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  1. The "Hovi" putter is the one I want, which is face balanced I believe. Love that semi mallet/half moon shape.
  2. how pretty is that! Why did Bettinardi make the std. version blue? crazy
  3. This has my interest. I don't like the spider (or other big mallets) due to the CG placement. So this could be interesting
  4. Odyssey also believe this, which i think is from some work Phil Kenyon has done. I have an arc and prefer a face balanced putter
  5. This has only been used at the range and I quickly determined I don't have the ball speed to optimise its ball flight. Fantastic explosive feel, but I reverting back to a hybrid so letting this you go.
  6. Thanks all for the comments. I think PXG may actually have something that fits the bill! Just need to get to their place in AZ and get fitted!
  7. What is also interesting in this is that if you go on the iPing app and state you pull putts they will recommend a putter with more toe hang. Yet if you go on Odyssey web site it actually tells you to get a putter with less toe hang. So not even the OEMs can tell you what is right and wrong. I guess the answer is to try some different putters with SAM or Quintic and see what gets the best results
  8. I am a leftie and I have found that even places like Club Champion don't have a very wide selection, so I thought if I went to an OEM it would give me more choice
  9. All, Does anyone have any experience doing just a putter fitting at the Taylormade HQ? They are asking $250, and I am wondering whether it is worth the price, or whether going to Scotty or Evnroll or Odyssey maybe better value for money?
  10. All, Hoping to pick everyone's brains here. Does anyone know of anything in the last 5 years that fits the bill? Cheers!
  11. I have a strong arc to my putting stroke. Everything from the iPing app, to my Visio putting template confirms it. So I am always "fit" into a putter with toe hang. I currently game a 2010 Bettinardi BB1, but as I am messing around inside during this lockdown my son's face balanced putter feels more stable in the takeaway. Can anyone explain this? I have heard people mention center of gravity being important, but not sure if that is true or how that influences your stroke.
  12. Combo set is the answer. I combo the Srixon 585 and 785s and love them. Lots of other brands will do the same.
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