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  1. Yikes! What channel did you order through?
  2. Really should follow the LPGA tour to watch for trends on that one though. The i210s are super popular there (and lets be honest, 99% of us will learn more from watching what they game than the men).
  3. Did you ever try CodeChaos? Was planning to get some but they just seem gone everywhere (despite still being in the initial 2021 catalog still). I understand that the ZG21s seem like a nice weight/comfort improvement from the 360s (which I found a little heavy and stiff) but not sure if they are still as comfortable for walking as the CodeChaos?
  4. So sharp! "Tour Only" (or whatever they call their very limited drops)?
  5. My country club sells us stuff at like wholesale plus 20% or something like that. On hard goods (aka clubs) that usually works out to around a 10% discount, on stuff like apparel and shoes the discount it much better (because the retail markup on them is higher).
  6. I'm still waiting for mine and ordered about the same time. But since I wanted custom length/loft/weight it is what it is (and the ~10% discount or whatever we get is nice as well).
  7. Couldn't agree more. It is a really good selection of headshapes (except for the fact that everything has a flange line...) but they just look so faux-techy and "modern" (and not in a good way).
  8. Any guess as to when the March Swagness cover will drop? Would assume like half time or final of the game?
  9. Some more random stuff dropping today... As a born and raised Cub's fan I just grabbed the preorder blade cover. Not sure how many they are making but don't seem to be instantly selling out. The Foul Ball driver cover is cool as well but I have to stop somewhere on stuff that may not be as flip/trade-able!
  10. From SC at least is a "Mid Round" the right fit for the 5.5? I'm not even sure where to start with the naming conventions!
  11. So, 5.5 is a cool putter... but lets talk about headcovers. That thing is HIDEOUS. Anybody know what aftermarket headcover styles (either from SC or elsewhere) will fit properly on this guy?
  12. I didn't see the purple flipper or yeti right away so never had a chance at those either. Also, taking the whole website down was not cool because I didn't realize I needed to log back in as I was trying to click through checkout quickly and was wondering why it kept wanting me to fill a bunch of stuff in and do a ton of captchas. As a result missed out on all of my initial targets as I was fumbling around in the checkout even more so than normal. However, by the time I figured it all out I was left to just spamming refresh for any late drops and while I missed on the r
  13. Anybody have any thoughts what will be the most popular drops tonight? With so many different things going I figure shouldn't be impossible to at least snag something and trying to figure out what order to go in to try and get a couple of things (presumably headcovers, then shirts, then other merch?)?
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