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  1. What weight settings were you in? When I did my fitting we started with the X in the "more forgiving" setup with the heavy weight in the back but I didn't love the feel of it. Spin wasn't bad (I think around 2250?) but wasn't launching where we wanted it. Then he switched me into the X+ with the heavy weight forward and it was amazing. Launch went up a good amount and spin was only up a bit (I think around 2400-2500). Also, the feel was MUCH nicer in my opinion. I was actually kind of shocked how much the feel changed based on the weight placement. We tried a few other setups but
  2. My Proto X+ came today (ordered just under two weeks ago, so just a couple days longer than the 10 days I was quoted). Haven’t gotten a chance to hit it yet and I need to wait a couple of days since as excited as I am to put it in play I’m not changing out my driver I’ve been using before my next partner match play tomorrow.
  3. New Gen 2 Operator came today (fitting was a little less than 2 weeks ago). Rolls nicely inside and excited to have my first real mallet.
  4. Does that mean that the Sonar+ is a "plus 4" grip (i.e. close to the same as a MCC Plus 4)? I understand the two different zones in the hybrid (just like the MCC, but not as corded on the top IMO). I'm just trying to figure out how much thicker the lower hand is on the Sonar+ and the ST+2 (and ideally where they relate to the MCC Plus4 as well).
  5. KParks

    Pxg gen 2

    Wow that Blackjack looks pretty great... my Operator is on the way (arriving tomorrow) but now I'm kind of bummed they didn't have this one to try out at my fitting a couple weeks ago because its looks like maybe just a slightly smaller footprint than the Operator? (and I'll say it, if the Operator is like a Spider Tour, this look a little bit more like a Spider X).
  6. Thinking about trying out either the Lamkin Sonar+ or the ST+2 Hybrid grip on a club or two before committing to regripping. I felt them in the store and the one thing I couldn't figure out was exactly how much more lower hand thickness is on the ST+2 Hybrid vs the Sonar+. Both seem a little thinner on the lower hand compared to the MCC Plus4 I'm currently using (which I'm happy about as I've been feeling those are maybe just a smidge too thick, and also like the smoother/softer upper hand on both compared to the MCC), but can't figure out the difference between the Sonar+ and ST+
  7. Ok, that is amazing, don't know how I was doing one and then the other... but so happy to know what is going on and how to go to first unread.
  8. In addition to that problem I've also noticed that when you click on the threads it now takes you to page 1. It used to (maybe a week or two ago?) take you to the unread post mark in the page. For the bigger threads this is particularly annoying.
  9. That would be my best guess. I think center shafted putters are by default face balanced unless something really weird going on with the weighting / headshape.
  10. Mine arrived today, just never got an email about it shipping (or if I did I totally missed it / didn't realize what it was)! Excited to try it out next week (particularly since my apple watch wasn't syncing at all yesterday when I played for some reason, probably new iOS related).
  11. when did you order? i ordered mine first few days they came back available for order this summer (projected shipping in September) and still haven’t heard anything sense.
  12. Interesting neck, never seen one of those on an Odyssey before. When did they make them and what kind of toe hang and offset does that end up having?
  13. KParks

    Pxg gen 2

    For sure, getting fit to try them all is the answer. On pure looks and size I think the mini gunboat is awesome. It just didn't get along with me for whatever reason whereas the operator did. Also, while I preferred the looks of the mini gunboat I just found the operator the easiest to line up to target (not that the mini gunboat was bad mind you, anything with a long line that goes all the way to the face tends to agree with me).
  14. I mean if you don't like the white line I think you just don't like Ping. That has been a thing for them for what seems like forever. To me it would be shocking and wrong not to have it.
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