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  1. Yep, money gone! I pre-ordered one as well.
  2. @DeeBee30 - Yes, arrived on 08/06, but won't have my clubs for a few weeks. We are in a rental at the moment until we close on our house. We ended up settling in the Henderson area.
  3. Yes, you can use it w/o a watch. Here is a link with the details on how to use tge app. There are also some YouTube videos as well. https://help.v1sports.com/en/articles/4112475-how-to-track-shots-with-v1-game
  4. The Mizuno M-Craft 6 is a great fang putter with great feel off the face.
  5. Check out the PXG 0317 X GEN2 hybrid. Paired with a Ventus blue hybrid shaft has been money for me. It's been anti-left and does have a smaller footprint. Best of luck.....
  6. As does @Sons_of_Pitches :)... I loved the driver so much I ended up pulling the trigger on the 3W and 5W. Paired with the Ventus blue (driver) and Ventus red (FW) they have been the best woods I have owned. Best driving year I have ever had and hitting the FW off the deck or tee is super easy.
  7. I recently changed the grip on my 2018 Fastback to a SS Flatso 3.0 w/ a 25g counter weight and using 25g weights in the head at 34" and it feels perfect to me.
  8. Yes, they are a little pricey, but they are my favorite sport sock as well.
  9. I use the same mount and as the OP has stated, it works great and still allows you to use a regular scorecard if you wanted to as the device flips up giving you access to the scorecard. My only compliant is that I found in this hot summer heat my iPhone overheats on occasions from the phone being on the steering wheel and the sun beating down on it vs placing it in the golf cart cubby hole and it being shadded from the sun.
  10. @Mr. Grumpy - check out the socks from Balega specifically their hidden comfort no-show socks. Awesome socks and your feet will thank you. They are super comfortable.
  11. I hit both the mid-lock and regular length 11v today. They are ok feel wise. No complaints but nothing to write home about either. Both felt a little on the light side from what I am used to. They only had the 40 in stock and I think I will need it in 39’” or if I can get it customized in 38”
  12. Anyone using left hand low with this setup? If so, how does it feel? I would think it may feel better with this style putter over a traditional grip. I’m thinking of picking one up in 38” or 39” as I like to choke down all the way to the end of the grip.
  13. It is certainly possible. When you turn down the loft you are essentially opening up the face, which could then further add to your slice problem and cause it to go even further right.
  14. Same boat here in No. VA - high humidity. I was a Titleist Players customer for a really long time (loved the feel but they don't last very long and are expensive), then tried the Hirzl Golf Trust Control 2.0 for a few months and it was OK, but didn't last as long as I thought they would. Due to the humidity and the amount of rounds I'm playing and practicing I have moved on to the Finger Ten Rain gloves based on some recommendations from this forum. They have been great gloves and appear they will last and were only $15 for two --- sold, sold, sold!
  15. 100% correct. I really did try many of them and the G425 had the most correction.
  16. I would say yes it is. I went this route and have been really happy and hitting many more fairways. I loved the driver so much I ended up getting both the 3W and 5W in the SFT models as well. That said, the stock settings had way to much over correction for me. I went from worrying about the right side of the course to the left side - lol. So, I ended up turning down the loft a 1.5* from 10.5 to 9* which opens the face. I also removed the stock weight and replaced it with a 6g lighter weight (23g to 17g) and then had 7g of hotmelt added to it in a neutral spot to get the headweight back up. Man-o-man has this been a really good driving year for me since getting the G425 SFT. With the 3W and 5W, I simply turned the loft down a 1.5* to open up the face and they have been really good for me both off the deck and off the tee. I never have to worry about the right side of the course anymore. I wish I had gone this route sooner.
  17. Yep, and here is a pic of the T200 club they showed on TV...
  18. Awesome and thanks for the feedback and offer. Yes, I will DM you once we get out there and get settled.
  19. @aenemated - did you ever settle on a club yet? Me and my family are relocating here in the next month or two and will be looking to join a club as well.
  20. @Haloha - Excellent. Well once me and the family get out there maybe we can get together and play some golf! I lived out there from 96-00, and played of few of the courses mentioned, however, I don't recall which ones. . Lucky you in getting to play Shadow Creek. I'm envious already. Who do you think has the best short game practice area out there?
  21. Started out with Titleist TSi 3W, but now gaming a Ping G425 SFT 16* turned down 1.5* to 14.5*. I also recently picked up a G425 SFT 5W and turned it down a 1.5* as well from 19* to 17.5*. I love my SFTs. They just make the game easier for me. HC is currently 5.6.
  22. That is exactly what I did. To help a bit with the over correction --- I took the 23g stock weight out and replaced it with a 17g weight. I then had @J13 (here from GolfWRX) add about 6g-7g of hotmelt to a neutral spot (to get the headweight back to normal) and this thing has been the best driver I have ever owned. I also turned down the loft a 1.5* from 10.5* to 9* which opens up the face a bit, which also helps with the over correction. I don't even worry about the right side of the fairway anymore. It is a point and shoot driver for me. Only thing I need to worry about now is the occasional overcook. I have mitigated most of those by putting on a midsize grip to slow my hands down. I have not driven the ball this well my entire golf career and hitting tons of fairways and any misses are now still in bounds. I loved the SFT driver so much I actually purchased a 3W and loving that as well. The 3W works just fine for my swing w/o any weight changes. I only changed the loft from 16* to 14.5* to open the face a bit and she has been golden. Will be purchasing the 5W next. I put a Ventus Blue 6S in my driver and the Ventus Red 7s in the fairway wood and they have been awesome shafts for me. Shot my all time lowest score at Whiskey Creek this week with a 73 and a lot had to do with the driver and 3W. Best of luck....
  23. Yes, would love to see this happen, especially the black version again.
  24. Looking forward to playing some of the courses mentioned in this thread. We will be moving to Vegas here in the next month or two. Pretty much looking in the same areas as the OP mentioned Henderson or Summerlin.
  25. @Str8Putt = Yep, I know what you mean. I am the same way, however, you can't really tell unless you get up on top of them and look. That said, both will be getting sent back to Titleist and fixed. I just had to wait for my backup set of clubs I ordered (Sub70 699 Pros) to arrive before sending the T200's in.
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