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  1. After hitting the ball fairly well I started coming across and cutting the ball. Atm I just have a front on view, but last time I had this issue it was just a simple alignment issue. So I went back to that yet something is still off. I'll work on getting a dtl video but I'm not sure if there is something glaringly obvious https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/zaZiUabz92ld
  2. Really love that TBC drop. Surprised that HC isn't gone
  3. Looks like wedgeflex from the first pic but I'm not op
  4. Hey have a few things up for grabs to fund a new wedge purchase as my wedges didn't get turned into the proshop. Buyer pays shipping will ship out next business day after PayPal Bettinardi 52& 60 w/ kbs 125 spinner shafts Used but still spin asking $225 for both or $125 each NOW 100 EACH The Buck Club paint splash scorecard holder from the valspar. This is a really neat piece, though I just don't use it to justify keeping it. $old Srixon u85 with Nippon modus 120 x stiff shaft. Great club but somewhat redundant in my bag. Will ship wit
  5. Does anyone know when the COTM is shipping? I ordered a chunky dunky driver and figured it'd be here before eotm
  6. Really interested in getting these done to mine. Does it change the swing weight?
  7. I've played Pilgrims once before. I am headed back this weekend. Is it able to be walked? Or should we take a cart?
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