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  1. After hitting the ball fairly well I started coming across and cutting the ball. Atm I just have a front on view, but last time I had this issue it was just a simple alignment issue. So I went back to that yet something is still off. I'll work on getting a dtl video but I'm not sure if there is something glaringly obvious https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/zaZiUabz92ld
  2. Looks like wedgeflex from the first pic but I'm not op
  3. Hey have a few things up for grabs to fund a new wedge purchase as my wedges didn't get turned into the proshop. Buyer pays shipping will ship out next business day after PayPal Bettinardi 52& 60 w/ kbs 125 spinner shafts Used but still spin asking $225 for both or $125 each NOW 100 EACH The Buck Club paint splash scorecard holder from the valspar. This is a really neat piece, though I just don't use it to justify keeping it. $125 NOW 100 Srixon u85 with Nippon modus 120 x stiff shaft. Great club but somewhat redundant in my bag. Will s
  4. Does anyone know when the COTM is shipping? I ordered a chunky dunky driver and figured it'd be here before eotm
  5. Really interested in getting these done to mine. Does it change the swing weight?
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