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  1. Did you ever find a facility with LMs while you were here?
  2. Recently moved to LV from the Midwest, where there are quite a few indoor simulator places that operate when the weather is poor and/or at night...places like Five Iron here. Wondering if there are more similar places out here in Vegas. For better reference, I'm talking about places that are mostly dedicated simulator spaces, not retail golf stores like PGA Superstore, Golf Galaxy, etc. And although Club Champion has nice simulator setups, I don't think they allow people to use them for practice sessions. Alternatively - are there any outdoor ranges that use launch monitor technology? I've seen driving ranges back in Chicago adding Trackman, TopTracer, etc.
  3. @poizster Not sure if you're here yet and found somewhere. I just noticed that Reflection Bay out in Lake LV has a membership for $6500/yr. Not sure if they do shorter time frames. I'd be interested in in what you've found.
  4. Awesome! Should have nice 70s weather. Mornings are cool though, so layer up. And have fun!
  5. Debated whether to keep this thread going or start a new one...thought I'd keep it here to preserve the great comments from everyone. We finally made our move from Chicagoland to Vegas a couple of weeks ago and I'm anxious to sample many of the area courses beyond the 3 I've previously played. We landed in Summerlin, so most of the courses I'm eyeballing to get out on are west-ish. Unfortunately, it took me until yesterday to break out the sticks, and that was just at the Highland Falls range/short game area. It's looking like that may become my home practice area unless I join a club next year. Anyway - which courses in/around LV tend to hold up better (ie. condition) during the Fall and Winter months? I usually tamp down my expectations over the next few months, but that's based on Midwest courses.
  6. Meant to follow up on this but Summer got in the way. Did you ever make your move to Vegas? We still haven't fully moved yet but will in the next 2-3 months. I'll be looking for some golfing buddies soon...
  7. Revisiting this thread since we recently closed on our house out in Vegas. Ended up in Summerlin, though the drive to Henderson and other areas isn't bad at all by Chicago traffic standards. In addition to wanting to sample all of the public golf in the area, I'm really leaning towards pursuing a private club. It does suck that I landed 20+ minutes from the likes of DragonRidge, and Southern Highlands, but I will be checking out Red Rock CC. I look forward to scouting some of the courses mentioned on this site (thanks again for the replies) and as well as running into some of the WRXers out there.
  8. As someone who's only played one Club Corp-owned club (Rolling Green in IL), I'm curious about the comment to skip it RE joining. Can you elaborate on why or what the knock is on their clubs?
  9. Two part query. I'm strongly considering retiring from the Chicago area to Vegas in a year or two and wondering what the overall golf scene is like. I've spent some time out there for business but have only ever played TPC LV. At this early stage, we're looking at Summerlin and Henderson. Part 1: How's the public golf scene in each of those areas? I really enjoy playing different courses, and we're spoiled more than 200 tracks in the Chicago area. Although I don't mind driving 30+ minutes to play (I do that often here around Chicago), I'd like to know the quality of public courses within 10-15 minutes of each of the two areas. Part 2: How's the private club situation between the two areas? As much as I enjoy the variety of playing different courses, I'm considering finally joining a club when I retire to help with building a new social circle and to have some regular games set up. If I go this route, I'd love to find a club that's got a great track that won't get boring. We do plan on spending time scouting the Vegas area in advance (including living there for a couple weeks at a time during both summer and winter), but I'd love some input from locals now. Thanks!
  10. Needed a forgiving course to take an infrequent player to yesterday, so we chose Gleneagles Red/Lakes course. I was looking forward to the usual firm conditions we’re seeing these days due to the lack of recent rain, but was disappointed to find the fairways soggy because they over-watered. As a result, we had several mud balls on fairways, as well as drivers stopping near pitch marks on multiple holes. I was surprised to see that they’ve removed some bunkers - like the one that fronted 13 - as well as how they flattened the old two-tiered fairway on 18. Guess it had been a while since I played there. Another downer on the round was idiots on the course, with a number of groups just driving into and across adjacent fairways for errant shots without any regard for those playing that hole. On #2, the group on #3 just drove and parked in our fairway as my buddy was about to tee off. They proceeded to yell back and forth to their friends back on 3, then they WAITED for those guys to hit first. Once “ready” to hit, the guy then took three practice swings and then stared down his shot before eventually moving. Add to that the fact that I picked up no fewer than 5 empty beer cans and snack wrappers as we played. I’ll never play a course like that on a weekend again.
  11. Sorry I don't have an answer, but I've been trying to figure out how to create a GHIN that ties to The Grint. I've seen the screenshot image where the app prompts you to create a GHIN, but I was never presented with that screen. Do you know how to get to that screen as an existing Pro user?
  12. Bolingbrook yesterday with some great guys, one of whom (a 9 index) came down from Lake County and said after looking over the scorecard that he was gonna "tear the course up". I told him to just wait for the wind to pick up. We teed off at 10:20 with about a 5 mph wind from the West...by the time we were coming home, the winds were steady at 15 mph and gusting to 20-ish. After playing all day in significant crosswinds, my northerner buddy had seen just how much he underestimated how that course uses the prevailing winds to defend itself. Now he wants to come back and play when the wind is really howling! The tee sheet was fairly packed, and the group distribution on the course showed it. We were sandwiched between 2 twosomes, and no one on the course appeared to be in any particular hurry. It took us a full 4:40 to finish, but we managed to have fun hanging out together. The course itself is in great shape, though it played much softer and slower than I would have guessed, especially considering how everything's been baking out these days. The starter said they've been putting a lot of water on the course, and it showed. Fairways were soft and didn't provide much runout (for my ball flight), and the greens - while smooth and true - were pretty plush and average in speed. I know they have to be careful with the heat and wind to not let the course get out of hand, but I'd love to see them let it dry out a bit so it plays more like a links course. Since some guys have been talking about single/double cart fees: Bolingbrook is charging $12.50 pp for a shared cart, $25 for a single rider. My annual excursion to Thunderhawk is on Monday!
  13. @mci711 how’s the condition of Seven Bridges these days? Thinking of playing next week but just heard from a guy that it wasn’t good today. Don’t know if that’s factual or if he’s making an excuse for his score. For $90 riding, I’d hope they’re maintaining it well.
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