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  1. I agree. They definitely do putt slower. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so
  2. T.B.

    Off Brand Wedges

    I know a guy who’s a legitimate scratch golfer playing with the Wilson harmonized wedge. He’s got a set of I25 irons and a 913 driver. G5 4 wood. He can play. They don’t both him that it was less than $30
  3. Has anyone ever played these shafts. If I recall Golfworks use to sell them years ago. I was hoping someone had some info on them.
  4. I’ve put a 16 degree hybrid in my bag and have used it way more than a 3 wood. I still hit my 3 wood off the tee , but I find I have more control and really don’t give up much yardage off the deck with it.
  5. Your 100% right. I’ve got the same set up
  6. How are the grooves on the 701? Decent? Some life left in them?
  7. Swing speed is 100 give or take some on a given day and I play a 9.5 driver. When I’ve played a higher lofted driver it balloons on me and I get little or no roll. I hit a lower lofted driver longer.
  8. I’ve got the 2018 fairway wood. It’s a good club. Easy to hit How’d do you like the driver ?
  9. Cleveland golf driver and fairway woods are on the light side. Very forgiving
  10. T.B.

    Clear golf

    Basically trying to push the price point of golf balls. Pxg business model.
  11. Cleveland Has an extra low bounce wedge. I have it on the 60. 3 degrees of bounce. It’s perfect.
  12. Good looking wedge Yep some lead tape over the zip core and it’s ready to go
  13. Usually 1 hole before I say I’m putting my other (fill in the blank club) back in the bag
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