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  1. Open back JT style putter...Oddy 7 look as well. Not really looking to spend $300 or $400 on it, I know its a shot in the dark. Thanks!!
  2. That Cameron is awesome...Need to sell some stuff before I can buy that though! AWESOME! GLWS!!!
  3. GolfWRX Fam, A few items for sale today, as always, cash is king. Trades are welcomed, I don’t really have anything I am looking for, but if you have something to swap, shoot me what you have. All items will ship FedEx, lower 48 only, add $10 west of Miss. All items are OBO, so if you think my pricing is out of line, please shoot me an offer. These are going to go unused for the season and will just be collecting dust. Item 1 is a Motore Speeder VC 6.2 X, with a Titleist tip. Of note is that this was been tipped about a half inch and plays pretty stiff for me. Grip is
  4. Love the 4 wood pic with the no doubt about it center ball strike. That’s a really good looking club too. GLWS!
  5. I am looking for a Srixon X7 driver with an extra stiff shaft. Nothing crazy, shoot me what you have.
  6. Good Afternoon!!! P790 2 UDI, 6.0 HZRDS, GP Midsize MMC +4 align grip. Bent upright 1 degree. $old shipped via Fedex. Lower 48 only, add $10 west of Miss. Open to trades, send what you have. Looking for Toulon Las Vegas or Scotty Cameron X5 or X5.5. I would add cash to make up any differences. Cash is king tho!
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