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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Looks like Dornoch vs. Inverness for a base in the Highlands is the direction I'll go. Considering dropping Cruden for an extra day in Dornoch and to cut down on the drive time. Another question I had was aside from the Old Course any other courses where a caddie is highly recommended in your opinion?
  2. I was under the impression that you couldn’t play Cruden Bay on the weekends until the afternoon?
  3. Genuinely appreciate you bringing this up as I go back and forth on this daily. We have a backlog in of trips to take. Here’s my rational: Tee times all have a large amount of flexibility (cancel up to 60 days all the way to 2 weeks for a full refund) as do most accommodations (either full refunds/or at minimum a credit). Flights are a totally different story that I can work through. Keeping a close eye on how these next 4-5 months play out I could pull out of the entire trip with nothing lost. What the UK will look like from an experience standpoi
  4. The thought here was a little variety for the wife should she choose to take a day to herself (should have mentioned she’s traveling with me). How’s the availability in coffee shops/pubs in Dornoch?
  5. I’d almost postponed this to another couple years down the road but I think I’m going to give it a go. Shooting for July with an optimistic outlook on the state of travel by then. Wanted to get thoughts from those in the know. I’m going as a single so times while not widely available seem to be out there. I have a VERY understanding and patient wife. Any thoughts on possible alterations are greatly appreciated. Monday - 7/12 Travel in from CA Tuesday - 7/13 Arrive in Edinburgh, tour around the city and drive to Aberlady for the evening. Registered for ballot bu
  6. Ridge Creek is your best bet for public golf in the area. The rest of the tracks have gotten pretty dumpy aside from Dragonfly. Not sure if eagle springs is accepting non member play or not but worth looking into.
  7. Headed up next week with my first round being on Sheep Ranch. Can’t wait!
  8. Perhaps order one online and hope it arrives before your round? https://shop.pebblebeach.com/all-departments/golf-equipment/yardage-guides/pebble-beach-golf-links-yardage-guide
  9. Looks like Bandon has a plan in place now: It’ll be a different experience in June for sure.
  10. Looks as though operations are now pushed back to May 9th with checkins beginning on the 10th. https://www.bandondunesgolf.com/covid-19 Still holding out hope for our June 4th arrival.
  11. Looking to pick up a few new pairs of shoes with the Solstice trip in mind. Being a first timer I'll swap shoes and socks after each round but I was curious (I realize shoes can be a fairly subjective item in regards to what's comfortable for each individual) for those that have gone in the past as to what shoe setup you've gone with? I currently routinely walk 18 in Adidas tour boost 360's.
  12. Also managed to get in. With a trip already planned to Bandon for early June it's going to be one epic month of golf! Has anyone called yet to see what the tee sheets look like the day before?
  13. In the early stages of planning my first trip over to Scotland in 2021. I was curious if anyone has any idea as to what protocol the ROTA courses follow (assuming St. Andrews would follow something similar) in regards to limiting play in the weeks/month leading up to the event?
  14. It’s a FREE YouTube channel with stellar content. Maybe they don’t provide the same level of detail NLU does but different strokes right?
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