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  1. Monthly dues are now just over $700 for under 40s at MGCC. Not sure what the over 40 is right now, I suspect close to $1000. (You also get a 7.5% discount if you pay your monthly's annually in advance).
  2. I find shoppay to work very well for me. Excited to score a blade mystery box yesterday. I’d say I have about a 75%+ success rate lately as long as I’m ready to go (hitting f5) at the drop time. Key is to check that your cookies and everything are ready to go by doing a “dummy” checkout (just grab an in stock grip) a few mins before drop time to make sure you don’t need to verify your shoppay account.
  3. How does that compare to Rolling Hills? The promo stuff from the remodel looked great but not sure how it turned out in practice.
  4. Totally fair! In my mind I just think of it as a new driver line each year with more GI-ish heads (usually the "Max") and more Players-ish heads (std and LS/sub zero choices). But then you do have the fact that the extra customization has (at least for the last few years) come in the odd years with less customization in the even years and... yeah... intentionally confusing for no good reason. Perhaps we can all just agree for purposes of responding to the original question that (1) there will be new Callaway Rogue drivers in 2022, (2) Callaway will keep making the 2021 Epics but the price on them will go down!
  5. I'll disagree with that. The Big Bertha line is a "GI" line separated from the main lines, but I don't think I'd call the Rogue/Mav/Rogue lines a "GI" line. It has historically been a line with less customization (i.e. hasn't usually had as many moveable weight options), but that doesn't make it a GI line. They produce each line for 2 years, but there is also always a current model year line (premium price) and a last year's model line (cheaper). For example, I fully expect most of the Callaway tour staff to have a Rogue driver from the new line in play in 2022.** I could have been clearer that the 2021 Epic's aren't being "discontinued", but they also won't be the current "top" driver from Callaway either. Callaway will definitely have some story about why the Rogue is better. (**Yes, many of the Callaway staff aren't playing retail heads, but that is true regardless of if it is an "Epic" year or a "Rogue" year).
  6. Yes. Callaway is on a year cycle (like TM) so the new 2022 Rogue will become the top of the line. I believe Callaway usually keeps making some of the prior model as well (so each model is effectively in production for two years) with a price reduction but who knows if the supply chain issues may cause that Epic Max/Speed availability to be more limited (or if they will be available for custom orders or only for stock). Others surely know more about Callaways historical practices in that regard.
  7. Thanks for the update! I wonder if this hints at supply disruptions since I would have thought that these would also be front and center at the PGA Show (Jan 25-28) this year, but that would be basically the same time as the West Coast swing (assuming that starts with The AmEx Jan 20-23, and then the Farmers Jan 26-29) and not out in Hawaii. Or maybe they've just realized that a couple months of photos on here doesn't really do that much when they can basically launch at the same time on tour and at the show.
  8. Fair, but I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if the next SC line (presumably releasing in the spring, maybe some leaks before then, but likely starting marketing in January at the PGA show) isn't priced at ~$450.
  9. There is a small premium that can be made on non-specials (particularly for more popular/rarer drops like anything with Skulls or anything that is an F5). I don't think the ebay sellers are really making much though (those listings aren't actually selling the vast majority of the time). The Facebook BST groups are generally much better (no ebay fees, just paypal G&S fees (that is the policy in most groups, whether or not any direct transaction will use something without fees or not is up to buyer and seller)). You can pretty much find new drops on there for a small markup to list price (maybe $10-$20 over list) as there are a number of people that are "special hunting" and then if they don't hit a special will just look to flip for their cost plus shipping (maybe make a few bucks at most). Sometime unpopular (or over produced) covers will actually trade to a $10-$20 discount to original price after a month or two if the secondary demand isn't there.
  10. So RSM week is here, any updates or hints as to when we might get to see them?
  11. A $400 Odyseey putter? I guess inflation is here.
  12. If you are looking to support a (different) local (also Huntington Beach) putter mfg you should look into Brandon Matthews.
  13. This is good feedback. Honestly what are your views on the size? That is the biggest thing scaring me about these wedges. For reference currently I've got 2 MD4s and a Ping Glide 3.0 (Eye 2, that I won't be changing) in the bag and historically played Cleveland and prior MD wedges before that.
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