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  1. Aye, of the Aberdeen establishment, I tend to think that the folk who can play golf play Balgownie and the folk who can't play hang around at Deeside.
  2. Would you rather be based North East or South West? Where would it be easiest for you flying in to? I certainly wouldn't advise anyone against playing at Murcar.
  3. I played at RA and Cruden in August and feel the same way about Cruden, although it was in the worst condition of the 11 rounds I played. Great views from the big dune but the course just did not live up to the hype. RA was a real surprise and I would definitely recommend and return. The greens and surrounds were outstanding. Why was Royal Aberdeen a surprise?
  4. Got a game in on Sunday, but on winter greens now. So I didn't bother with putting or any short game stuff. First outing with M3 3wood and results were encouraging, although it should be noted I was flushing pretty much everything so will have to see how the M3 goes when I'm not swinging so well. It feels harder to shape the ball ( both in a controlled and in an uncontrolled way than with the M1), but I imagine I'll be able to tolerate adjusting to hitting more straight shots.
  5. Three bunkerless holes on my home course. They all had at least one bunker in the past. On two of the holes natural contours are the defence. Both those holes have narrow greens and one side you absolutely can't miss on. The other bunkerless hole was easy before and it's easier now. Played Braemar various times. It has no sand bunkers, but you can see where they used to be. It's the highest 18 hole course in the UK and the wind just used to blast the sand out of the bunkers.
  6. Well I won't be ditching my 4-iron any time soon. Paid extra to get a 3-iron in my set, though that isn't in just now due to how I have the bag set up. I can only speak for myself, but I still feel my misses are much smaller with an iron than with a lofted wood or a hybrid. Only reason I have a hybrid in the bag is for versatility - namely being able to shift it out of lies in the rough I wouldn't fancy getting an iron on and being able to hit out a very high shot if required.
  7. California says "hello" too! Here is a chime from Arizona. Only in the 60's all week. Brrrrrrr! I watch YT vlogs of guys in UK playing when it's in the 30's (F), rain, sleet, snow, 5 layers of clothes and playing some pretty good golf. Get's in the 40's and I can't swing, ball goes nowhere, feels like a rock. I don't know how they do it. I don't mind the cold (I was a ski bum for 6 years), I just can't play (well) in those conditions. In my case it's not a problem. I can't play well in any conditions :) I have a strong track record of cocking things up in warm, calm conditions bec
  8. 58 was my default for a lot of years. But still played chips lower than a lot of people. I like hooding the face and playing off the back foot. Vary it more now between 50, 54, 58. Been enjoying using my 50 for chipping since going to the SM7. My old Mizuno 50 felt heavy and clumsy on short-ish chips so rarely used it. And you'll never catch me chipping with something other than a wedge on any sort of routine shot. I feel the ball comes off the face too quick and it feels clumsy. That then makes it harder to commit to the shot, makes it easy to decelerate on the shot.
  9. Not being able to play when you have a new bit of kit to try can just make the symptons worse...
  10. You may be correct - it's that long since I was involved in an initial handicap allocation. I had it in my head best two of three were used.
  11. Others may be able to explain better, but in essence your "exact handicap" is increased or decreased by a set amount, based on your new score. It can only go up by 0.1 at a time, but can decrease a much larger margin based on a single low score. You can read about it here: http://www.congu.co....ONGU-Manual.pdf on page 48, or in Appendix E on page 76 I know how CONGU works - I've had my handicap calculated off it for years. My query was with the suggestion Player B's handicap would have started off at 4. I'd have thought it would have started at 7. That would be on the basis on the
  12. This is where Congu is very different Golfer A would have started off at 8 (providing he never scored over a double) and after the rest of the scores probably be off 9 Golfer B would have started off at 4 (providing he never scored over a double) and after the rest of the scores be off 5.1, roughly. But this can depend on weather conditions when they made these scores How did you calculate the CONGU handicap?
  13. Aye, pretty common thing over here in the winter to not be allowed to play off the fairway in the winter. You tend to get the choice of placing the ball in the rough or playing off a mat on the fairway. It's something that doesn't really bother me as it's not competitive golf and I'm quite happy to see fairways protected over the winter instead of hacking them up when soft and there isn't the growth for them to have a chance to recover. I tend to prefer to place the ball in the rough rather than use a mat - unless I'm putting myself at a significant disadvantage with regards to angle to
  14. Aye, that's my choice just now. Goes through the turf nicely and doesn't spin too much. Also have a 917D2 16.5*. Goes further than the M1, but not as accurate. Funny. Have an m3 5 wood now too and for whatever reason I do not think the turf interaction is s good with it. And they almost look identical. I felt the same when I tried a M3 3-wood. Not sure why that should be the case.
  15. Was just above freezing on Saturday with the wind-chill. Missed a 10 ft birdie putt on the last that would have got me back to level par. Started out flushing it - ball was really fizzing off the face. Lost the timing a bit in the middle and got too steep. Recovered a bit and managed it through the last few holes. Chucked the 917 3-wood in the bag for the first time in a while. Won't be seeing it again any time soon. Absolutely nailing it with the 2-iron just now. Going remarkably far given the air/ground conditions.
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