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  1. Ridge Creek is your best bet for public golf in the area. The rest of the tracks have gotten pretty dumpy aside from Dragonfly. Not sure if eagle springs is accepting non member play or not but worth looking into.
  2. Looks like these were a bit hotter than I anticipated. Looking to see if anyone out there has access to them as it appears the custom builder is quoting late October.
  3. Headed up next week with my first round being on Sheep Ranch. Can’t wait!
  4. Perhaps order one online and hope it arrives before your round? https://shop.pebblebeach.com/all-departments/golf-equipment/yardage-guides/pebble-beach-golf-links-yardage-guide
  5. Looks like Bandon has a plan in place now: It’ll be a different experience in June for sure.
  6. Looks as though operations are now pushed back to May 9th with checkins beginning on the 10th. https://www.bandondunesgolf.com/covid-19 Still holding out hope for our June 4th arrival.
  7. Looking to pick up a few new pairs of shoes with the Solstice trip in mind. Being a first timer I'll swap shoes and socks after each round but I was curious (I realize shoes can be a fairly subjective item in regards to what's comfortable for each individual) for those that have gone in the past as to what shoe setup you've gone with? I currently routinely walk 18 in Adidas tour boost 360's.
  8. Also managed to get in. With a trip already planned to Bandon for early June it's going to be one epic month of golf! Has anyone called yet to see what the tee sheets look like the day before?
  9. In the early stages of planning my first trip over to Scotland in 2021. I was curious if anyone has any idea as to what protocol the ROTA courses follow (assuming St. Andrews would follow something similar) in regards to limiting play in the weeks/month leading up to the event?
  10. It’s a FREE YouTube channel with stellar content. Maybe they don’t provide the same level of detail NLU does but different strokes right?
  11. > @asteiny said: > 9 hole preview play Oct. 1 To 31. $125 and caddie required. Where’d you see this?
  12. Following as I’m looking at 2021 as well for a first trip over and can’t imagine playing TOC on mats for my first go around.
  13. I’ll be up the weekend of the 10th. :/
  14. > @CenCalGolfer said: > I am starting to think that I might be in the same boat. I am trying my hardest to get a couple of my buddies to make this trip with me. I live in Central California. I send a couple of them videos, and pictures and tell them that we need to plan it. But I get a couple different responses. One wants to drop money to play Pebble, Spyglass and Spanish Bay and the other one doesn't really like to drive far for golf, had a sweet set up for Poppy Hills a few years back, and told him to meet me and I'd drive, and he said he would rather pass, and lay grass. SMH! >
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