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  1. I used to like pxg, but now they just outright disgust me. $650 for an iron? Really? No major championships to their names, players struggling and the same old pitch, Ryan Moore could not let go of them another winless player. The best players in the world play clubs golfers can afford. This alienating the majority is unethical and if PXG wants to sell clubs at those prices I am done with them. If manufacturers adopt this idea, the game will die slowly. Under privileged teens would never afford clubs and learn to play the sport. I don’t like the precedent being set here and effective immediate
  2. The P7TW is my new edition for 2019. Honestly, these irons are so sexy, I want to put them in a showcase. Taylormade, job well done!
  3. Alas! Finally Koepka’s sympathizers have come out the darkness to entertain us with their follies, hoping Brooks will see glory come Sunday. May Brooks put on a complete suit of armor tomorrow as Portrush will test him to his core. The world will watch as Brooks gets lost in translation . The world will see the guy who loves majors, broken like glass. Tomorrow will be day that Brooks Koepka wish never happened. Where will be the sympathizers be? Will they defend their beloved, or will they crawl back into their caves, hoping for a miracle? In conclusion, you may asked, what do I have against B
  4. Remember what I said about as Spieth, and I was slaughtered on this forum. The results, the guy game continues to spiral downhill. 10K placed that Brooks do not make top ten and I am looking to cash in come Sunday. Brooks Koepka is no god, he never will be and Choo predicts no wins for a minimum of 1 year starting tomorrow at Portrush.
  5. My top two picks are Justin Rose and Adam Scott. My top five is as follows: Justin Rose/Adam Scott Henrik Stenson Tiger woods Rory Mcilroy Bryson Dechambeau
  6. > @GMN_02 said: > Mr. Choo, what you just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent post, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having read to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul My friend you will eat those words come Sunday and I do make one request that when the fireworks are over, that you humble yourself and say Choo you were dead right on this one. I apologize for my ignorance and lack of candor > @GMN_02
  7. So his caddie has played hundreds of rounds at Portrush ,so what! Brooks states he likes majors does not mean he will be in it this week. His stats in majors this year are very impressive which will mean nothing at Portrush this week. Brooks will not be in the top ten for The Open and Vegas bookies will be drinking champagne come Sunday where those whose hearts are all in for Brooks Koepka will be crushed. Danny Choo has spoken and I will be on fire after the open concludes I am that confident.
  8. Bryson switching to PXG wedges, I was totally in shock! I do see Cobra eventually losing its fangs in a tough market. This is just speculation on Choo’s part. If Bryson makes a switch in 2020, would he see success joining PXG as a full time staffer with the same set up of single length irons? Your thoughts .
  9. I am not going to allow the attacks to get me excited. I stated my case and those who constantly accuse me of being a weapon from a troll farm, I am find with that. I like Franseco, but shame on the people around him to allow a signature to be attached to this deal.
  10. I just do not understand what Francesco Molinari was thinking when he committed to Callaway. I am not throwing shade here on Callaway as they make great product. The reality is that Callaway equipment does not fit Francesco Molinari. His play DNA and this equipment will not bond and he will not be successful. He was with Nike for years and when they stop making clubs he tried some equipment and what worked was Taylormade which he won the Open Championship. A disastrous move which will have traumatic consequences on his game. I am in no position to dictate what a tour player should play, but
  11. Just look at the guy come on! No personality, looks like a young dark hair John Daly, a donut away from being FAT. How does an athlete his caliber neglect his physique? This guy just grinds on the range, it is evident he does not exercise. Alone he is not marketable in that area. If this guy have 5 close friends I will be shocked as they would have been vaccinated from being around a person with NPS,No Personality Syndrome. Maybe if he would change his Viking ways, honor his parents, curb his foul tongue and exercise more, maybe then he will win some more tournaments and then the big endorseme
  12. Tiger Woods is the biggest draw in golf wherever he plays. Tiger is good for the game and drives TV ratings unlike any. Reality is that Tiger is getting old and none of the young players Day, McIlroy, Speith, Thomas, Koepka and long hitting Champ has shown consistentcy like the young Tiger. Throughout the years they have shown to be a bunch of choke artist. Hopefully we get 3 more years out of Tiger as I am confident he will not play on the Champions tour. So in reality the days of seeing excitement in the game is coming to a close. Tiger is special, this the PGA tour and not the NBA.
  13. He didn't get any traction with his Wyndam Clark thread, so he went back to the well with Patrick Reed so he could get his troll rocks off. Actually my post on Wyndham Clark was geniune. It is a total disgrace that Bob Parsons is dislike so much that many hope in one thing that his players do not win
  14. You should check this link out as Thomas endorsements in 5 million and he is No.5 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/08/09/the-5-highest-paid-golfers-in-the-world.html. OMG he is getting peanuts.
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