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  1. I have the UHX 3 iron loft is 18 degrees. It’s really easy to hit off the turf. V-Sole makes it very easy to hit
  2. Great hybrid. Sold mine and replaced it with Cleveland Launcher also.
  3. Ok thanks. A few friends wanted to check it out and I was going to go along.
  4. Has anyone played Jamaican run in Germantown Ohio? If so, is it a decent golf course? Anything special or interesting about it.
  5. I have a couple pairs of ASICS golf shoes. Very comfortable, good quality. Liked them so much I’ve started wearing the running shoes.
  6. I think club champion has 50% off right now.
  7. I’ve played Srixon irons for the last year and really impressed with them. I got a Srixon driver and it’s very forgiving. Srixon balls seem to play like all premium balls today.
  8. The shaft size is .362. I’ve never heard of this. Would I use .355 taper tip and use glass beads or would I use a shim or a makeshift shim,, or force a .370 tip shaft into the hosel.
  9. I have Srixon 355 irons. I’m told the shaft is .362. What can I do get taper tip irons and shim or sand down parallel tip shaft? Need some help with this
  10. Just started playing Srixon irons this year and very happy with them. I added the driver at the end of the year and was pleased with that.
  11. I’ve got a lot of them from different shaft Experiments
  12. Golfworks customer service or ask the question on the website. They should be able to help.
  13. If I put 5 iron shafts in my wedges what would happen? To soft? Go to high? Uncontrollable? Just a Hypothetical question
  14. Are they made for Srixon? What is the flex code
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