and also h
  6. Lol I'll bite! I actually tried the chrome soft X LS last week. Great ball till I had to putt. Was like hitting a rock. I couldn't get the feel with it at all and ended up changing after 3 holes due to the putting.
  7. https://www.golfwrx.com/646123/rickie-fowler-witb-2021-new-driver-irons-pretty-much-everything/ Changed end of last year over same time Wolff did
  8. so ive read 28 pages and still have nothing on the MMT shaft lol. I found on page 10 someone said go back a page or 2 but again nothing! I really want to know what this is like. If anyone can give me some info it would be great. In relation to Ventus Blue, Tensi Raw, Fuji Pro would be even better
  9. Hello all, I have tried to search about the MMT driver shaft (stock offering from callaway) with little luck. I was wondering 1. Have you hit it, how was it? 2. What is it comparable to? 3. Did you start gaming it, if so why? If not why?
  10. What would you recommend for someone using Modus 130x currently?
  11. How does marriage change golf? He won twice with her as his partner. A wedding is just an expensive day to make her go from partner to wife. I can't see how the ring can make so much difference. Maybe it's affecting his swing weights? Lol
  12. He plays the tp5? He hasn't played tp5x for some time.
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