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  1. I’ve done the 52 - 58. Was skeptical at 1st but it works well. Just takes a little practice.
  2. I have CBX 2 in the 50 and 54 and the full face for the 58. Love the set up. Generally use the 58 around the greens and out of the sand. I don’t think you can go wrong with that set up.
  3. My buddy has a g400 max and I think the Srixon looks and feels much better. I put a little hot melt for sound. I haven’t really compared it to a lot of drivers. I’ve hit some out of curiosity and the Srixon is still in the bag.
  4. Good driver. It is left biased, but I didn’t find it horrible. Wasn’t really sold on project x red. I swapped it out for a Mitsubishi orange and really enjoyed the driver. I did get the new zx7 and put the Mitsubishi orange in it and I like it too. Not as draw biased, but can adjust it to open or closed face angle.
  5. I think I’m general it needs to be a balance between working on your swing and playing.
  6. I know of some driving range heroes. Good looking swings and always quick to “take a quick look at someone’s swing “ get them out on the course and they can’t play. Shoot mid 80s and “ should have or would have played better,, but”
  7. Zx7 in my bag. Nice driver. Good sound. About as long as anything else on the market. Wouldn’t trade it at the moment for another driver
  8. T.B.

    Gary McCord

    Get Gary McCord back pronto!!!!
  9. I’d rather have the majors and the players. Those are the tournaments that I get excited for. The FED EX I could do without. Go back to the money list and skip the playoffs.
  10. Muirfield village and harbor town.
  11. A friend of mine works at a local golf club. He had a couple and was playing it. The ball stands out and easy to see. I got a few to try. Really like them. Easy to line up a putt
  12. Have a 16.5 4 wood turned up to 17.25. Works well off the tee and off the deck. More reliable off the ground and not giving up much yardage off the tee compared to a 3 wood
  13. On Sunday at a tough track shoot a 78. Hit the ball well enough and made some putts. 2 days later can’t find the bottom of the cup. 82. It’s funny how 1 day the hole looks big and then you know nothings going in standing over a putt
  14. G400 driver. I thought looked good and was easy to hit. Sold it for cheap before the golf explosion. Now every time I see one I wish I had it back.
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