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  1. Scotty Cameron Teryllium Newport, refinished by Kickstand putters, with a fresh Baby T - Scotty Cameron Grip. I wish I could game the Newport style putters, but I prefer a mallet. So, I am going to sell this gem to ensure it finds a great home. Never played, too long and wrong style for me. Comes with the Scotty Cameron head cover featured in the photos. It appears to be from 1998 based on what i could find in the Scotty Cameron Archives ( https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/1998/teryllium/newport/ ) $old - Shipped / Insured with UPS or FedEx.
  2. FUJIKURA VENTUS BLUE VELOCORE 6S - $old Shipped CONUS Titleist Driver Adapter (I can pull this off if preferred) GP Tour Velvet 360 standard (like new) 43.5" (Plays 44.5") no tipping
  3. BASIC ADVICE ALERT: I found that i get more consistent strike when chipping by 1) choking all the way down on the grip, and 2) moving the ball closer to me. I will still play the ball back in my stance (adjust if you want more height in the chip) but it is just much closer to my feet when chipping. This seems activate the bounce on the club a bit more allowing it to glide through the grass more freely.
  4. Titleist U500 4i Driving Iron 23* / Long Iron Replacement Titleist U500 with a Graphite Design Tour AD-95 X shaft Playing length is 39.75” (+1” to standard) New Tour Velvet 360 grip Very good condition Done shipped conus
  5. I am selling my gently used TSi2 9* The crown is flawless (hard to photograph as it’s all reflection) Sole is gently used but i'd say it’s 9/10. I can see a few small sand scratches. But this driver has not seen a lot of play. Face is perfect, no scratches (I think I got any tee marks off) Comes with an aftermarket weight kit (4 weights) so you can tinker with swing weights, and the original head cover. I also have a couple shafts with Titleist adapters: Graphite Design AD DI 6s (44" plays 45" in TSi2) older orange graphics package Tensei AV Blue 55g Stiff (44.5" plays 45.5" in TSi2) TSi2 9* Head + Weight Kit/Head Cover: $415 shipped conus w/ GD AD DI 6s: $565 shipped conus w/ Tensei AV Blue: $525 shipped conus
  6. Does this putter have the serial number on the heel like other Odyssey putters? Also wondering if the distance between the fangs can pick up a Titleist golf ball? I bought one off ebay and when it arrived I noticed there was no serial number on the head. the shaft has the remnants of the odyssey sticker and it appears to have a very old odyssey grip. But I noticed the serial number thing and when i go to scoop a ball up with the fangs, the ball will fall through. I fear I may have bought a knock off. wondering if any of you Odyssey owners know the answers to these simple questions.
  7. Turns out I am not as good at golf as I thought. Time to let go of the 8* TSi3 head. I played this for a few rounds and hit some of the longest drives of my life. All prices include UPS shipping (conus) Titleist TSi3 Driver Head 8* - no sky marks - inky black crown - clean face, tee marks wipe off - some very very minor wear on sole from sandy tee boxes SOLD $400 shipped UPS/FedEx CONUS I have a few shafts that I may add to this listing later, please inquire if you want/need a shaft also. Thanks for looking!
  8. A few premium shafts and a limited edition wedge for sale. All prices include UPS shipping (conus) Accra Tour Z X265 M5 with Ping g410/425 adapter - 44" Length (Plays 45") - Good condition, no scratches or scuffs - Fresh Golfpride grip $125 $110 $95 shipped UPS/FedEx CONUS Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-6 Stiff with Titleist adapter - 44.5" Length (Plays 45.5") - New Golfpride Tour Wrap (sticky) Grip - Like-new condition SOLD NEW TaylorMade MG2 TW 60* Wedge - Brand new in wrapper - DG X100 Shaft - Tour Issue - Limited Edition - Avoid wait times on orders SOLD Tensei White AV Raw 65 X with Titleist adapter - 44.5" Length (Plays 45.5") - Like-new condition - Fresh Golfpride grip SOLD Let me know if you need different pics. these uploaded a little weird. I'm shipping all with UPS as the USPS has been a little unpredictable.
  9. HIGH LANCH - LOW SPIN Used Titleist TSi3 10 degree head. I bought this used from another WRX'er and tried it for 3 rounds and few range sessions. There are some minor scratches on the sole from sandy tee boxes but the face and crown are clean. Has the standard weight in the heel (white) 197.43g total weight. No head cover or tool. $SOLDShipped UPS (CONUS)
  10. Long. Straight. This Driver is the bomb! 1. PING G425 MAX 9* (Head Only) RH Original head cover Played just a couple rounds with this driver. Condition 9.5/10 SELLING $425 shipped UPS conus Thanks for looking!
  11. If you hit it out of the middle, they're all the same I've owned all three and for me the noticeable difference was in the sound. they all sound different. none bad, but all different. I am an amateur golfer and my swing is too variable to notice a performance difference between them. My Arccos data says the 400 and 410 were about the same. the 425 doesn't have enough mileage yet to know how it compares, but so far the data says I still hit ~52% of fairways and I miss left more than right... more than likely your delivery is going to add or remove spin far more than the driver head will. All of those Ping drivers are pretty forgiving and will spin up if you hit them low on the face. Hope this helps
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