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  1. However, $11 for the new pins and then you can just dremel off the "pin" back and you've got a pretty cool ball marker for $11 (although you get crushed on the shipping, but lets ignore that for now).
  2. If you screw the weights out they say what they are, unlabeled/unfilled ones should be 2.5g. Not sure on (1).
  3. Definitely looked like a standard super stroke again.
  4. Do these just look cleaner like the 770 or has the package actually gotten smaller as well (like the new T200s trending closer to the old T100s)?
  5. They regularly release all that info, just not at the time of each release. Every few months or so they updated the archive. Social media posts by them said that the next archive update will come after the "Summer of SWAG" is over (which I think means the month of July). https://swag.golf/collections/headcover-archive
  6. IMO minor (aka consistent one way, not like you have no control) distance issues are always a "get used to it" kind of thing that just means you need more lag putting reps. Consistently starting the ball on line for your 5-10 footers is what makes a putter a good (or bad) fit.
  7. Carbon Patina No. 1 with a traditional plumbers neck and a paint filled topline but unfilled flange line. Then some bumper and face stamping but nothing crazy. Time to buy a new can of putter butter!
  8. Just got my first totally custom order with him confirmed this week. Not sure on exact production time right now but looking forward to it! Looked at a number of different folks but ultimately went with him in large part to support a local/SoCal business.
  9. I've got the same (2020 Carbon) in all black and it is great. Not the most "featured" bag ever but it does all the important things in a very compact package. I bought it to just be my carry bag but it has just turned into my bag 99% of the time (basically except for when I travel). As noted, most comfortable thing was the straps but they break in.
  10. I'd look for a superlight stand bag. I picked up a Titleist Players 4 Carbon last summer for a carry bag and absolutely love it. Bought because it just seemed to be the absolutely lightest stand bag I could find.
  11. Obviously a little off topic... but I have the 2021 version of this bag (bought last summer) and I love it. Has really encouraged me to carry on many more of my rounds and so mission accomplished! However, I have a trip coming up to Pebble in a few months and (as I would totally expect) they request that bags you want to have caddied for you have a single strap. Does anyone know of a single strap that I can but that will clip into the (I think generic?) clips on this line? It doesn't seem that Titleist sells a single strap replacement for these.
  12. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Looks like a lighter/smoother mill than they usually do? What is the different between it and a San Diego though?
  13. I *think* that they can order heads only... but they charge the same for the heads only as they do for a full club.
  14. Almost always true... except for the JT inspired putter last year which did see a nearly identical production model a few months later. So the question isn't totally crazy, but I do agree the button back is unique enough that I don't think these are at all a preview of where the next line might go.
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