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  1. For PC I just called and asked if a single could get on during the week. Since I'm only there for the day I'm staying in Valentine and just dropping in to play. They have a tiny note on their website saying they still offer "day play". Definitely excited to check it out. Since one course is closed for members only I'm playing the same one twice. Anyone have opinions on play two sets of tees? I was thinking playing the second round up a tee box or two. From what I see they also have a 10 hole course without tee boxes. I'm assuming it's a pitch and put?
  2. Wild horse in Nebraska? I'm taking a solo road trip next week to play Prairie Club, Awarii, Wild Horse, Heritage Hills, and Bayside. I've heard nothing but how many good courses are to be found out there and I'm definitely excited to see them. I was surprised at how easy Prairie Club was to get a time when Dismal River wouldn't give me the time of day.
  3. ALi3

    Austin Golf Trip

    Would Plum Creek be a good replacement for Roy Kizer? Looks close enough to Wolfdancer to play both in one day easily.
  4. ALi3

    Austin Golf Trip

    Thanks for the heads up guys. I'll try to figure out what we can swap out and move around so we can still play 2 on Monday and Tuesday.
  5. Here are my complaints: I don't want to see a ball flying through the air with no way to see what's happening until it landsTower shots are extremely boring and don't provide enough depth to truly appreciate the courseZooming in on putts takes away the players, caddies, and crowd reactionsWhat I'd love to see more of: Camera's behind players or just in lower locations. When a player is hitting their second shot on #6 at pebble I want to see that wall of rough they have to climb.Lower angles for putts and chips around the green. I want to see the crazy undulations of the greens.More shots. I ca
  6. ALi3

    Austin Golf Trip

    I'll look in to Kissing Tree. Thanks for the recommendation. I had not heard of that one when looking around Austin. Thanks!Thanks for the heads up! We should already be booked for the Omni Courses and I may have the Fazio courses switched up, but I was surprised to find the first time I called that they had so many blackouts when we originally wanted to book. I'll look into Hills of Lakeway. I believe the person hosting us has a membership somewhere or knows someone who knows someone. Hopefully! Thanks for the food rec's too! After golf, food is my main priority to try something regional. Usu
  7. ALi3

    Austin Golf Trip

    Taking a trip in a little over a month to Austin to play golf and wanted to see what anyone thought of the potential courses planned. Sunday - Friday are our days available to play. My biggest concerns would be traffic between locations or passing up a better course for a lower quality one. Sunday AM - Relaxing in town Sunday PM - The Bandit Monday AM - Falconhead Monday PM - Star Ranch Tuesday AM - Roy Kizer Tuesday PM - Wolfdancer Wendesday AM - Omni Barton Fazio Canyons Wednesday PM - Omni Barton Coore Crenshaw Thursday AM - Omni Barton Fazio Foothills Thursday PM - Relaxing and BBQ Friday
  8. What is your handicap: 17 Current putter: Cleveland Hunington Beach #2 Are you OK with shipping your putter into BGT for installation (Usually 24hr install time)? Yes. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes. Thanks for the consideration!
  9. Played 4 Mile Ranch this weekend and had to chuckle when coming back that the topic of Jim Engh designed courses was just being discussed. Absolutely loved the course for $42 with cart after 2pm. Pace was great, greens were in good condition, and the weather was perfect. Overall, I really liked the course design and decided to see what else he had designed. There were only a couple holes that had me scratching my head like the totally blind par 3 and the par 5 with a green that is hidden behind a hill that you basically hit past and then back up to it. The greens were so much fun the day I pla
  10. > @CDM said: > > @CDM said: > > > @CDM said: > > > GOLFWRX CO follow up: Given everyone schedule, Does end of August / first part of September work for people to meet up and play? > > > > > > Aug 31st/Sept 1st > > > Sept 7th /8th or 14th/15th. > > > > > > I know since the WRX format change "chat" has slowed a bit but we have replies from: Noodler, Seven Dewey, Thaar, Joelness, CDM, Deadsolid as interested. > > > > > > _Edit: Course is still TBD._ > > > > > > >
  11. > @Dancin said: > > @"seven dewey" said: > > > @I_HATE_SNOW said: > > > Perry Park? > @Dancin said: > > > > > @"seven dewey" said: > > > > > > > > > > > @Dancin said: > > > > > > > @pseudoswede said: > > > > > > > If you can hit it straight off the tee, and you know exactly how far you need to hit it, you'll do well. Approaches to the green require a little shot shaping with the caveat that the greens are often very small/narrow. Yeah, shooting big numbers is never
  12. > @pseudoswede said: > I wish I could take a weekday off to play golf. > > On another note, I saw that Heritage Eagle Bend is offering a $40 twilight (after 2:30pm) rate including cart. Looks like a pretty good deal. Heritage is the best twilight value in my opinion around Aurora/South Denver, but the course can get pretty backed up. Last time I was there we flew through the front 9 and then caught up with 3 foursomes all waiting on the same par 3, first one on the back 9. We bailed rather than waiting. > @Dancin said: > > @Dancin said: > > Anyone interest
  13. > @Dancin said: > Anyone interested in playing Perry Park Country Club on Monday, July 8 at 10am? $95 with cart and buffet lunch. No tournament and you can play your own ball. It's the first of the Colorado Avid Golfer private club days this year. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/perry-park-2019-member-for-the-day-colorado-avidgolfer-tournament-registration-62161965111 Definitely interested in this. I've heard good things about this course. Just need to see if I can get the time off work now.
  14. > @brianhorne8 said: > We're going to cut out of Denver for about a month after I get home from Gold Cup and pull a camper behind us. I'm bringing my clubs along and if I get my way, it's really going to shape up to be some fantastic golfing. Depending on which direction we go, I'm looking at Wild Horse, Prairie Club, Bayside, and Awarii. If we go the other direction, I'm looking Wolf Creek, We Ko Pa, Ak Chin, Troon North, and possibly Wickenburg Ranch. And now that I think about it, we're probably doing the latter because we have to take the camper back to AZ anyway and I'm not sure my
  15. > @cnoreen said: > Has anyone played Buffalo Run recently? I have twice in the past two weeks. The greens are getting better, but were a little sandy the last time I went. I think hole 15 still has a large amount of GUR in the fairway, but that could be gone now. Other than that the course is in good condition and is my go to right now in terms of condition for cost within 30 minutes of Centennial.
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