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  1. Got this back in the spring, and I think it's the most beautiful putter in the world, but on the practice green it can't beat out my 11 year Betti. It has never been gamed on the course, just practice green. Not looking for trades at this time
  2. zx7 and apex pro and both lovely to look at, classified as players iron, and super easy to hit
  3. $429 is gonna sting, but this maybe the only time us lefties will ever get the 5.5 model.
  4. Great putter that just doesn't suit my stroke. Would love to find it a new home.
  5. Don't make me have to deal with Ebay! Last price drop. 35 inch Toulon Memphis in MINT condition Includes - brand new black CT putter shaft. I also have the original strokelab shaft with grip, I can send it needed. brand new Tour 2.0 putter grip. I can send with or without the additional 75g weight. $219 (incl shipping CONUS). No trades at this time.
  6. The "Hovi" putter is the one I want, which is face balanced I believe. Love that semi mallet/half moon shape.
  7. how pretty is that! Why did Bettinardi make the std. version blue? crazy
  8. This has my interest. I don't like the spider (or other big mallets) due to the CG placement. So this could be interesting
  9. Odyssey also believe this, which i think is from some work Phil Kenyon has done. I have an arc and prefer a face balanced putter
  10. This has only been used at the range and I quickly determined I don't have the ball speed to optimise its ball flight. Fantastic explosive feel, but I reverting back to a hybrid so letting this you go.
  11. Thanks all for the comments. I think PXG may actually have something that fits the bill! Just need to get to their place in AZ and get fitted!
  12. What is also interesting in this is that if you go on the iPing app and state you pull putts they will recommend a putter with more toe hang. Yet if you go on Odyssey web site it actually tells you to get a putter with less toe hang. So not even the OEMs can tell you what is right and wrong. I guess the answer is to try some different putters with SAM or Quintic and see what gets the best results
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