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  1. I was told they are getting stock off Australia fitters to send back to the states. Don't know how true it is but suposibly at TM fitting events here in Australia you can only get fit into irons, wedges and putters. Also told P series irons are a minimum of 8 weeks!
  2. New driver comes out in February. It will be brought forward due to minimal stock available of the current models. In Australia it's all but impossible to get a driver or woods through custom orders.
  3. promoising round. The double obviously didnt help but everything else is looking nice.
  4. Looks like an Odyssey #7 in shape especially from the bottom view. Also weird it has no tour markings.
  5. Last post featuring Rickie is from the Satuday at Memphis (2 months ago) Also in regards to being 9th fiddle at TM I dont feel TM have a hierarchy system at all. They all seem to get great exposure and looked after. Heck Rickie only currently has a ball and glove deal but his locker in the new TM truck is the top right which sits above Tigers and beside Rorys? (no not saying his on par with these guys, just stating the truck setup)
  6. Also if you look on Puma IG Richie is in 3 of last 12 pics. On Cobra IG he isn't in one of the last 40 pics?
  7. I was told last season he was going across to TM in whole eventually. I wonder if this year is when it happens and his been trying to play a club similar to what he will be using at TM? Maybe the amp blades are equal to the TM offering is his head so trying to get some familiarity prior to the change?
  8. I got a PXG 0341X fairway but it's a 16 degree not a 15. I can't find it anywhere online. Can someone help if this is a fake or something
  9. What are these irons comparable to? I'm not after the whole "nothing compares to PXG" please Just something equal in forgiveness, size, offset etc Eg: Mizuno Hot Metal, Titleist T200 etc
  10. https://www.golfbox.com.au/clubs/ping-g425-max-fairway-wood/ Be our here in Aus early October. Shows shaft selection also. Irons and woods are also online
  11. Got my box set today. The grips are alot softer in hand then I thought they would be. Unwrapped them and had a few swings on the carpet. Feel VERY nice. SW feels perfect. Was gaming T20 with the S400 but these will be going straight in the bag. Sit amazing even with the carpet tiles the blade almost sits flush so no fear of the thin lol. I had MG2 a while ago and these look alot nicer. I actually like the faded grey more then the standard MG2.
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