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  1. Would love to know the effect Butch had on Rickies mental state by just saying ”I like what your doing” Unless that’s not what was actually said haha
  2. Great round today! Saw after his round he was saying butch said his happy with the changes his made hope that is the kick rickie needed to get into gear, having a past coach and a great one at that saying his happy must be a nice feeling
  3. I’m currently looking at getting a LAB DF 2.1 putter and was just curious, what is the difference between these and a conventional CS putter? I understand the tech behind the LAB hence the reason I want one BUT just curious what are the other differences? thanks
  4. just sent my video in for my remote fitting!!! to all my fellow Golf WRXers I suggest checking this out! https://labgolf.com/remote-fitting/ I watched Peter Finch youtube of the DF2.1 (which he ended up putting in his bag) and the video it showed how he done his fitting, Just recently sent my video off to see my specs. Pretty great to be able to know my investment won't be me just hoping I get my specs right.
  5. I think we can throw some blame onto the ball but it’s been 2 years now, surely his used to it! If he is someone who struggles with change so much why has his past WITB been so different each time. I could understand if the only change in 2 years was the ball but man his changing clubs and shafts like a true WRXer atm! I think it’s a mix of swing changes, mental state and just where he is at in his life. Jordan went through something very similar and now look at him! At the end of they day these guys are all human. Rickie will be back! Hopefully soon
  6. They are called OMOI putters, thats all I know but
  7. Its just a case of the old "be honest and get slamed" His litterly just being honest saying for 51 weeks of the year im all about me, my routine, playing an individual sport, what I like and what I enjoy. For week 52 im being told what to do, how to do it, trying to play a team sport and its hard to adjust to it.
  8. T22 wedges and ST-G driver launch in a couple of weeks. Mizuno pro irons, ST220 and OMOI putter drop end of the year. some exciting stuff coming from mizuno!
  9. I was told they would be the same. So the Holiday this year is a My Girl holiday. The style is usually a reflection of the putter of that year. Yer they are limited like champions choice. 2020 - My girl was a Special Select Squareback (1250 peices World Wide) and Holiday was a Phantom X 11.5 (1500 peices World Wide) 2019 - My girl was a Phantom X 7.5 (1250 peices World Wide) and Holiday was a Phantom X12 (1000 peices World Wide) 2018 - My girl was a Select Fastback (1250 peices World Wide) and Holiday was a Select Squareback (1000 peices World Wide) No idea what they will do this year? Maybe this is why they will just do one run and join them together as the putter to modify and make "special" will be hard to pick?
  10. I was told it was a colabiration!!! My Girl Holiday
  11. Holiday release will come out in 10 weeks
  12. Just said in his post round interview his "baby" is back in the bag. Said it just needed to sit on the sidelines for a while and was loving having it back in the bag, loved how it felt, the grip and weight. Doubt he will change again for some time after that display personally.
  13. Titleist Tour Speed, Chrome soft X, If you can stand a hard ball Left Dash Pro v1
  14. Hyrbids are now inline with woods release
  15. The new super hybrid I thought was coming out under a different name not apex? Maybe they just had apex put on it similar to how Titleist put ts2 and ts3 on their drivers when the new TSI line was in testing? with the super hybrid there is - new bags - a chipper - the new wedge which we have seen - the DFX putters also Mavrik has been announced as end of life now so might even be a new launch in that area?
  16. Me and 2 mates ordered these and we all got them today. MINT MINT MINT I have a T22 and have had one of the original Button Backs. These are a perfect blend of both. they got the Newport 2 I got the Newport
  17. But he doesnt have brand new clubs or a ventus? Have I been going about this all wrong?
  18. I love how so many people think Bryson plays standard cobra gear! Yer his driver probably does suck. It’s a prototype 6 degree head with a random face, weight spread all throughout it and isn’t even the same shape. The only thing between that and the cobra gear we all play is the name and maybe the head cover
  19. Firstly I’ll apologise incase I have missed this or if this is just a silly one but I’m curious. I used to play LZ 5.5 and didn’t mind them. Bit balooney at times! I play 5i to PW + GW I have found a set of 4i to PW 6.0 LZ shafts. I want to go 1/2 longer again so what I’m wondering is what will happen if I play these in my irons. Obviously the 4i will go into my 5i, the 5i into my 6i and so on. I know I’ll get my 1/2 over but is this the same as soft stepping? Will they play softer? Will they play firmer? Will they play true to spec and just be longer? also sorry for my punctuation and spelling! Doing this one off my phone and it isn’t a strong point even using my auto correct on the PC!!
  20. Massive shortage on steel and rubber ATM. Not only from Covid but also demand, the freight issues about 3 months ago with that boat getting stuck and obviously less transport between country’s ATM. if you want clubs quicker I suggest asking for a ship date with your preferred grip and one with any or no grip. Tour velvet 360 white for example is out of stock until end of September here in Aus for some manufacturers. Ask for the driver to be sent with no grip and was in my hand 4 days later.
  21. So the 2021 golf ball test is done and dusted with numbers being crunched ATM. On Mi Gulf Spi (sorry can't say their name as it gets bleeped) YouTube they have made some pretty interesting comments to start *Chrome Soft appears to have improved *TaylorMade is a disappointment *Titleist Tour Speed is really really good *Dont get fit with range balls *Dont play refurb balls What other takeaways do you expect to see? What do you think will be the "best ball"? I personally just went back to the ProV1x and think once again they will be the ball to beat.
  22. Or maybe he understands his true worth through marketability and wants to ensure at the end of his career he doesn't need to do anything ever again! Not everyone can win and if his fail-safe is to put himself out there to make as much money as he can while he can I would say well done. He would have more in sponsorship income than some would have in career wins!
  23. I think everyone needs to stop thinking of his endorsements as being a remification to his results. Golf gets world wide exposure, They are (usually) clean cut athletes with good reputations, polite and tidy. Think of anyone you can who ticks all of them boxes, regardless of wins. Now think who could pull of some of the marketability like he has. I honestly cant think of any (USA) players who could replace him. His clean cut, polite, has a sense of humor, dresses well, plays well, is well known, draws in a huge youth following, is apart of that "big name" friends circle (speith, JT, Tiger etc) and even his replationship is always in the news. Imagine someone like Bryson or Brooks or DJ trying to do these comercials. Yes they have had more wins but Rickie kills them all in personailty and marketability.
  24. - Scotty I feel has a hot spot and not a consistent roll - Bettinardi are mint - evnroll are slow off the face just be cautious of this - Toulon are usually on the heavier side - pings are great but if you play 35 and above you will need to replace the wonky adjustable grip another one I would recommend would be the mizuno it’s a nice putter with the adjustable weights. if you won’t something really unique check out Lajosi. They are stunning, super well done and feel amazing off the face.
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