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  1. Just curious what comes first! Everyone is always stating how important a fitting is but at the same time is it best to get fitted for clubs that suit a swing that you may be working on? Do you have lessons then get clubs fitted to suit your swing, Do you get clubs fitted to suit where you want your swing to be.... You get the point lol what comes first!! SORRY TO CLARIFY - I have been getting lessons THEN I got fit once we had my swing basis sorted. This isn't a question for myself personally. this is just a general chat I wanted to start to see everyone's opinions
  2. So did you buy it yet? I think it’s pretty clear from the posts here that it can hang with the top drivers on the market but it’s nothing special. In my testing, I found that it was maybe the least forgiving driver of anything I’ve hit recently. Center strikes/ good swings were good... misses were punished with excessive spin, low bs, and harsh feel. I make my driver decisions based on performance on miss-hits - they all perform great when nutted. I’m happy Wilson has given the market another option worth considering but I don’t see this thing making much of a push. Nope! Haven't even seen one in the flesh TBH. I just ordered a TS2 wood set (1,3,5 and 7) it had the same numbers as my G400 gear but I liked the look alot more. My G400 gear won't sell for much as the 410 is right around the corner but that's what happens when you buy and sell anything in life I just can't stand people slamming products for no reason other then they think they will hate it. Also can't believe so many ppl complaining about re sale or lack there of! I can't stand the epic, tried it with every shaft but it just wasn't for me there for I wouldn't pay $25 for one but that doesn't mean I'm going onto the epic page throwing hate!
  3. This thing is almost as trash as the G410 and M5! Oh wait I haven't hit any of these like a good 95% of haters on here.... So many people won't try this so they can continue to hate it. At the end of the day if it is more forgiving, suits the eye and ear, has good numbers who cares the price? If you are so worried about re sale keep playing drivers that will sell well in 2 years time but probably won't help your game. Like everything a well fitted driver will out perform any shelf driver.
  4. Uncanning resemblance. WOW. No denying it now. How are these the same? Ones Nike one TM, one has a box 8 one has a smooth 8, one has a tick one doesn't. There nothing alike :I (I am having a joke. I am not serious. Please don't kill me) Uncanning resemblance. WOW. No denying it now. How are these the same? Ones Nike one TM, one has a box 8 one has a smooth 8, one has a tick one doesn't. There nothing alike :I (I am having a joke. I am not serious. Please don't kill me)
  5. Just a wonder... Why don't manufacturers release equipment late November to take full benifit of the Xmas period? I find it quiet odd (there may be an incredible explanation) but my thoughts would be to release equipment late in a year so people buy or have bought for them as Xmas presents. Also people can change a bag late in the year for a new start for a new year ... Am I missing something here?
  6. So much new equipment either just released or on its way! What are you most excited to try? What do you think you will bag? Personally I'm loving the gossip the G410 has a movable weight as I am a current ping man but i have always been a cobra fan so thinking maybe a cobra bag next year!
  7. See season 1 of Driver vs Driver. This^ Not digging at W/S at all, their forgings are game changers. It’s their woods and drivers that suck, I’m sorry but that’s just my experience with them. IMO they should have released both, every golfer is different and both drivers had different features and tech to cater for different golfers, bringing out just the Cortex is like bringing out an M1 with an I instead of a T track But maybe this is the wood that doesn't suck!
  8. It blows me away there is so much negative feedback about a club no one has held or hit... I would love to know how everyone would approach this whole series if this was a TM or Ping idea. I think this is a great process with a great end result. I never knew the process from start to finish on how a club was made or how many changes went into a prototype. A guy just won 100K for living everyone's dream, I hope this driver blows everyone away and gets some great feedback against the "top dogs" so Wilson gets back the results they deserve for sharing this whole process with us!
  9. Is there any chance the M5 has kept the same colour scheme? How long before clubs come to the market do the pros get to use them usually?
  10. I was under the impression these were simply made to be sold with there package sets. May be wrong! Both models are a nice shape but I don't see Rickie or Bryson using these.
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