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  1. 5 through P Stiff shafts Send pictures and a price Thank you!!
  2. Browsing, so shoot me what you have!! Putters Ping Heppler Tyne 3 OR Ping Heppler Piper C. Prefer the smooth non-insert face. Cally driver shaft found!! Thank you in advance!
  3. Putting out a massive feeler here. I am pretty particular on shafts, but am willing to look at all options. Miura CB or TC irons, 4-W or 5-W Nippon 105/120 shafts, stiff KBS stuff shafts are good as well Midsize grips, Z-cords are ideal BB&F ferrules of some kind I get this is really specific, so it’s probably not terribly achievable, but I had to shoot my shot.
  4. I'm the second owner. Have had these regripped with some minty z-cord midsize grips and shafted professionally with a set of Modus 120S. Clubs were built 1 degree upright and 1 degree strong. Love the look and feel of these clubs, but they didn't beat out my 765s. Normal chatter for clubs this age. Faces in great shape. Putter is a Toulon Long Island, bought here and it's great, I just love my Atlanta. $475 shipped for irons $170 shipped for putter I am open to trades and would be more than happy to talk about what you have. I'm dying to try some Miura CBs and based on the set, can talk price. Other putters would be Rossie or Seven, preferably Stroke Lab. If you need more pictures, please let me know. We moved recently and I'll have to hit up a golf store for boxes, but I'll ship ASAP, via FedEx or UPS. Lower 48 only, add $10 west of Mississippi.
  5. I drool over raw MB’s whenever I see them and kick myself for getting 2018 X-Forged irons over those. It’s the only club I think could kick my 765s out of the bag.
  6. As someone who games an Atlanta, I don’t know that I will ever be able to look at mine the same way again. That thing is amazing.
  7. I love the lofts and not iron numbers posted on these. Killer looking gear. GLWS!
  8. Love the look of that metal milled putter from them. Don’t see many at all!! GLWS and if you have any trade interests, let me know. I have a Toulon Long Island I would gladly trade for that.
  9. As a guy that's doing some window shopping for some Miura 201s or the previous gen 301s (I think)....this thread looks to be for me.
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