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  1. The FJ large and the FJ XL athletic fit me perfectly. Looking for brands that might have a similar fit. In case it’s relevant, I’m 62 years old. 6‘3“ and 200 pounds. Thanks.
  2. I have been striking out in my search for 11 inch inseam golf shorts and my old Adidas 3 stripe (which I love) and Nike TW practice shorts (which were 12 inch) are nearing the end of the road ..... I've been pretty diligent in my search and hope I just have a blind spot and someone can direct me to something they've used and like. I'm 6'4" 200 lbs. Thanks for any leads.
  3. I’m 62 years old and currently a four handicap. For me, if the instructor is a good player and a good communicator that meets the baseline requirements. I want him/her to work with what I have, and only retool major flaws and not spend time on insignificant matters. I also suggest the instructor have a video monthly improvement plan. (Note: My flaw 1 took a fair amount of time to correct and appropriately the instructor never moved to step two until flaw 1 was corrected… now step two is taking a significant time as well… All the time though, I’m playing golf and getting better). I play with some excellent seniors and I watch how they handle shots and course management, and after a round sometimes (rarely) ask them to describe their strategy or mindset for certain situations. However I never seek swing advise from them.
  4. This makes sense, and thanks for taking the time to help out.
  5. Distance not an issue. For reference, my driver distance exceeds that of the scratch/plus senior players in our group.
  6. 61 year old playing on a pretty challenging Pete Dye par 71 course. I have some ideas on what these average numbers are telling me, but will appreciate any insights; particularly on where you believe I might best focus my efforts for improving score. Thank you. Score 80 Fairways 50% (then GIR after fairway hit is 56%) GIR 44% (Par 3 at 37%; Par 4 at 42%; Par 5 at 61%) Putts 33 round. Overall 3 putts at 7% (and at 13% for 3 putt after a GIR) Up/Down 25% Penalty per round 1 stroke Doubles or worse per round at 2 Par 3 average 3.71 Par 4 average 4.44 Par 5 average 5.44
  7. how long is your jumbo max grip? Watching the video where they grip down to the bottom of the grip, how long is the grip being used on the video?
  8. I’m going to give the new odyssey two ball arm lock a try. Q. If I decide to add or take away a couple of inches is that a big deal? For example, if I purchase a 42 inch and decide to add a couple of inches, is that a whole lot different from just buying the 44 inch? Or the converse, I buy the 44 and decide later I want to go down to 42? thanks.
  9. Love these slacks. Have both warpstreme and commission in slim. Warpsteme is more casual, but that’s OK for me at 62 and retired.
  10. Have you watched no turn cast numerous times (or whatever aspect you’re working on) and done the drills, and done ongoing detailed personal review of your swing through your own video, and then had video reviewed by Monte? Ultimately a lot of improvement is finding it in the dirt and patiently accepting the nonlinear nature of moving forward. Good instruction can help. But at least for me, implementing even a modest change is a slow process. I have been working with Monte because I like his style and approach. It has been online.
  11. Appreciate Obee as always and all the insights here. FYI from Golf magazine today. https://golf.com/instruction/putting/heads-up-putting-technique/ Unrelated to the article but pertinent to the thread I’m scheduled for first ever SAM putting analysis fitting. Any insights plus or minus on this process?
  12. Last follow up from the original poster… I now have a few weeks in using the new Anthalonz and they are fantastic.
  13. Thanks!! Spring is actually where we are located.
  14. Can anyone recommend a source for an arm lock fitting in Houston?
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