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  1. I have a Cbx2 48* wedge I would like to weaken to 50 and go one degree flat . Can you bend this wedges ? thanks gb
  2. Back in the day I went from a 12-13 hcp to 7-8 hcp using Taylormade Burner plus irons . Winning a number of senior tourneys, 5 senior Club champ in 6 years . So thinking I was a great iron player I went down a rabbit hole playing blades , players cavity back some game improvement irons too many to mention . Game went to hell confidence was basically gone . Hcp is around 15 I can still shot in the 70's now and again but it is rare and can't repeat good rounds . I picked up a another set of Burner plus irons late last fall and the iron game really improved , Only thing is my loss of club sp
  3. These irons sim hard to find , anyone have them or hit them? Could you share your thoughts on them ? Thanks gb
  4. Better than most .. it's killing me.. my skin crawls and teeth hurt every f...ing time I hear this !!! Ahhhhh !! Azinger stinks as well... mute that clown a** ...
  5. same ordered a set of Cobra rad speed irons based on some great online reviews of distance gains which I could use with my old man swing . Most of buddies are using stronger lofted irons now leaving me a a iron or more it to greens from the same distance . Ordered a set 3 weeks ago but they are back ordered . Hoping they show in time for our opening in a couple of weeks .
  6. I bought her a set of Adams A20S complete set don't know what year it was. She won't let me up grade them . Loves them . I keep telling her there is much better tech out there now ,, she just gives me that look.. traded them off and you die !! I am going to try get her to try a driver at least . I think she would be happily surprised at the improvement in distance.
  7. Got an email from Cobra today .. Black Pvd will be available to order 3/26 .. right hand only .. us lefties get stiffed again ..
  8. Pre order was available the other day but could not order the black. Anyone know if or when the black is available for order ? Thanks gb
  9. Mint condition only used 1 round , shafts just are not right for me . They come with Kbs $ Taper lite regular flex steel shafts and lamkin Arccos Gps grips ( not registered ) . 4-pw , no trades please SOLD !!
  10. Interesting, So for those who changed shafts How did the finish hold up from the heat ?
  11. Sorry if this has been covered before .. but what is the tip size of these irons ? Also any one do a shaft change on them ? Did the heat harm the finish ? Thanks Gb
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