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  1. When I lived in Kingwood , Texas and played at Kingwood Country Club (where they filmed Tin Cup) I had next door neighbors named Jack and Mary Nay. The Shell building had just been built and he was transferred there from his previous assignment. He was Shells official liaison guy for Shells Wonderful World Of Golf.
  2. I like a book by Spiro Agnew titled “I Can Play Better Golf Than This But I Never Have” You have be as old as I am to appreciate the humor in this post.
  3. Please smile when youmalign Spalding! The real Spalding was far from junk. Scroll back see my 53 TopFlites!
  4. I also noticed yesterday that when googling up a review that information would come up about gwrx forum but when you clicked on it it came up as not available. Wonder if they cut off all the history of days gone bye?
  5. Where did the thrift shop thread go? On the hickory, persimmon page where did the new acquisitions thread go?
  6. PGA owned the rights to name. I’d clean them up and play them.
  7. And that makes them terrible clubs. BTW you never said what woods you play. I bought my first set of KI woods in 1973. They looked just as funny to others as the irons did. Always liked and still have several assorted K series , E series and Zing. Might just be that I was never a good enough player to find out how terrible they are. I looked at the Facebook page and will join. It’s overwhelming how much stuff theses guys have.
  8. Hi AG! Good to see you on here. Yes they are beautiful. Like I said, makes me a l little sick they couldn’t have been Apex II or something I might use. But they’re going to eBay and I hope the go to a Dad with a young daughter that appreciates them. Yep I remember the AMF days. It’s also Texans favorite goodbye.? when the virus goes away, I’ll try to get down and play your course. Looks like we may be going back to Texas next year , Austin area. Take care.
  9. That’s news to a helluva lot of Ping wood players! Btw what do you play?
  10. This find makes me a little nauseous to find a mint set of Hogan’s.........for a young girl. These are as new as the get. To determine the age , look at the grips.
  11. Having been in the flooring business for over thirty five years dealing in hardwood flooring, carbon spots, knots streaks etc are not considered defects but just characteristics of wood. Feeling and opinion has always been ,if you don’t like the beauty of the characteristics maybe you shouldn’t have a wood floor, table a r anything made with fine wood. I’ve never liked painted woods but the factory can’t throw them away so they paint them and please those that don’t like the grain or whatever in the stain or natural woods. The thing I think most of wood clubs now is how many we ruined carrying them around of the car trunk. that carbon spot is unique to that club and there is not another in the world like it. You will,have one of a kind.
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