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  1. they are amazing. Super forgiving for the kind of iron. Long and lots of spin.
  2. any one else? Real couse reviews not youtube sutff.
  3. I hit the tours and forged today. The tours were small. Smaller than T100 actually so I had no interest in them further. The Forged are really solid irons. felt awesome. not a fan of the modus but the head felt great.
  4. are the 921 tours bigger or smaller than t100? Playing T100 now but looking to move back to mizuno - it's these or MP20 MMC - how would the tours compare to mp20 mmc
  5. i meant pics after some use - there isn't much online
  6. I. have been hooking my irons for 10 years. I can hit some amazing shots but when I get nervous or quick it's left. I've been experimenting with different grips - but I don't know what I'm doing. Can somebody explain what a weak grip is? Or strong Grip? Some somebody explain the ball flight changes when changing grips and how it works? I would love to take a lesson but I cannot find the time with family commitments.
  7. Im thinking about doing the same. Looking at 790 or T200 or even one of the hollow body irons (i500 cobra forged tec, ....)
  8. looking for some long term reviews... these irons are beautiful!
  9. ANYONE ELSE? Im still debating between these and the T200!
  10. similar.... but feel a little better to me and looks slimmer - Incredible irons
  11. I demoed these today outside. Wow is all I have to say. Beautiful high straight shots all day. Just rip through the turf. I love them.
  12. Hello All, Im looking to make the move to bigger irons. I've gotten older, don't practice have lots of kids ... I want to make the move. Problem is I'm a low spin player. But I almost dont' care about the numbers. I love the look of the P790. I hit them once and yes they were long but I didn't get the numbers. Anyone have a long term review of the new 790s?
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