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  1. Have you watched no turn cast numerous times (or whatever aspect you’re working on) and done the drills, and done ongoing detailed personal review of your swing through your own video, and then had video reviewed by Monte? Ultimately a lot of improvement is finding it in the dirt and patiently accepting the nonlinear nature of moving forward. Good instruction can help. But at least for me, implementing even a modest change is a slow process. I have been working with Monte because I like his style and approach. It has been online.
  2. Appreciate Obee as always and all the insights here. FYI from Golf magazine today. https://golf.com/instruction/putting/heads-up-putting-technique/ Unrelated to the article but pertinent to the thread I’m scheduled for first ever SAM putting analysis fitting. Any insights plus or minus on this process?
  3. Last follow up from the original poster… I now have a few weeks in using the new Anthalonz and they are fantastic.
  4. Thanks!! Spring is actually where we are located.
  5. Can anyone recommend a source for an arm lock fitting in Houston?
  6. Appreciate all of the responses. Great information. I’m finding my Eccos (couple of years old) lightly tied are working well, and I’ve gone to toe socks and that seems to make a big difference for me with my Morton’s neuroma. Odd as it may sound, talk socks really have seemed to make a difference for me. I have ordered a pair of athlalonz so I’m looking forward to giving those a try
  7. I looked at having my current cart wrapped, and it was about $1000. So I decided just to go look for another cart. I’ll need to find a color I like or have it professionally painted but do appreciate the suggestions about wrapping, it’s just not for me.
  8. Has anyone had their golf cart professionally painted? I’ve located a local used electric Club Car (2020) that checks all the boxes except for body color. I’m thinking about checking with a local body shop on having it painted. Even with the additional cost there will be a material savings over ordering new from Club Car. appreciate any insights.
  9. Just wanted to add one more thing to the conversation. My morton's neuroma hasn't acted up for about a year. I thought it was probably the wider toe box shoes I started using, but the past few days I've been back with my older Eccos and no issues. It's possible that my switching to toe socks (Injinji) has also helped (maybe a lot). It's all I wear now and my toes/feet feel great. FYI.
  10. Excellent. Appreciate your insight.
  11. Thanks all. One more that a buddy mentioned yesterday I’m adding to my list to look at…Althalonz.
  12. Looking for wide toe box shoes for golf. Currently getting good performance from Merrill hiking shoes (Viburum) due to the hard sole, and also reasonable comfort with Altra (but soles here not quite as sturdy for my liking, and they aren't particularly stylish either). Any suggestions? 61 year old who manages knee arthritis and a toe condition called morton's neuroma.
  13. Another sharp looking cart. Appreciate this info. It seems like I have a couple of good choices! it will be a sad day when I get rid of the old white club car. Around our course it is affectionately called the “classic cart.” Haha.
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