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  1. New balls coming first qtr 2022 it’s the diamond BK plays
  2. Man that inserted face makes me wonder how a thin shot will go! I’ve hit a few drives off the sole of my driver or close to lol, surely that leading edge will need to be tough? yer we don’t all hit 350m bombs all day out of the centre! Some of us utilise all the realestate we can get on our clubs
  3. $849 AUD which means very similar to the current driver here in aus
  4. New driver is mint Motore, Smoke iM and Tensei shafts on offer new face is called “hot” doesn’t wrap up onto the crown like the old CNC did also which looks clean still has that traditional cobra trampoline feel at impact (where it feels like the ball explodes off) Can’t wait to get one in the bag
  5. take it to a sign writting place and get them to put a vinyl strip on it. Could do it white with a dot or even get them to colour match it and do the whole top line! I used to have a toulon tour that had a sight line I didnt like. Took it to my mate whos a sign writter and he put a vinyl sticker on it with a strip. Looked clean and also helped!
  6. Well after reading this forum time and time again I finally pulled the trigger. I went 95S in my irons and have played only one round with them but my oh my! They are arount 5m longer then my old setup, a tad higher flight but alot more of a peircing flight. My old shafts were True Temper AMTS300 Black, Other shafts ive had good experiences with are C-Taper Lite 110s, LZ5.5 and soft stepped S400. These shafts are litterly a mix of all of these, they load so well like the LZ, they feel light and easy to swing like the AMT, they just fly and are straight like the S400 and look mint just like the C-Tapers. Builing them was easy, all very tight weights, SW well, very clean shaft, had to sand the tips to fit into my Mizunos but just perfect all around. Very happy I made this change!
  7. Nope Colin plays the original SIM driver so they always put his fairway into the photos as its obvioulsy not a great look he wont swap it out!
  8. What simulator is that! I’ve never seen one before personally also great to see the big man back at it!
  9. https://www.scottycameron.com/putters/limited-release/2021-my-girl/
  10. https://www.scottycameron.com/putters/limited-release/2021-my-girl/
  11. I dont know if this is the spot for this but also feel software comes under equipment! I was just wondering if anyone has subscribed/ bought his course management program? I love his youtube videos and like the idea of supporting him but was wondering about the actual program he has on offer. https://lukekwongolf.com/course/course-management/ https://lukekwongolf.com/course/pureswing/ Anyway let me know if you have any experience with this!
  12. It has lot of carbon and going to be a LOT of $$$$ I was told it will be $1,200 AUD!
  13. Yer but that is only a benifit to the players not the sponsor. The sponsor is a Japan company who wants to provide this amazing experience for their fans in Japan. The Japan PGA is the third highest paying series, Japan is also the home of the latest Master champion and has some crazy fans (even noted by the PGA players). As a company its in their best interest to try and please their audience where they can generate buisness, sales, etc.
  14. Would love to know the effect Butch had on Rickies mental state by just saying ”I like what your doing” Unless that’s not what was actually said haha
  15. Great round today! Saw after his round he was saying butch said his happy with the changes his made hope that is the kick rickie needed to get into gear, having a past coach and a great one at that saying his happy must be a nice feeling
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